Former MSU MBB Korie Lucious to play at Iowa State

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Former Sparty Korie Lucious has announced he will play for Iowa State of the Big 12.  Per NCAA transfer rules, he must sit out 1 year and he will have 1 year eligibility remaining.

Korie was suspended from the MSU MBB team for "violation of team rules".  Several rumors are spinning on the internet, including one that had Korie having sexual relations with a teammate's girlfriend.



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What is this country coming to!!?  


20+ year olds participating in activities that will re-populate the globe?!!!




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And Chris Babb, and Anthony Booker, and Jake Anderson. The payoff could be huge here or it could be an enormous fail. ISU could be pretty salty next year. They have had some basketball success before. It was 10 years ago but outside of Kansas no one has won more Big 12 championships.


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I have heard from my MSU friends that he was pretty much the biggest pothead around and was the subject of his own drinking game for those that watched on TV.  Anytime he did  something boneheaded it spawned a "B/c I got high" saying and you had to take a drink. 

But screwing around w/ a teammates gf is plausible too.

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I go to Marquette and there were a lot of rumors that he was coming here, given he is from Milwaukee. Obviously a good player, but no way would I want that on my team.