How did you become a Michigan fan?

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Always interesting to hear from fellow board members how they became to be fans of the Maize and Blue. Also, it is quite unifying to see that you are no less of a Wolverine if you did not attend U of M. Those blessed to attend Michigan certainly have a "fuller / more robust" experience by attending Michigan, but by no means does this create aristocratic levels of fandom. We all love the school we root what led you to root and cherish Michigan? For me it is kinda a mystery. I was born in Grand Rapids and also lived in Milford. My Father was in infusion pump sales and management and we moved from Michigan half way through my 3rd grade year at Johnson Elementary (Milford). Moved to UT, CA, and FL for high school through college. My parents were not Michigan alumns (Dad a Bearcat) nor were they Michigan fans. I guess I became a fan because it "connected" me to the state of my birth and supplied me with a pride. I never considered Michigan as an option for college. I wanted a small Liberal Arts experience. But I spent my Saturday's in the Fall arriving early in the lobby of my dorm to make sure I could get dibs on the TV to turn on my Maize and Blue.



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I was 8 years old and discovered Mike Hart while watching FB with my dad (Class of '82) and became the only UM fan in Spotsylvania, Virginia till we moved back to Michigan in '13.

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814 East U

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'98 Rose Bowl Party at my house when I was a young lad. Shenanigans ensued that evening all because of that game.

Then the '98 Sugar Bowl happened (LOLZ!).

Yostbound and Down

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Dad did his grad degree in Ann Arbor when I was 3-4 years old so I grew up a fan, but he was already a fan so I was pretty much born into it. Not an alumnus but hope to be one day.


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I have many people in my family who went to Michigan, but no one really identified strongly as a Wolverine. So, having grown up in Michigan, it's kinda by chance that I adopted the maize and blue instead of green and white, as my mom and dad would've just as soon cheered for State. I guess I leaned Michigan from an early age, for whatever reason, but became more entrenched in my support as I met more Spartans fans... Guess I just had good taste as a kid.

Then I got in to UM, which locked me in for life.


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My father, cousins, and great uncle all went to UM, so I was pretty much a Wolverine from birth. Then I grew up during the Ten Year War and the 80s, attended Michigan during the Fab Five Era and Desmond's Heisman year, graduated, came back for some of the National Championship year... so yeah. Wolverine from birth!

Great Lakes Pirate

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My Mother and both of my Uncles on her side attended UM, so I grew up in a very pro-Michigan family. But what really solidified it for me was attending my first football game at The Big House (1996 vs MSU), I jumped into fandom with both feet and haven't looked back since.

As a side note: The first step into Michigan Stadium still gives me chills, whether it's my first game of the year or my fifth.


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At the age of 4, I went to the Big House for my first real sporting event. From that moment on I was hooked. No one in my family went there, and I did no either, but I love the Wolverines more than any other team/sport.

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My mom bought us darker clothes so you couldn't see grass stains on them when we were younger, they happen to be blue Michigan pants, and she kept buying M gear. Which is weird because my old man is an ND fan.....P.s. we are in Toledo which is about 60% ohio and 25% M. The rest going to ND and others.


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I didn't do anything disrespectful. I guess I just wanted to do one thing to piss off my dad (I was 4), without being disrespectful. Also, I liked blue much more than I liked red...

What started off as a rebellious cause, soon turned into an obsession.


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and i have a couple of nieces that are 5th gen.

first woman to graduate (great grandmother) - 1894

her son/my grandfather - 1924

his daughter/my mon - 1951

one older brother and myself in the '80's.

he had two daughters go/grad in the last 10 yrs too.

and hockey.  i came to play that too. 


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I was born while my Dad was still attending Michigan, he graduated shortly after. As a kid I can remember going to gameday gatherings at his buddy's house for most road games, and of course having a babysitter for home games. Finally started really paying attention myself during the 1988 season, when I'd have been almost 7 years old. Got to go to my first game in 1990. Since that time, military service has been the only thing that's ever been able to keep me from seeing any game. 


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I am a 3rd generation Michigan grad. My parents met in A2, so from the time I was born, I donned the Maize and Blue. While I looked at other Universities and engineering programs, my heart was always set on attending Michigan!

Smash Lampjaw

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Michigan had my major. Being from the west side of the state I had never heard of U of D nor Lawrence Institute. When, to the shock of everyone, I lucked out on the National Merit exam, it suddenly became possible. Once I got accepted I was a fan.
Maybe this is a good spot to suggest this: I would like to be the first to sign an on-line petition in support of WD's transfer application. He would have to buckle down, and could not attend every event of every sport, but who would appreciate a Michigan degree more?

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the bee train

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My favorite pro team is the Giants and they won the Super Bowl in 1986. I had a great time watching them and learning about the sport as a little kindergartner, and my favorite player was Joe Morris. As I fell in love with the sport I was excited to learn that not only was there an entire new league that played on Saturdays, but Joe Morris's brother Jamie played in it and for the team with the awesome helmets. I became a huge fan then and never looked back. Since I'm a teacher in the Boston area I decided it wouldn't make sense to go there, but I've rooted for every team like I had.


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I grew up in Ohio so most of my childhood friends were osu fans. I am part of a large catholic family and they are all notre dame fans. So by the time I hit high school I was sick of not fan bases and turned blue.


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I was a nerdy, quiet, and new kid with low self esteem due to family issues. The first thing I had to do when I moved to the area was choose a side. I had "cool" kids trying to convince me to choose one side or the other. Our class was very strange: nearly every boy was from a Michigan house, and every girl was an Ohio State fan. I decided that whoever won would win my affection. 

I started third grade in 1996.  


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1. I was born in a Wal-Mart.

2. I was schooled in a Wal-Mart.

3. I live in a Wal-Mart.

4. I work at a Wal-Mart.


6. Profit 

7. Wal-Mart.

8. Harbaugh.



rob f

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WD is your cousin?


My story (finally!):

I can trace my fandom back to the '64 Michigan Football team and their win in the  '65 Rose Bowl.   Being raised Catholic, my family was nearly 100% ND fans; being from west Michigan and from farm roots (both mom and dad grew up on farms), some of my other relatives were MSU fans.   But I (a 9-yr.old at the time) distinctly remember being at my Grandparents' house that New Years Day and rooting for Michigan, which my Grandparents noticed and asked me "Why would you root for THAT team??!"

Though I was then also a big ND fan and loved Ara Parsegian, from that day on I grew to love Michigan more and more---that record-setting Ron Johnson 347-yard game vs Wisconsin in ''68 thrilled me to the bone!  By '69 and the OSU game, my Michigan fandom was at a fever pitch---I only was able to watch that game on TV, though, because I succeeded in cleaning the basement for my mom and dad the morning of The Game (Dad told me no way could I otherwise watch it!)

Also, around that time is when I discovered Bob Ufer's Michigan radio broadcasts---He was the clincher!  Fall Saturdays for me in Septembers and Octobers back then always meant time working in my grandpa's apple orchard; while I initially started bringing along my transistor radio to listen to Lindsey Nelson broadcasting ND football, I soon switched my allegiance to Bob Ufer and MEEEECHIGAN!!!

Attended my first game (a tie!) in 1975 at age 20, have had season tickets since '77.


May 19th, 2015 at 8:27 AM ^

We had just moved back to the US from Germany (dad was in the army), the game was on tv and it was the first time I'd seen Michigan football. I was hooked. Rick Leach was a freshman (I think), Gordon Bell was at TB and Rob Lytle was FB. Don Dufek had an interception. Michigan lost that day, but I became a Michigan fan for life.The helmets, the stadium, Bo, and the way they played (dad was from Detroit, so that helped). I love football, and i don't think you can be a football fan and not be a Michigan fan.

Stuck in Ohio

May 19th, 2015 at 8:28 AM ^

thankfully. My grandmother graduated from their in 1928, my dad in 1956, my mom in 1957, my uncle in 1958, my brother played football from 1976-1980 and my nephew was in the marching band. Me, for my career I didn't need a 4 year college, besides, I didnt have the grades or work ethic at the time to even get in. I always said if I had gotten in I would have been back home after the first semester, flunked out, hungover and broke. I've been going to football games since I was in elementary school and have had season tickets for 28 years. Have hardly missed a game in that time.


May 19th, 2015 at 8:28 AM ^

I became a Michigan fan when I was 9, so my original reasons may only make sense to a 9-year-old mind. Still, here goes:

1. I loved the colors. Outside of the American flag, Maize and Blue was the best color combo this kid had ever seen - especially on that helmet, which looked like nobody else's.

2. Michigan had just upset tosu 24-12, and I always had a thing for the underdog.

3. I absolutely hated Woody Hayes upon first sight. To me, he looked like a big fat ugly creep - like the crabby old man in the neighborhood who'd yell at you for stepping on his lawn. Hating him seemed perfectly natural (and still does), so being a fan of his enemy seemed natural, too.

4. My mother thought Tom Harmon was very handsome, and if my mother liked UM's greatest hero, well ...

5. The fight song, which sealed the deal.

Come to think of it, these reasons still make a lot of sense.