Per ESPN - Gardner NOT enrolling early

Submitted by dtod on December 31st, 2009 at 3:35 PM

During the ESPN U under armour coverage, a comment was made saying Gardner would not enroll early. However, a couple minutes later they did say Toney Hurd was committed to ND, minutes later in an interview, he said he was not even considering them. So who knows how up to date their info is.



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Chris Balas on Rivals said that he talked to Gardner's coach and that Devin has enough credits to graduate, they're just working through some other stuff.


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The same network that claims to be impartial about the TTech story though one of their major analysts is right in the middle of it? Yeah, not trusting anything that comes from their news sources.

I'll wait to hear from Sam Webb and the UM boards.


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Okay, I trust Sam Webb, too. But isn't it a bit odd to distrust ESPN due to their employment of Craig James but then trust Sam Webb and other UM fans for accurate information? I think people on Michigan boards might be misguided by some bias, too...


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my point was more that the local reporters and community are more likely to get accurate info on Devin's early enrollment status due to the fact they spend so much time on the beat, whereas ESPN just doesn't have the feet on the ground in the same manner. The TTech reference was off point, completely, but just watching talking head after talking head talk about how horrible Leach is, I had to throw in my $.02.


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According to rivals Gardner still has a chance to enroll early. He's got all the credits, it just comes down to Michigan's admissions department at this point.

They have until next Wednesday.

Hoken's Heroes

January 1st, 2010 at 8:20 AM ^

It was always a long shot that he would enroll early. Besides, he will most likely get a red shirt (at least I am thinking that's what RR would love to do). And like everyone else has stated, ESPN doesn't always get their facts straight.