Hypotehical CC: Chip Kelly

Submitted by brewandbluesaturdays on November 17th, 2014 at 2:18 PM

Let me preface this, with a backdrop. I am sitting in my office, listening to SVP & Russillo and Scott was talking to Chris Mortensen about the Florida job and Chip Kelly's name got brought up along w/ Harbaugh. They both stated that they think Harbaugh is an NFL guy, but they see Chip as just a coach. It doesn't matter where to him. 

It got me thinking, if Harbaugh were to say "no thanks", and money wasn't a concern, should Michigan consider Chip Kelly? Does anyone think there's a chance a large enough check would get him to jettison the Eagles for Ann Arbor? Also, even if he did want to come would the fear of losing him to the NFL shortly thereafter be a concern? 

I personally would love the shift to a Chip Kelly style offense vs. what we see now and I think it would be a home run of a hire. I understand it'd be a complete transition in styles but I believe it would play dividends in the long run. 

EDIT: I don't think this is a remote possibility, it was being discussed that maybe he would consider the jump back to college - just curious what the board thought about this hypothetical. 



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Come on, man. He just said, "No." That really doesn't qualify as vehemence.

Anyway, this isn't the time for moves that would pay of "in the long run". Remember, we already had an offensive genius here, who installed a completely new system, that would have paid off in the "long run". We know how that went.

But the biggest issue here is that the liklihood of this is something like 1x10^-99.


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I don't think the RR argument is even remotely valid here. RR's problem was his inablity to hire defensive coaches that new how to run the scheme he wanted on defense. Not to mention people in the administration, alumni, and ex-coaches who never gave him a chance to succeed.

Also,maybe vehemently was a little deep. But just stating "No" as a response to a hypothetical is a pretty strong indication to ones feelings on that hypothetical.


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Why is Chip leaving the NFL again?

People are very reactionary to 1 loss - major recency bias.  That's what happens when you get Sanchezed.

He is 7-3 and in 1st place with losses to the Cardinals, Packers and 49ers - all good teams.


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Yes, would absolutely love Chip Kelly as our head coach.  If there was a chance he'd want this job (after obviously offering Jimmy the keys to all of things), then you absolutely go for him.  However, there's no chance he comes back to college when he's still relatively new to the NFL, and succeeding.  Even if he were to want to return to college at one point, I see him staying in the pros for at least 3-5 more years.


November 17th, 2014 at 2:25 PM ^

The Eagles are 7-3 and atop the NFC East. The only way he loses his job at this point is if the Eagles collapse in a spectacular fashion or if he does something that disgraces the entire organization and his name and is immediately fired. If either of those scenarios come to fruition, would you really want the guy?


November 17th, 2014 at 2:51 PM ^

would have no bearing on whether I'd love to see Chip Kelly as the next HC of UM.  Heck yes I'd still want him.  IMO, the guy proved he can coach at the college level.  The pros and college are two different animals.  It's why it's so rare for a college coach to make a successful transition to the pros. 

I'd bet Bama fans are glad they grabbed Saban after the Dolphins imploded.


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Hire Michael Corleone with Tom Hagen as DC.  Corleone's leadership is unmatched and he is an effective motivator.  Fall in line, or he'll kill you.  Hagen is great at making sure things run smoothly and his boss doesn't get his hands dirty.  Thus he understands defense intimately.  For OC, we need someone aggressive, like Sonny Corleone.  That's our staff.  Just make sure that traitor Tessio isn't involved, he's obviously aligned with the Buckeye family.