Kyle Kalis would disagree (Meyer Quote)

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Edit: I thought it was more common knowledge how long Meyer was after Kalis, but I guess not. See this thread here for proof that it wasn't "one call". "Recruting him hard" doesn't mean called once and said, "Interested?"

Just a random little note. I'm reading Stewart Mandel's take on Signing Day 2012 at, when I come across this little note about Meyer at OSU (Emphasis Mine).

Eight of the 25 players Ohio State signed Wednesday were committed to other schools before Meyer's arrival, including four-star defensive tackle Tommy Schutt (Penn State) and defensive end Se'Von Pittman (Michigan State). On Wednesday, Meyer added tackle Kyle Dodson, a former Wisconsin pledge. "It's pretty simple," Meyer said Wednesday. "You ask a guy if he's interested, and if he says no, you move on."


Tremendous: Speaking of phone calls, did you decide to answer it when Urb hit you up a few weeks ago?

Kyle: Well, it happened like this: I heard the phone ring one night and I saw it was a 614 number and knew who it was right away because it was right after a speech he gave. Before I had a chance to stop my mom, she had picked it up, so I had to talk to him.

C'mon, man. Oversigning with limitations AND baldface lying?

That interview by Tremendous at

You can read Mandel's whole article here.




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Isn't lying? If the recruit wasn't Interested why would he commit to Osu then? He prob lied about the way he plays it out; but I highly doubt
<br>he constantly annoys a recruit that told him I'm not coming to Osu. After urban talked to Kali's did he call him after that fact? Idk and you idk so you cannot just assume he's lying.


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"Really, Urbz? Really?"

I had this exact thought when reading the title of your post. 

Although in my head it was punctuated more like

really, "Urbz"?  Really?

edit: ok, he edited to take the urbz's out. 


One Inch Woody…

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Well, there's this and the fact that Urban is basically stalking Dymonte... has visited his school multiple times, even when not permitted to talk to him. I hope I'm not the only one to find that incredibly creepy.


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Ohio fans seem to just assume that Dymonte is going to flip any day now and verbal to them. I'd be lying if I didn't say that Urban shadowing him everywhere didn't make me a little bit nervous even though Dymonte has said time and again that he is rock solid in his commitment and that him and Shane will be rooming together. Apparently, one of Ohio's "insiders" came out today and said that Dymonte will 100% follow Brionte. I know it's almost absolutely false but I still don't like reading things like that.


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Am I the only one that doesn't understand how these two quotes are lies?  Urban said that he would call a recruit, ask him if he had any interest in Ohio State, and if he did not, he would not reach out to him again.  From Kyle's interview it seemed like that's what happened.  Unless there's a second time Urban tried to contact him after Kyle had already told him he wasn't interested in the first place.  Confused.


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I'm not a fan of Meyer either but what about Kalis said shows that Meyer was being dishonest? He talked to him once apparently and got the hint and moved on, that is unless Kalis said somewhere else that he had contacted him again. The obsession regarding Urban has gotten really stale, the guy had an awesome month or so of recruiting, lets move on and see how he can do in the B1G and whoop his ass next November. Until then lets just let him do his thing and focus on and have pride in our program.


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If every incident in which Urban Meyer appeared to be telling a little fib was thread-worthy, there wouldn't be a whole lot of other topics to discuss. Let's pick our battles.


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Everyone knows that has been following the sites that Urb wanted Kalis so bad in fact that he did contact him multiple times. It was stated here that Kalis told Urb enough was enough in an interview. Team 133 is here so let's focus on them now.


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Brent Beilema made a statement today that he was angry at some of the tactics urban employed and he actually used the word illegal in reference to urban meyer. He saw ...

"Other recruiting tactics, other recruiting practices that are illegal. I was very up front and was very poignant to the fact. I actually reached out to Coach Meyer and shared my thoughts and concerns with him and the situation got rectified."

Read more:


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Going after commits of other B1G schools isn't a big deal. Hoke did it with Bellomy last year and Danny Hope didn't call him out. Tressel stole an Illinois commit (Melvin Fellows) and nobody called him out. It happens. He's obviously using shady tactics when talking to the recruits and that is what BB is talking about.


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The articles he's talking about a convo he had with Meyer. Where in that conversation meyer told him "you know the difference between the big ten and OUR conference (referring to past tense) is that in the big ten everyone tells on everyone in our conference no one tells in anyone."


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"He (Beilema) said Meyer asked him: "You know what the difference between the Big Ten and our conference is? I said, 'No', and he said, 'In the Big Ten, everybody tells on everybody. In our conference nobody tells on anybody."

Ohio State = SEC North.



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I think the fact that Meyer walked into Davonte Neal's living room and said "there is no one else like [you]" and tried to get a commitment on the spot is a much more intriguing story. Meyer reportedly told Neal that they would hold open a spot after signing day in case Neal wanted to commit (Neal has yet to decide). Now according to Mike Farrell (Rivals), Neal tried to commit today but was unable to do so. That's a bona fide case of Meyer lying to a recruit. 


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The big advantage Michigan has over State or even Wisconsin in these situations, is that normally if we are talking an Ohio player, a Michigan offer means there is an Ohio offer too.  A kid that chose Michigan, A. isn't longing for an Ohio offer because this situation is already the pinnacle in his eyes. and B. Probably already has an Ohio offer and chose Michigan anyway.

An example is State with Pittman had him committed before he had an Ohio offer.  That's what he wanted all along and State was an insurance policy.  That would never happen with a Michigan recruit.