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01/11/2019 - 2:11pm If they were to continue to…

If they were to continue to win, wouldn't that signify that this team can handle pressure, or maybe even thrive off of it? Seems to me a record-breaking winning streak would indicate that the pressure/streak is motivating further success.

11/19/2018 - 4:09pm To those critical of his…

To those critical of his response, tell me what he should have said..."No, I won't guarantee a win. We could definitely lay an egg and blow this game."? He gave a very respectful answer that was effectively saying, "I believe we will win, and I can't see it ending any other way." Well said Karan.

11/03/2018 - 7:11pm Feels good, but we do have 1…

Feels good, but we do have 1 L, so it is a little different. That being said, hard to argue we don't look as good as we did in 97.

09/25/2018 - 12:23pm I would say when second…

I would say when second place has 1 of anything, the word "statistical" should be used very loosely.

06/07/2018 - 11:17am "After his father asked…

"After his father asked Lasorda to select Piazza as a favor, the Miami-Dade Community College student was drafted by the Dodgers in the 62nd round of the 1988 MLB amateur draft as the 1,390th player picked overall."

I guess it can work out.

06/06/2018 - 6:04pm So would they have been…

So would they have been exonerated completely if they thought she was married?

05/29/2018 - 12:05pm I googled...

...and found this:…

04/10/2018 - 12:51pm Nailed it

Hands down this is the best candy ever. Sadly, I don't even know if it's seasonal anymore. No sign of them this Easter season, and I looked everywhere. Can't for the life of me understand why this candy isn't everywhere all the time.

And they are either called Bumpy Jellybeans or Giant Chewy Nerds...same thing but different packaging.

03/16/2018 - 5:42pm This ^^^

If he is so astute such that he has the ability to recognize the lack of attention on the part of his players, do something about it! This is the equivalent of a coach saying after losing by 3 when your team missed 15 free throws, "what can I these days suck at free throws." That coach wouldn't last long because there is a way to fix that as a COACH!

02/01/2018 - 2:45pm Alive

No movie stuck with me more than that one after leaving.

Thanks for the I'm thinking about it again.

11/10/2017 - 3:32pm 42-3 Michigan

42-3 Michigan

08/31/2017 - 9:45am 35-3


08/29/2017 - 6:53pm In his effort to conceal the

In his effort to conceal the opening day depth chart, Jim Harbaugh concocted an elaborate scheme that fooled the world into believing Jabrill Peppers had been drafted to the Cleveland Browns. In fact, in the greatest of offensive surprises, it is Jabrill who takes the first snap of the season at the wildcat position. Take that Gators!

06/05/2017 - 5:24pm Joe Pesci = Joe Paterno

Such an obvious oversight.

05/08/2017 - 6:54pm I can see the biggest issue

I can see the biggest issue being the recruit who has been "committed" to a school for several months or more who decides to forego the early signing period. How will staffs handle these situations? Are they automatically moved to "soft commit" status? I think the early signing period is an excellent development, but I do wonder how coaching staffs (and fanbases) will treat the seemingly locked-in commits who do not sign early.

12/10/2016 - 4:05pm Me Duke and will be

Me Duke and will be at UCLA. This all falls on us, apparently.

11/16/2016 - 5:43pm 38 - 28 UM

While I would like another blowout, I just don't see it this weekend

10/28/2016 - 11:40am 42-8 UM

42-8 UM

10/25/2016 - 11:46pm Anyone else waiting for, "he

Anyone else waiting for, "he doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he drinks Dos Equis."?

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10/18/2016 - 11:41am MWR

Love this stat in the final column at the OP link--projected wins remaining among scheduled opponents:

UM: 5.2

OSU: 5.1

Both are projected to win The Game, just a little bit, but us by a little bit more.

10/06/2016 - 2:46pm Buy them from UCLA directly

I got mine awhie ago, but it appears there are still a bunch available, and the prices are all face value. Pauley is pretty small, so there aren't really any horrible seats. I don't know about any blocks of tickets resserved for UM folk. It's more fun to be in enemy territory anyway. (I realize the link is to ticketmaster, but this is linked straight from the UCLA ticket office)

09/15/2016 - 11:12am 34-9 Michigan

34-9 Michigan

09/07/2016 - 8:59pm 56-8 UM

56-8 UM

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08/31/2016 - 8:22pm 55-3 M

55-3 M

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07/15/2016 - 4:13pm Totally surreal experience

After watching the game at Touchdowns, walking down South U and having the President of the university invite a drunken group of happy rioters of my best memories of college.

05/07/2016 - 11:27am Footlocker

$4.25/hr. Still have the shirt for Halloween party emergencies.

05/02/2016 - 7:20pm Not sure I agree

The quote about Patrick hardly warrants "it won't be Patrick." That is the precise quote I would expect for any candidate who has not yet been officially named. Not saying it will be Patrick, but you are clearly jumping the gun based on that quote.

04/27/2016 - 2:05pm LA Rams

First time I've cared about the draft in years (outside of seeing when UM guys get picked), since I haven't had a team for 25+ years. Sadly, it's hard to be excited about the #1 pick.

01/12/2016 - 2:42pm I was in Madison in 1997 (?)

I was in Madison in 1997 (?) when Maurice Taylor broke his nose and bled all over Wisconsin's court. Despite the obviously serious injury he had, even I had to chuckle at the loud "Shoot him like a horse" chant inside the Field House. There are bigger fish to fry than trying to tame the fans.

01/03/2016 - 12:03pm This should matter to

This should matter to us...

...sadly it doesn't.

12/24/2015 - 8:52pm Can't embed the photo but

Can't embed the photo but scroll to the CW photo and I'm the dude behind him in the (old school) maize shirt on the field at the Rose Bowl after winning the NC. Pic just released this week and it kind of made my week, especially with the retirement looming. Pretty amazing memory.

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11/13/2015 - 7:09pm Working link!!!

08/25/2015 - 12:15pm More recently, after noticing

More recently, after noticing a demographics gap in their profits, Mr. Brandon proposed refocusing the business of Toys R Us. Specifically, all bicycles with training wheels are to be replaced with motorized Rascals, the plush toy sections are to be swapped out in exchange for robust displays of Depends, and all candy is to be substituted out for laxatives and vitamin supplements.

08/11/2015 - 12:51pm As a lifelong Laker fan, I

As a lifelong Laker fan, I just hate that Magic is a Spartan. I have spent my lifetime ignoring the fact that my childhood idol came from that place.

06/05/2015 - 4:15pm 1. Breaking Bad2. Sons of

1. Breaking Bad

2. Sons of Anarchy

3. Dexter

4. Game of Thrones

5. Lost/Sopranos/Six Feet Under...

Lots of amazing shows I could fill in at #5, but 1-4 are clearly the ones that impacted me most. It takes a couple days to catch your breath after an episode of any of those series.

03/30/2015 - 2:03pm You might be right, but the

You might be right, but the fact that we went 5-7 is precisely the reason why it is not a great idea.

02/11/2015 - 5:42pm Brady Hoke = Tom Crean?

While he did inherit a program in the midst of scandal turmoil, his job isn't without its advantages.

1) He coaches one of the most storied basketball football programs in the country.

2) His school is the flagship university in a state with plenty of high-level basketball football talent and is conveniently located near another large metropolitan area (Chicago) with even more talent. 

3) He has had plenty of recruiting success, reeling in plenty of highly ranked and talented players.

4) His school has one of the most racuous home courts the largest stadium in the country providing optimal home court field advantage.


Maybe it's time to move on.

02/05/2015 - 11:40am UM and UCLA grad here

I have my undergrad degree from UM and grad degree from UCLA, so here's the deal. UCLA has weather and their student body some other pleasureable aesthetic advantages over UM. But, I've always wondered how they could recruit when they have to put their recruits in a car/bus and drive an hour+ in traffic to show them their stadium. The Rose Bowl is nowhere near campus, and the students don't have a clue about football. To me, selling UM's history and passion for the game and gameday experience is the biggest advantage. Sitting in the stands during a UCLA game and listening to fans (if they are even paying attention to the game) is a weird experience. They truly don't know anything about the game, nor do they really care.

02/03/2015 - 11:45am It's really more than just a

It's really more than just a month. Meyer was effectively unemployed prior to the OSU job other than random color commentary gigs for espn. He could scout recruits and stay on top of things before being hired, so he likely had targets in mind the day he stepped in the door. Harbaugh was employed, and presumably focused on that job, until the day he was hired. I think that's likely a big difference too. Plus, Meyer was only one year removed from college coaching. Lots of elements that would swing the recruiting pendulum in his direction.

02/01/2015 - 2:39pm Hackett seems to be too in

Hackett seems to be too in tune with the fanbase and tradition to mess with OSU. The only conclusion here is that he is blatantly telling the knowledgeable fanbase that the MSU game will be at night in 2015.

12/02/2014 - 2:27pm J_m _ar_a_gh to be next coach at _______n

Ready to go...

11/26/2014 - 12:12am Sorry guys...that was a clean

Sorry guys...that was a clean block

10/10/2014 - 5:15pm Not sure I see a point to

Not sure I see a point to this. Big difference between a possibly sore arm and an obvious bum leg plus concussion.

10/02/2014 - 1:34pm I see. So a new AD replacing

I see. So a new AD replacing an old AD who was just fired for losing a lot won't be motivated to hire a winner. Makes perfect sense.

10/02/2014 - 1:18pm Unless he resigns on the air

Unless he resigns on the air (wishful thinking), this is just going to be yet another string of infuriating non-responses that will only aggravate the fanbase further. I can't even imagine a satisfying soundbite from him at this point. Even if he issued a complete mea culpa and acknowledged every single blunder he's ever made, it would be far too late at this point. I see no reason for him to even give these interviews.

08/18/2014 - 12:10pm Spoier: It's Canteen

Just thought I'd save lazy people clicks.

Jabrill got honorable mention

08/08/2014 - 4:05pm Number of Alabama recruits by class

We all know the story, but interesting to see the numbers in one place. Stings to see this when we can only take 14-16 this year, but I guess that's the cost of being the good guys.

2015: 21

2014: 26

2013: 26

2012: 27

2011: 25

2010: 30

2009: 28

2008: 34


07/10/2014 - 1:26pm That is a very neggable

That is a very neggable title.

06/19/2014 - 4:37pm It's actually the color of a

It's actually the color of a shadow. As in, we're accepting that we are in the shadow of something better.

06/11/2014 - 5:14pm Two points:

1) Jamal Crawford is immensely removed from John Beilein.

2) The important thng about Beilein is that he not only puts people into the association, but he puts unknown/low-rated recruits in. How many people predicted, when they were recruited, that THJ, Burke, Stauskas and Levert would even be sniffed by the NBA? That's what makes JB great.