Michigan can take up to 7 more players in this class per Sam Webb

Submitted by Nosce Te Ipsum on December 14th, 2012 at 11:27 AM

I don't know how this is possible considering that would give us 29 players in this class which I thought was not allowed by the B1G. 28 was the reported limit but I trust Sam. The ideal finish to this class would be Green, Treadwell, Dawson, McQuay, Hill, Hunt, and Jaynard Bostwick. 



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Well there are a few guys leaving the team early, either for transfers or the chance at playing in the nfl. For example, Ricardo Miller is graduating early and will transfer to a Florida school so that opens a spot etc... Maybe Lewan is going to the NFL?


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I doubt he would have been top 5 last year since he would have still been behind Luck and RG3, but he would have gone to Miami at 8 or 9 instead of Tannehill. However, I still think you're right, since I wouldn't be surprised if he drops out of the first round this year. He's not a top pick talent, and the teams at the end of the first round don't need him. Maybe somebody trades up to get him at the end of the first round, but only then.


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Te'o probably wasn't a lock to be a top-10 draft choice last year; Lewan only has so many guys he could pass.  And with the salary structure in place, his signing bonus won't be as dramatically different if he's drafted #3 or #9.

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In general, the 85 scholarships is the big limiting factor, and you can only enroll 25 per class in the fall. To get more, you need to have early enrollees. With the Big Ten, they'll let you go over the "cap" as long as you can show where the scholarships are coming from. Believe Minn had a class of 32 a couple of years ago.


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I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. If you are it's pretty funny. I'm more than certain the coaches would love to take the #1 receiver in the nation that they heavily recruited for so long. I would be surprised if he ended up as a part of our class at this point. He seems to be looking for something other than what Michigan offers him.


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Look - you're the one who used the confusing verbiage.  You said you'd be surprised if we took Treadwell, which certainly implies to me that it would be the coaches making that decision, not Treadwell. 

It makes it worse when you come back defensive when you were the one who made the initial mistake.  You look like a jerk when you respond that way to a person who misunderstood you're difficult to understand point.  Just say you worded it wrong, and move on. 


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Has to be some major attrition expected to jump up to almost 7 along to go with some guys coming in January. I like the adjustments the coaching staff made from last year in getting more aggressive towards the end, not putting all their eggs in the same basket, and also having fall back options.


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22 commits now

6 potential EE (3 count as part of 2012) = Class effectively currently sits at 19

Miller gone = Class effectively at 18

Lewan possibly gone = class effectively at 17

Major attrition not required. Only barrier is the 85 total scholly limit.


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You probably know about this better than me. I honestly don't remember last years numbers, but as an example: if we took the max 25 players last year and none were early enrollees, then we couldn't list any more 2013 kids in the 2012 class. I didn't pay attention to last years final numbers, but I'm sure we had some room left, and/or some EEs that year, so we should have room to backdate a handful this year, but how many depends on the previous years class. 

What I'm wondering is: how does losing a redshirt player like Ringer affect the 2012 numbers? Thinking if we lost him during his redshirt year would that mean we took one less 2012 player? If so we might  be able to backdate 4.