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08/04/2012 - 5:01am Total propaganda

What really would have been a FU is if those games were held in the United States instead of Berlin and he won those medals. The US had racial laws that were even harsher than Germanys. This is just wartime propaganda that still has legs because of the civil rights movement.


Waiting on racism accusations in 5...4..3.....

08/04/2012 - 4:55am To me...

There are lots of variables that factor into this, such as: Size of order, location/distance, quality of service/food..many things. But if you're just ordering a pizza and some sticks, 1.75 should be sufficent if the place is only a mile away. On a Friday, that kid should be makin 60+ bucks a night in tips alone.

07/31/2012 - 3:26pm He's going on

Pimp my Pride

07/31/2012 - 3:23pm I dunno

I think this will hurt his meowsic career.

06/22/2012 - 9:46pm Your plane...

It's like Air Force One mixed with a Stealth Fighter Jet, only fast.

06/14/2012 - 6:32pm Clemson will always be mediocre

They pull some straight up studs, but can never put it together. Very "Zookian" program.

06/09/2012 - 3:38pm Amy Winehouse

Back to Black

04/23/2012 - 7:33am I dont always celebrate after a dunk....

but when I do, I elbow another guy in the face!   

04/16/2012 - 8:55am Well...

Did he hit that shit or what? At least it was probably bald.

01/12/2012 - 2:19pm According to Rivals

He had Offers from LSU and Florida, among other FWIW

He's no slouch, that's for sure

12/21/2011 - 7:06am Huh what? I just say happy holidays

What's up to my atheists out there.


/taps chest twice to peace sign

12/19/2011 - 7:42am Denard is a demi-god

and therefore can do what the fuck he wants. End of discussion.

12/19/2011 - 7:40am meet the new boss

same as the old boss

04/18/2011 - 5:42am you're squeezing

too hard.

04/06/2011 - 10:13pm RIP Vada

Thoughts and condolences to his family in this most difficult time.

03/17/2011 - 10:05am Aug 19

Summertime! Plus It's also shared with Bill Clinton and NFL HOF Anthony Munoz.

03/12/2011 - 2:54am No barkin from the dog, no smog...

and Mama cooked a breakfast with no hog. (what more could one ask for?)

03/09/2011 - 9:54pm This whole damn thread

is out of order!

03/09/2011 - 9:20pm Outkast as a "rock band"

what a fucking joke. A lot of WTFs on the list. ESPN needs to stick to what they do best, tabloid reporting.

03/05/2011 - 5:15pm (No subject)

03/01/2011 - 11:09pm It's Cousin Kyle!

02/27/2011 - 6:31pm (No subject)

02/22/2011 - 7:51pm We ain't here tryin' to start no trouble....

We're just here doin the Ryan Mallet Shuffle

02/21/2011 - 4:42pm Winter...

More like, Loseter.

02/18/2011 - 4:23pm Yes

that was a great album.

02/15/2011 - 7:06pm That would be....Borges'

Just sayin.

02/07/2011 - 6:14pm Been waiting for a Defensive Hotlist for 2012....Thank you!

Looks like we a quite a few good ones in our own backyard this year.

02/06/2011 - 9:58pm Yeah

I literally just noticed that. Complete fuck up on my part.

02/06/2011 - 8:49pm Welcome...

02/06/2011 - 8:46pm Yes!

Excellent eye. Although, that is a one-of-a-kind pumpkin pie haircut.

02/05/2011 - 1:51pm He'll end up playing for

University of Phoenix Online.

02/03/2011 - 9:00pm Win Homer

also (but not linked):

Sid Anvoots

Jazzmar Clax


EDIT: They aren't instate, but good nonetheless.


02/01/2011 - 2:09pm (No subject)

02/01/2011 - 11:12am Is that

The Terrelle Pryor School for Kids who don't Murder Well?

01/31/2011 - 3:43pm They're just preparing them

for when they become the bloodsuckers of society.

Also, is this why OSU has sparkles in their helmet paint?

01/31/2011 - 3:39pm Hospital food in Iowa...

Corn 5 ways?

01/28/2011 - 7:01am I have a pink Michigan helmet too

but when I tried putting mine on eBay they deleted my account and banned me.


01/24/2011 - 2:13am Their stickers

get inked in.

01/23/2011 - 4:53am Oh hi

01/22/2011 - 4:38am (No subject)

01/22/2011 - 4:07am After watching that joke of a film

He'll likely want to kick someone in the throat, but will ultimately settle with blasting the nearest person in the dome with a coffee mug from ten feet. Lebowski style.

01/22/2011 - 4:02am (No subject)

01/22/2011 - 3:47am Lots

Randy Rhoads- Pretty much every solo but Crazy train and Mr. Crowley in particular.

Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)- Again, pretty much everything but Aces High, Number of the Beast, and Hallowed be thy Name in particular.

And of course, Jimi. (pick your poison)

EDIT: Forgot Vivian Campbell...He did awesome stuff with Dio and Def Leppard- Rainbow in the Dark, Holy Diver, and DL's Photograph stand out.

01/21/2011 - 9:21am This should clear that right up

01/20/2011 - 2:20am Oh yes....They Gonna

01/19/2011 - 9:44pm Sour Diesel

A wonderful strain indeed, young William.

01/16/2011 - 5:35pm One of my all-time favorite games

Mario went apeshit...As did the Defensive front 7...Ahh the memories.

01/16/2011 - 5:32pm His name is Suggs...

His argument is invalid.

01/14/2011 - 5:46pm Congrats!

Make sure he or she drinks his or her Ovaltine.

01/14/2011 - 4:59pm I like

the way you think.