EDIT: Team Arriving at Crisler at 11:30 p.m - BE THERE

Submitted by TruBluMich on March 31st, 2013 at 7:32 PM

According to Michigan Basketball's Facebook page:

ATTENTION: Michigan will be arriving at Crisler Center at 9:30 p.m. Be there to welcome home your FINAL FOUR BOUND Wolverines!


Just saw an update saying they are in Detroit, should be at Crisler around 11:30PM



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Pretty dull.  Arguably a bit more action than your average Sunday, but that doesn't say much.  Lots of places were closing early for Easter and when I passed through the central campus area at 6 it seemed pretty tame.  Although on Friday it still took until 10/10:30 for the scene to really pick up.  Likely some good house parties going on.  


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Just don't trash the place, I need that area intact the next morning so I can go to work.  Or if you do trash it, do it right, I don't want any of this half day off work bullshit.  


If you plan on taking the Commuter South down to Crisler (does that even run on Sunday?), the boards at CC Little do not give accurate times.  The Magic Bus Kiosk gives an accurate time, but the boards hanging at CC Little flash times for a Commuter South from some parallel universe.  I found that out the hard way when my bus that was "3 minutes" away took 15 minutes to arrive.  


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my dad took me to this event in 1992, when i was 12, and it was awesome.  i got a posterboard and made a sign, and ended up getting it autographed by the enitre team.....actually chased down juwan howard in the parking lot, and he was so impressed with my sign, he passed it into the backseat of their car to jimmy king, to complete the team.  


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According to Michigan Basketball's Twitter account, the flight has been delayed and the team won't arrive until 10:30.

Looks like the good fortune continues! Am I right, Game of Thrones fans?!?


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Not sure how long it takes to fly from Texas to Ann Arbor, but as of 8pm the plane hadn't left Texas yet. This is info from a person that is on the flight. 


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Any more updates about their arrival?  (We may want to change the title of this thread to reflect their accurate arrival time.)

rob f

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Are they there yet?

Are they there yet?

Are they there yet?

( to borrow and slightly revise a phrase my kids taught me from the back seat over the years while traveling)



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Any updates?  I'm considering running out the door right now if they have yet to arrive!

EDIT: Twitter says they touchdowned 23 minutes ago. 


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My cousin is posting vine videos of people going crazy, so I assume they are there now, but it's stupid fucking vine, so I can't tell.


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Not a bad crowd!  Maybe around 300-400.  Tough to tell.  I got down there about 10 minutes before the team arrived.  Coach B gave a quick speech mentioning every player from seniors down to freshmen. He let Corey Person, Trey Burke, and THJ speak and then we sung the Victors. Mitch McGary was having a blast, holding up the trophy.

Great showing everyone getting down there and supporting our team!