Extended McDowell Signing Day Drama

Submitted by JeepinBen on February 5th, 2014 at 1:02 PM

According to TomVH on twitter Malik McDowell has yet to sign and send in his LOI. It's been publicized that Malik wants to attend to MSU (and announced State during a ceremony this morning) but his parents (specifically his mother) don't think that MSU is the best place for him. Tom's latest tweet (@TomVH)

"There is definite drama with the Malik McDowell situation. HS coach doesn't know ehn he'll send it (sic) in letter of intent"

I'm a bit torn here. There's obviously something going on with this young man and his family that involves a huge life choice. However, possible SPARTY NO on NSD just after star rankings started to matter?



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I really don't think you should be equating "would rather be there" with "doesn't want to be here."  They aren't the same thing.  Being forced for whatever reason to go with a second or third choice is something that happens all the time to athletes and non-athletes alike and people don't usually just sag their shoulders and half-ass their way through the next four years because of it.

Mr. Yost

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I just think if it were that tough a decision, it wouldn't be a decision...he'd be at Michigan knowing it may have been his 2nd favorite, but it's still a favorite.

IMO, and just my opinion, he doesn't want to go to Michigan.

I think if it were closer to a tie...he'd lean Michigan because of his parents wishes. I don't think it's anywhere close to a tie.

But that's just me. I could be wrong. Hopefully he really likes Michigan, but loves MSU and his parents can convince him to come to Michigan where he can still drive to EL and go party or see girls if he wants.

Then again, just the fact that's one of the primary reasons he wants to go to MSU is a turnoff enough for me.

Again, just one guys opinion. I really wanted Webb, I REALLY wanted Hand. McDowell isn't much of a loss to me. I see him in the Will Campbell role of needing 3-4 years of maturity before he really dominates like we know he can.

His Dudeness

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Hilarious. Kid looks foolish and it isn't even his fault. LOLerpants.


EDIT: Let me be clear, it's hilarious because it didn't happen to me. If something like this had happened to me it would be a tragedy.


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the class of 15.  This should be a textbook case for how not to be recruited. Nice headline for sparties ....  Commits to MSU against families wishes ... Great publicity for the school.  You can't make this stuff up.

SF Wolverine

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just think about the normal/occasional drama in your own family, and imagine it being not only available on the Interwebs, but also a source of a fair bit of interest to at least some group of onlookers.  Really unfortunate.  However this turns out, hope he and his folks can get past this and that his folks untimately support whatever decision he ends up making.


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Few things:

1. If anything. MSU's success has taught me not to care that much about recruiting stars any more, so frankly I don't care that much if the McDowells out there go blue or not.  Michiga will always get good classes, so all I care about is what the coaches do with what they have, as Narduzzi has written the textbook on.

2. Sense I get about Malik is he's acting his age which isn't a bad thing, and looking to go where he thinks he'll have the most fun, confident he'll have a bright future regardless.  The problem is getting into a heavy party atmosphere in college CAN have a devastating impact on your future in a variety of ways, from DUIs, to addictions, to arrests, etc.  The sense I get is his parents are deeply concerned with the people Malik has bonded with at MSU and that they will potentially influence him down the wrong path.  Total speculation on my part.

3. Kid's going to be decent, but he's been the least impressive 5 start I've seen on film in a while.  Not Jabrill Peppers.

Good luck to him and his family either way, and let's just hope Nuss figures out how to stop the Narduzzi scheme - McDowell or no McDowell.

Wolverine 73

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We don't know what happened at MSU.  We don't know what kind of kid Malik is.  We don't know what outside influences in Michigan his father is concerned about.  We don't know what his relationship with his parents is.  We get half stories and rumors and reach conclusions about what the parents should or shouldn't do based on those.  This is a mess, but nobody on this board knows whether the parents are acting responsibly or not, if they are indeed holding up his attending MSU and there isn't some other explanation for the delay.

Bando Calrissian

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So much of this drama is magnified by the fact McDowell is probably getting a gazillion texts from recruiting gurus, probably getting bombarded on Twitter, he knows it's being talked about all over the place by people who have no stake in the situation...

And yet this is a family matter. It's a family choice. So much pressure is being put on this kid and his parents by the sheer circus that recruiting has become, that I begin to wonder how anyone makes a decision like this in the first place.

In other words, the universe needs to back off this kid so he (in consultation with his parents) can make the best decision for himself and his family.


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Maybe.  What I'd do is sit him down and say:

"Mister McDowell, we don't always get what we want in life, and sometimes it's better that way.  I can live with Michigan being your second choice, but I need to know that you'll give us your best effort, and that means that after all the family conflict dies down and your head clears a little bit, that this is a place you'll want to be a part of.

I don't want you to be miserable here.  That doesn't do either of us any good.

So I'm going to ask you to imagine that MSU never made an offer -- for whatever reason -- maybe you just didn't hit it off, or you didn't fit their scheme -- whatever. Is Michigan a place you'd want to go?

If it isn't, I'll give you your release.  As soon as I can get the paperwork done.  You can go back to your folks and say you signed up with us and Hoke turned you down, and you can work things out somewhere else.  Hell, maybe after that they'll let you go to State, just to get this all over with.

If it is, then you're a hell of a football player, and a good young man in spite of all the drama the last few days. Conflict is part of life, and I don't hold anything against you either way. You've managed it about as well as you could. And I'd be happy to have you on the team.

But I need you to be honest with me and yourself: is this a place where you can give your best effort for four years?  Because that's what it's going to take for this to work out, for either of us."

And then I'd wait for his answer, and I'd listen to his answer and watch his body language. And if there's anything that made me uncertain, I'd take that as a "no" and let him go.



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Heck, at this point I'd hope that Dantonio, or Meyer, or any other coach did the same thing - for his sake if nothing else.

Being a major college athlete is hard. Being a real student-athlete is harder still. You have to be committed because there's very few people around who can half-ass it and still get it done.


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Not really though. All Collins' mom did was disaprove as a fan. Harmless fun. On the other hand, MM's mom is actively submarining the whole deal and dragging her son's name through the mud. For examples, look no further than this thread at people stating he has character issues, will be a disruption to the team, etc. MM did nothing but try to commit to a big ten university and his mom created all of the bad press around this by attempting to turn it into her decision.


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When a guy who has supported and rooted for Michigan like McDowell dad has... To say he prays his son goes to Ohio State or Florida State means he wants his son far far away from Detroit... Parent know they kids and their kids situation more than the media... And for a kid who had work ethic questions heading into his senior year maybe the "fun" school isn't the best choice either... But I don't question the concern


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When a guy who has supported and rooted for Michigan like McDowell dad has... To say he prays his son goes to Ohio State or Florida State means he wants his son far far away from Detroit... Parent know they kids and their kids situation more than the media... And for a kid who had work ethic questions heading into his senior year maybe the "fun" school isn't the best choice either... But I don't question the concern


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I understand his parents' concern. Kids who care most about partying and stay close to home with friends who aren't going to college tend to struggle mightily -- not just among athletes, but all college students. Everyone I know who didn't finish school that I started with did so because of a focus on parties and hanging out with local high school friends.

I hope, for his sake, that this concern is misplaced and that he manages to make the most of his talents, wherever he winds up (Michigan isn't going to be it, obviously). On the other hand, he could turn out to be the next Marques Slocum (he was from Philadelphia, but the talent-level and interest in fun seems to have parallels).


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mcdowells mom (Joya Crowe) on twitter:


These are all tweets from yesterday .. going at it with some State fans.

Joya Crowe - I think, I need to file some PPO (personal protection orders), I no longer feel my family is safe. Contacting the police department. Wow...

Joya Crowe - Wow... Are these comments a representation of the quality of people MSU produce? I have never in life been called so many vicious names because I want what's best for my child. I am going to pray for each and everyone of you. I apologize for your parents failing you. "Minding your OWN business is a FULL TIME JOB stay employed. "

Joya Crowe · Misguided and ignorant? Really? Your mother should have swallowed your ignorant azz... It's evidence you weren't raised properly. The biggest mistake they made was letting you make your own decision....

Joya Crowe - ROTFLMMFAO.... How about you raise yours and I raise mine. We have done a great job so far without any of you, too bad I can't say the same for your parents :-(... Focus on your offers, oh wait you don't have any. #getoffyourkneesandgetalife...

Joya Crowe - Trevor, I wouldn't recommend you ever in life approaching me, unless you would like to meet ignorant and misguided.... I'm also taking that as a threat...


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this just makes everyone look bad.  Both the idiots posting and the mom for responding to idiots in like fashion. 

I get the parents want the best for their son, but I fail to see how having this all play out in public is even remotely in Malik's best interests.  Me thinks some parents are liking the spotlight way too much. 


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his mom threw him out



Mom Throw Him Out?
February 5th, 2014 by admin

Wow, this Malik McDowell situation is absolutely out of control. Here is the latest from my very reliable sources.

Last night, Malik and his mother had a falling out over his decision to attend Michigan State. When Malik informed his parents that he would attend MIchigan State against their wishes, his mother threw him out of the house. Malik then told his mother, that she wasn’t welcome at his announcement today.

After Malik left the house, he went for a ride with his high school teammate, presumably, Lawrence Marshall and was reportedly in tears over his mothers actions.

I’m told this situation started during Malik’s official visit to Michigan State. While at Michigan State, according to Malik’s mother, Mark Dantonio approached Malik in an “inappropriate manner” while his mother was not present. This apparently angered his parents and ruined their portion of the official in East Lansing.

The “in-home” visit was suppose to address the situation in East Lansing but only inflamed the feud and cause Malik’s mother to throw Dantonio out of the house.

I’m not sure what initially cause this whole mess, but there are sources who say Malik’s mother had a bad experience at MSU when she was younger and still holds it against the University. In addition she wasn’t happy that Malik has “too much” fun at MSU on his visit to MSU and is concerned about the crowd he will fall in with in East Lansing.

This whole, terrible situation is awful for the kid, if he wants to go to MSU, he should go to MSU. He is the one who has to spend the next four or five years in school, if he isn’t happy, it won’t be a positive experience for anybody. His mother must make this right for both of their sake.


February 5th, 2014 at 1:49 PM ^

Tough situation for the kid, as someone who didn't see eye to eye with my folks growing up (i.e. first gen immigrant parents), I can certainly relate. Yeah, we all hear the stories about MSU but for a college athlete, there's no college in the country where you couldn't live up the party lifestyle if that's what you want to do, I really think her bias against MSU getting her kid in trouble is a bit overblown. That's pretty crazy if the stuff about Dantonio is true though, can't say I've ever heard of a coach get on a parent's bad side enough to get kicked out of then in home.