Favorite College Football Uniforms

Submitted by Raback Omaba on June 13th, 2010 at 8:36 PM

Nothing I hate more than Sunday evenings, even on a beautiful night like this. Boring as hell getting mentally ready for the week ahead. Anyway, to kill some type, I thought I'd ask this question:


What are your favorite college football uniform sets (other than Michigan:)

Florida State for me.

The helmets with the stickers are awesome. The colors, and several possible uniform combos (Maroon, Black, Gold and White), make it for me. I also like the seminole logo on the pants.

They have the sickest uniforms in college football other than Michigan.



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It's not so much any intimidation factor, but I think Texas' all-whites are the best college football jersey outside of Ann Arbor. Their simplicity is their greatest asset, its such a stark, clean look that stands in sharp contrast to a lot of team's overly-busy uniforms. The 2004 Rose Bowl between us in Blue and them in White was just about the greatest uniform event in history.

Jim Harbaugh S…

June 13th, 2010 at 8:49 PM ^

FSU Home

Michigan Home

I really like the LSU alternates with the white helmet, purple jersey and white pants.

As for hate, I hate white jerseys with with pants, way too pajama like.


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Please don't kill me for this.

I like Ohio State's home uniforms. They are simple and traditional. They don't change every four years or so like Oregon's (or Sparty now). The red really stands out against the green field, and matches well with the silver pants and helmet. The reflections on the helmets against the lights looks really cool when it works. Finally, the buckeye stickers they have are the best merit sticker program in the country, tied with Florida State.


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1. Michigan (DUH)

2. Florida State (Gotta love the war chant too)

3. UCLA (Not too tough but classy and refined, very California)

4. USC (Not too popular at the moment but I was always a fan)

5. Texas (Coolest logo in college football)


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Washington.  Definitely Washington.  The purple and gold is really, really sharp.  Looks good both home and road.

Gotta hand it to FSU, also - I really hate FSU but their unis look good as long as they stick with the simple garnet and gold or white and gold.


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I don't like the purple and yellow, and I especially don't like all that yellow with a little bit of purple added in.  They hardly ever actually wear purple jerseys anyway.  Purple's like orange, it looks awesome if you get it right and really terrible if you don't.  Washington gets it right with the gold.


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Texas Tech has a good color scheme. It was pretty intimidating watching the black and red air raid under the lights on a Saturday night. I'll miss that for sure.