Michigan Leads for Potential 5-star E.J. Levenberry

Submitted by NOLA Blue on February 23rd, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Source:  ESPN

He is a linebacker, and really likes Brady Hoke.

4-star and #21 overall to 247; 4-star to Scout; 4-star and #15 overall to Rivals; ESPN 150 Watchlist



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@click the link -- "The Levenberry family is looking for a paternal figure to guide their son's career. They've found it in Ann Arbor."

Character matters.  Hoke has character.  As you say, "Simple." +1


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"He'll definitely be in attendance for the Michigan spring game, where he admitted there's at least a slight possibility he could commit if the trip feels just right."

Not sure how anyone can read the article and not emerge feeling upbeat, "recruiting is fluid" caveat notwithstanding.

Edit: doh, beaten to the punch.

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My concern about articles like this is that if the kid doesn't sign at the spring game and other schools start dialing in on him they could use the information in articles like this to figure out to "play" his recruitment (looking at you Urban).

Yost Ghost

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unscrupulous coach and I was feeling the pressure of trying to keep pace with a rival school's recruiting efforts and found myself going head to head for the same recruit I might do some research on the kid to find out what is going to resonate with him most. If I came across an article like this I might try to exploit any information about the kid and try to position myself as that which most appeals to his values. Just saying. You're probably right about EJ and his dad but they wouldn't be the first to be snookered by a coach that puts his needs above the recruits.


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either levenberry or jaylon smith would be amazing consideirng LB isn't a strong area of need.  i just hope that if smith doesn't come to UM, he doesn't go to ohio.


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They play different positions.  I would take Jaylon Smith over E.J. Levenberry and Levenberry over Mike McCray.  They're all good, though.  That's a pretty elite group.  Dorian O'Daniel is more of a weakside linebacker.  And based on what Michigan needs, I would probably put O'Daniel at the bottom of that four-person list.


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Any chance any of these 4 would jump over the 4 LB commits from last year's class for early PT?  I can see some serious competition at LB in the future.

Also, if we had a lot of depth at LB, how often do you rotate them out for rest?  Obviously not as much as the linemen, but it just seems like you usually see stud LBs on the field all the time.


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UM is not even on his radar.  I live in Fort Wayne and have 2 close friends on the football staff at Luers.  ND is his favorite and they are also recruiting him the hardest.  I have seen the Defensive coaches at many of his basketball games.  Brian Kelly has even made some apperances to his games.  He will end up at ND


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Ft. Wayne always seems to put out some solid D1 recruits each year...some of which play in the NFL now. Anthony Spencer, Bernard Pollard, James Hardy, Selwyn Lymon, John Goodman are but a few off the top of my head...hell, we even pulled someone (Artis Chambers) from the area.

While the Ft. Wayne talent depth isn't tops, it's there.


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Sam Webb also said this morning on the recruiting round-up that this was the case. If I recall correctly, I think he said that Michigan is leading for both Levenberry and Dorian O'Daniel.


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I'm not quite sold that someone like Levenberry would just be adding depth as I can see Ryan making a move to DE at some point in the future. Hoke and Mattison will find a way to get the best 11 on the field, that's for sure, and I think he will find a way to see the field sooner than later. I actually live down in Loudoun County where he plays HS ball and I'm hoping to see a game of his this fall, and yes, I will be decked out in Michigan gear.


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The coaches made it very clear that WDE and SAM are nearly interchangeable positions with SAM preferring the ability to drop into coverage easier. Clark and Beyer have been getting good reviews and Clark played really well in the Sugar Bowl. Would not surprise me if they locked up the 2 deep there. Depending how Cam comes back from his injury, maybe they are looking for Levenberry to imediately jump into the backup spot there.