Michigan full at db. Garner and Walker not visiting.

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Im not sure how to link but on Sarah Hughes twitter page she said Walker and Garner have been told they are full at db,but Fuller(Garner's teammate)  will still visit this weekend. Take it for what it's worth but Sarah usually spot on with the these things.



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I don't know how you can find and link this kind of thing, but following the adidas invitational on Saturday, a really funny thing happened.

Sarah had been saying that Jourdain Lewis is taller than Scout and some other web sites are saying. Some snarky types starting dogging on the quality of her reporting. Meanwhile, Kyle Bosch, Shane Morris, and Jourdain Lewis were driving in a car together. They pulled over and took a pic of Shane and Jourdain standing back to back, and vindicated her. She tweeted it.

Pretty funny, and you can probably find it on twitter somehow.


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a) Someone is a silent commit

b) The coaches feel really good about either Fuller, Cravens, or another elite.

c) The coaches are using the potential DB scholarship for another position, likely on the D line, and that Fuller or Cravens would be using one of the "best available" scholarships.


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I have no idea either. Tremendous has an article that they are going to expand on. In it, they point out that Mathis' experience at adidas blew him away, and that some of the other Cali kids are paying notice, including Michael Hutchings. given that Sua Cravens is Mathis' cousin, that would help with him.

But the real answer is no, I have no reason to think we have a silent commit, or anything even similar at the DB position.


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I kind of wonder about this, myself. Is it damaging to relationships if they tell players they're full at a given position then accept a commitment later on. I'd imagine if it were a super-highly-rated player, it's kind of hard to be mad at, but I'd love to know if there's some concrete logic about this.

Is it possible that "full" might also mean "secure in the prospects we currently have?"


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Full at CB but yet Fuller is still visiting? Something doesn't add up. Do You think Fuller is a silent commit? Fuller seemed to be high on Va. tech... Go Blue


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No. At a certain point a position becomes best available. Does it really hurt to miss on Fuller and Cravens? Answer is no. If we didn't take another secondary player in this class we would be just fine. TE was handled the same way as is LB. Levenberry would be nice but not a huge miss. WR and DT are the only remaining positions of need in this class.


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I am 99.9999999% (repeating of course) percent sure it is not Fuller.  For one, he hasn't visited campus yet.  Another reason, despite Michigan being a serious contender, is he is still considered a VT lean.  It just would add up.

The reason why Fuller is still visiting is he falls under the category of "elite-level talent".  Blue-chip players like that will very very rarely be turned away by coaches for visits, on the chance that they like to commit.  Our class will likely have one, maybe two, 'luxury-slots' to fill with a recruit who is very highly touted, yet not at a position of need (like Cravens or Fuller).  So that's why he is still visiting.  However, that'd be totally awesome if he was a silent commit, but it's extremely unlikely.


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I knew that Walker cancelled last week and I also heard that Hicks was told by the coaches not to visit. This is the first time I have heard that Garner is not visiting. This makes it seem like we are definitely done at DB, but it is interesting that Fuller is still visiting. 

The situation is interesting, during the time that these three CBs scheduled visits we had two CBs already committed. These guys are canceling their visits but nothing has changed. The coaches must be wanting to use that spot on another position or are liking their chances with a more highly-rated DB.


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It might be that after spring ball, the coaches have a better sense of where they stand depth wise.  Some players may have stepped up their game, or players who they thought might transfer no longer look like they will.  So with a reduced number of scholarships to recruit for, they may have shelved CB recruiting for the 2013 class.  They will take a couple DL, a couple WRs, and from there I assume they will go for elite players to fill the last 2-3 spots.  Among thsoe are probably Levenberry, Cravens, Fuller, Isaacs, Vanderdoes, Mathis, Hutchings(apparently interested again after this weekend), Bosa, and any of the other top 30 recruits the staff has been after.


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Sarah just tweeted that, according to UMHoops, Amedeo Della Valle is visiting this weekend. There is a paragraph on their site for anyone who wants to go take a look.


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This is just my own impressions but I followed Tom over to Wolverine Nation and I think everyone would agree that along with Sam Webb, he's plugged into the recruiting scene better than anyone else. What I'm saying isn't verbatim so I'm not sharing premium content, it's just an impression you get if you pay attention to the subtleties of his language.

I think the coaches' idea of what they need/want from a class is pretty fluid and depends a lot on how they feel about certain prospects and their chances with them. So although everyone hears that they're telling kids "we're full" and their eyes get wide about a silent commit, I think a couple things might be going on. First of all, they are mostly happy with the prospects that they already have in the class, which is Lewis and Conley of course, and second, they feel good about their positioning with some other prospects at a position of need. So most likely, some stuff on their board has changed and they're playing along with it to maximize the value of the class overall. They would still take a corner if it were someone like Fuller or Willis, because that would maximize the value of the schollie, but if someone from some other position takes it they would feel better about it than if they had given it to a DB prospect that is lower on their board.


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The other trouble I have with all the silent commit speculation that comes up everytime we hear that a recruit has been told we are full at a position is... why would one commit silently?  

Can someone closer to the process explain the potential reasons or benfits of silently committing?  Is that equivalent to a "soft verbal?"  I guess I would just worry that if a recruit said, "Hey coach, I want to commit to your program, but please promise that you won't tell anyone bceause I'm not going to tell anyone either."  Seems like that's much easier to back out on...