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Submitted by IowaBlueFan on February 1st, 2011 at 1:51 PM

I was just told by some of my friends that Sam Webb just reported that Jake Fisher committed to Oregon.  Tom, what is going on?  Can you confirm this?

EDIT: Sorry there is no link or anything, I will be looking for one after class.



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Yeah, but I don't think we did all that poorly at OL in this class.  We picked up a highly rated OG in Chris Bryant, Jack Miller at OC/OG who some are split on but most feel will be a good to very good OL and Tony Posada who could play OG or OT for us and is enormous. 

It would have been nice to get 1-2 more guys, especially another highly rated guy, but for a relatively small class that needed a lot of defense the three we got are solid. 

If we don't get Fisher, that will be one more scholarship for 2012 that we can fill with an OT.  I expect 4 OL in the next class, and they'll probably all be good.


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I totally forgot about Posada.  I agree about the Fisher thing.  He looks like he has high ceiling based on his size, but I don't think getting him is the end all be all. 

I just really hope we can get Jordan Diamond next year,  Simeon also has a 6-3 QB, but I'm not sure if he is what the coaches are looking for.  I have no idea what kind of passer he is, but he is listed as a dual threat on Rivals.


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As far as O linemen go, can they play in any offense or do they have certain physical differences that make them more suited to Oregon or RR offenses more so than a pro style and vice verse?  I guess I just always thought they could play anywhere and it's just a matter of where they want to play.   Sorry if this is a dumb question, but the fact that Fisher wants to play in a different style offense got me wondering. 


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Offensive linemen in a spread offense MAY be a little smaller (weight wise) but they are also a little quicker on their feet. It allows them to get out on the edge or up the field a little faster to make a block for the dual threat QB or RB's. But as shown multiple times on this site, OL on our team were pretty average sized, even for "pro-style" systems, even though many argued that our spread offense OL was not going to be able to block bigger DL's. It just comes down to if the OL is more nimble or quicker on his feet. If he is, he is able to contribute in either system, but he may be a better fit for a spread offense than a OL that is not quite as quick on his feet. Either way, an OL is able to play in a pro-style offense, essentially. 


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TomVH:  " I also don't want to say too much here, I'll let Jake announce it tomorrow."

Playing the optimistic psychologist, I'd say Fisher could be a Michigan lean by this statement. Otherwise, Tom may not have minded letting the cat out of the bag a bit by saying something like, "I would guess Jake's going to Oregon..." 

We'll see.

Yost Ghost

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If you're referring to Fisher than I'm confused, not the first time just ask my wife, because I thought Hoke had flown to traverse to meet with him. It was in one of those threads where we were using flight tracker and it showed the UM plane in TC. 


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of these posts.

"my friend said he heard this - can somebody let me know if it's true?"

all this post was missing was a reference to "ESPN having reported it"


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... told me he heard a rumor that TomVH is dropping his current commitment to Mgoblog and signing with Michigan. Another acquaintance's boss's wife reported on twitter that Scout and Rivals disagree, but that ESPN has the full scoop in an Insider article.

With all this activity, I'm worried about oversigning. Maybe Saban can give us some tips.


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MGoBlog is slowly becoming a lazy google. Google is fucking easy as hell and people refuse to use it. My favorite is honestly when someone said "my friend said ESPN reported (insert rumor) earlier today" and said person didn't have the sense to... visit to see if it was reported earlier that day.

Neither TomVH, nor MGoBlog, is here to clear up secondhand info.


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With all the uncertainty around the program lately and with even more uncertainty around tomorrow, I hope we're at the pinnicle of the crazy rumor mill. I have to believe things will settle down once the coaching staff settles down this Spring. Then... to the Big 10 Championship we sail!!!

But, I certainly understand the frustration... seems too many of us get caught up in the media frenzy/addiction of being first to post anything remotely interesting.

Six Zero

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"Hey Santa-- I know it's Dec. 24th and all, and you probably have plenty of work to do, but I was wondering if I could re-write my list and have you look it over??" 

It's crunchtime in the TomVHCave...  Let the man work.


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I definitely read TVH's messages as: Jake committed to Oregon but wants to announce it himself. Pretty clear, actually.

Too bad. But maybe Jake is better suited for a spread offense than a classic B10 one. 



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Fisher wants to play in a spread system. He does not want to beef up and become a big ten hog. I am from Traverse City and know some people...... He is a high school tight end and wants to remain on the slender side. FWIW