Michigan J. Frog

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The frog isn’t racist. I understand where your comment comes from, but the frog did Vaudeville and Ragtime, not Minstrelsy. Many contemporary cartoons did depict such racist caricatures. If Michigan J. Frog (the name of the character) was meant as another nod in that direction, I believe they would have been more explicit with it (which is the pattern they followed in all other actual instances of racism, which I don’t deny).


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Yes, it's not like frogs have ever been known to represent minstels in cartoons...



I hate to break it to you, but Michigan J. Frog is a minstrel.  The song he sings actually contains lyrics from a well known minstel tune.  It's also no coincidence that Michigan J, Frog was chosen as the mascot for the WB (a channel that marketed itself to blacks) and that the first time blacks are featured in a Disney movie, frogs are involved. 

That being said, I'm a black guy, and I honestly don't care.  I'd rather not look into it too much because I think Michigan is a pretty funny cartoon character with an even more awesome name.  I just want to make sure you knew a little truth behind your avatar.


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Not trying to get into an argument here but when did WB market towards black audiences?  All the shows I can think of that have been on there were about white teenagers.  I'm outnumbered by women in my family and they were always watching that channel.  It seems to me that UPN was more geared towards the black audiences, at least since I've been around.


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Very early on in the channels first few years they were not hiding what ethnicity they were targeting. The first shows on it were Parent 'Hood, Sister Sister and The Wayan's Brothers, all 3 of which featured all black casts. But yeah, they ended up going the waaay opposite route in the end.


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Ohio just scored, but I feel like we got this. Man coach had the team well prepared. The ohio team was 100% at this point and we kept at it. Hi five!


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I still don't understand how they overturned Fitz's touchdown.  Call on the field was TD, one angle showed him in, one angle showed him out.


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Can someone look up the link of the Notre Dame announcers before the last drive where they say Denard is "not a good thrower"?

Can't find it and my fiancé doesn't believe me.

Thanks ahead of time

Ty Butterfield

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1997 game is on right now. Such an awesome game. The defense is just all over the field. Can't wait until Mattison gets the D back to that point. I was lucky enough to be at that game. What a great day.


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My favorite parts of the 2011 game:


1) Crowd response with Avery's pick

2) Hoke's response.  He is really all business and rarely shows emotion (including UTL), but you coulld tell he was so damn happy to win that game. The celebration between Fred Jackson and Hoke is priceless.