Michigan Lacrosse: How will we be in goal?

Submitted by littlebrownjug on February 2nd, 2013 at 10:06 PM

I checked out the Michgian lacrosse roster today after hearing that we won our opening scrimmages, and I was very surprised to not see Emil Weiss there. Did he transfer or quit, and who figures to be our goalie? I saw the team play at Rutgers last year, and I thought that Weiss looked pretty good. In fact, he looked like one of the only players on the field that could have played for the Rutgers team.



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Eh, that's a touch harsh.  They should be favored against High Point and St. Joseph's.  One's a new program this year and the other is pitiful.  I would consider it disappointing if they didn't beat at least one of Bellarmine, Hobart, and UDM.  I'd peg the expectations at 3 wins, not 2.  OK, that's nitpicking, but in the second season of varsity, I'll take what I can get.

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Michigan has really been lacking a game-changer in the net since the departure of Mark Stone. He is generally considered the best player in Michigan Lacrosse history. He had a save percentage upwards of 80% and last I heard has been courted by numerous NLL teams. 


We need another Mark Stone. 

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It looks like the server is not working at Greatlaxstate, but on a keyword search it did say ex-UM goalie Emil Weiss so I guess he isn't with the team any longer.

Maybe wait a little longer then try to check the site out again or try and contact Tim, he could tell you more.


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Gerald Logan is now the starting goalie as Emil Weiss went back east.  From person at the game, (one of the stripes,) he said that Logan was great.  6 goals against and 16 saves is pretty decent.

Tim Sullivan does a great job at Great Lax State and I cannot get on his site as well.

The MGoBlue recap is pretty good.


They played Marquette which is a first year team, (but supposed to be decent given their rookie status,) and dominated.  Not saying a lot but could be a lot worse.



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Michigan took down marquette 14-6 and D3 denison 11-4 in a 3 quarter game. Both were exhibitions. Michigan is now 3-0 in program history in exhibition games.

Michigan will open the season Saturday against #15 penn state at Oosterbaan Field House in game 1 of the Creators Trophy Rivalry. 

I'll be back by then and will be doing live updates on here in an open thread if anyone wants a place to follow along with the game next weekend (not going to be televised or on MGoBlueTV). 


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Weiss left because be wasn't going to be the starter, so outside of depth, it won't hurt us. Plus, we have great goalies committed in 2013 and beyond, so unless Logan gets hurt this year that will not be a concern.


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I was expecting, with Emil's transfer, that we would not be very effective in goal. When I went to the game yesterday, it took me about three minutes of watching Logan to convince me otherwise. JP even said that he expects one of our strengths to be in goal, a comment I certainly could not have anticipated, and Logan was outstanding. It looks like our backup at this point is Dylan Westerhold, who was pretty meh filling in for Emil in a few games last year, and Mike D'Alessio, and I don't know if he even was dressed yesterday. So while we may not necessarily be deep, we do have an anchor in goal.


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Heard we still had trouble with face offs. Anyone know what the deal was with brad Lott? He wasn't on the inactive list the team twitter account posted yesterday, so I wonder if he is low on the depth chart or was suspended or something.


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JP said in one of his alumni emails that Weiss left the team but did not transfer, so I assume he either didn't want to be a backup or wasn't cut out for D1 lacrosse.  From the stats yesterday (16 saves and 6 goals against is phenomenal), it looks like they have a very good starter in Logan.  But time will tell.  I think it's safe to say that if Logan is out for any reason they are in trouble.  WolvinLA2 is right that they have very good goalies committed in each of the next three classes (Zonino in 13, Heidt in 14 and Garn in 15), so if they can get through this year healthy they will be in much better shape.

Lott is on the roster.  Have to assume he was either hurt or suspended.  Hopefully he's back next week for the opener.  I can't imagine a D3 transfer (Wylie) or a kid who's never taken faceoffs before (Eisenreich) would beat the #1 faceoff recruit in the nation for the spot.  Scratch that...I can imagine it, but it's unlikely.

Eisenreich did win 10 of 18.  That's pretty good.  Wylie struggled.


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Such a waste of talent...Emil quit and he has a long history of quitting on his teammates.  Problem is he's a spoiled brat and not coachable.  What a great opportunity to be the inaugural goalie and leader of Michigan's D1 program, but just like he always has, Emil quit.  The team will be much better off without him.