OT: Cali4uofm is going to be a Dad!

Submitted by GBOD79 on January 14th, 2011 at 5:17 PM

I thought in keeping with the happiness of todays events (FuManBlue's resurgence), I would announce to complete strangers that my wife and I are expecting our first child in July. Any advice out there for a first time dad?



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Luckily my wife, who is from LA and raised a USC fan, has been successfully converted to a U of M fan. She wears the shirts and watches the games and cheers them on by my side. She has already agreed that we will raise our children to be fans of the correct team. We have already bought our first baby Michigan shirt.


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because for the rest of your lives you'll never again have a moment's peace. Oh, and it will be beautiful.

Some other free advice: Around December time frame be sure to place every single thing you own 1 meter higher than it's current location.  Visitors will think Big Foot moved in, but you'll know better.

Congratulations to you both!  :)

might and main

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Best advice can't really be taken unfortunately: if you end up with more than 1 kid, you may well realize while raising your second that you were way too concerned about way too many things with your first.  We sweated everything with our first, and realize later what a waste of time it was to worry about every last detail.  We see young parents now out and about doing the same thing, and we just smile knowingly.  But its all good in the end.  Congrats, bro.

Michigan Arrogance

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you need to start acting like you sleep like a rock. honestly, sleep thru a fire alarm or something. that way your wife will get the kid at night and at least one of you can sleep thru.

also, get used to announcing when you're about to take a shower.

don't buy your kids lots of presents. srsly, everyone you know will get them 4 things and you won't have room for it all.

cloth diapers are much easier to deal with than they used to be. big cost up front, but savings in the long run. day cares won't use them tho.

breastfeeding is the way to go.

Zone Left

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Teach good pad level!

Congratulations!  I'm a brand new dad, so I don't have much advice beyond reminding you to be as supportive as you can to your wife.  She'll need it.  Also, buy a mechanical swing-- great investment.

Jayme in MN

January 14th, 2011 at 5:42 PM ^

So much advice, so little space.  I have a 21 year old and a 17 year old, so I can say for certain that you should enjoy the early years because it gets really hard when they are teenagers.  Oh, and before you know it, they're all grown up and you wonder where the time went.  Again, congrats and have fun! 


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1. Convince your wife to breastfeed (Good for the baby and for your sleep schedule during the late night feedings)
2. Get ready to have feelings never before realized.
3. Like sdentuco said - ask for dipaers and wipes for everything.

Wolverine Convert

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Congrats to the new parents to be. Nothing compares to having children, except maybe grandchildren.

We live in A2 but our grandson and granddaughter live in Ohio. They look awesome in all the Michigan garb we buy for them (there daddy is a M Grad).

Value every day with your kids - even the crappy ones. It goes by so quickly.



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Congrats. BabyinLA was born this past June - it will change your life, no doubt about it. Where in Cali do you live? WifeinLA and I are always looking for nice parent friends.


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Take control in that delivery room--help your wife breathe during labor, and make sure you breathe as well..if you think you are going to pass out, you wont...trust me (a random internet dude)

Time will fly, as they told me, and now that our daughter is 2.5 and our boy is almost 8 months, TIME DOES FLY--appreciate every dirty diaper, every bit of lost sleep, and you dont know what a zombie looks like at work until you turn into one