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Submitted by snoopblue on October 24th, 2011 at 7:28 PM

Found this link on Allen Trieu's Twitter. Seems like Dorsey is going to be transferring to a D-1 FBS school. I know Michigan doesn't do the JUCO thing often (or at all?), but this would be a pretty good story (and a pretty athletic player). The kid was like collateral damage in the media's villification of Rich Rodriguez. He didn't qualify, had some trouble, etc. Two years later, cleans up his act takes the road less traveled and joins his cousin Denard Robinson at Michigan. That has ESPN College Gameday feature written all over it. 

I know it's not likely, but what does everyone else think?



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I know it's very unlikely but very glad to see a kid turn his life around.  I personally think he was vilified during the RR coaching situation as "the type of kid RR wants."  It's very good to see that a 20 year-old can find some maturity and moved forward. 


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Book it.

By 2013 their defensive backfield will be:

Cullen - Gerg Brown - Vinogrit - Demar Dorsey

and it'll be a bottom 10-secondary because Tony Gibson is their coach.

Mr. Yost

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This has been documented time and time again...


Michigan rarely takes JuCo's and Prep school kids. Panter was playing 7v7 or 8v8 football, but wasn't an academic casuality. He went to one of those for more exposure.


We're not going to take a kid with that record, those pictures floating around the internet, that history with this program, etc.


There is NO chance. ZERO chance. Especially under Hoke who is far more Bo, Moeller and Carr than Rodriguez. There's a ZERO chance we even think about looking into it.


Wish him well and hope he represents himself well so that when people say "former Michigan commit Demar Dorsey" it doesn't have a bad connotation.


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What pictures are you talking about? I google image searched and nothing offensive came up. I was under the impression that his record did not exactly excite teh admissions staff, but his academic performance was the main reason he was turned away. It seemed academics were still a problem as he did not qualify for the NCAA minimum to get into Louisville.

Also, he seemed to desire a fresh start and to get away from all these problems, as evidenced by his second opportunity to get into a Div 1 school. Yes, he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and might lack the charisma of a Dhani Jones, but he seems like a decent guy.

Additionally, it has been documented that RR went after more academically questionable prospects which definitely hurt us and really frustrated me about our recruiting, but I don't think RR pursued kids who were significantly worse than Bo, Moeller, and Carr, as your are insinuating. I wasn't alive for the BO and Moeller years, so my assertion there is more speculative, but Carr had issues with some of the kids he recruited and, even today, I have heard more questionable things about some Carr recruits than RR recruits. I think the perception against RR's character recruiting is magnified (beyond the prejudice towards him) but the advent of modern media and the global digital age. Kids weren't posting FB pictures of themselves in high school when Bo was recruiting. Also, with computers it is easier to track people and their records. I think you are making too many judgments about Dorsey and RR, which contain more shades of mistruth than truth. I believe it is estimated that 65 million American adults have a criminal record, of either a felony or misdeamenor on their record. That is a little less than 1/5 our population. Those records can start from early on, principally for our 18 year old and above players.

Mr. Yost

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Wow, I get super negged for saying FACTUAL information.


I don't have your pictures...because the website has been moved. But here is MGoBlog's reaction to the pictures.


For those too lazy to click the link, here are some of the comments made by our posters:

Are you serious?(Score:1)

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Did you actually look at the pictures? Drugs, guns, naked women. I'm a pretty young guy and understand what goes on with 18 year olds but if you think Dorsey would've fit in at Michigan you're nuts. These aren't pictures of underage drinking (although thats there as well). Wow, just wow. 


I guess you didn't read the whole thread.(Score:1)

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There is 9 pages of posts. Disclaimer: NSFW pics on page 8. All of the things I listed are in the thread.


Lol. You're wrong. Friend him(Score:1)

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Lol. You're wrong. Friend him on FB. There's pictures of him with weed, coke, and condoms (hey, at least he's practicing safe sex!) in the background. None that I saw with a gun, but I haven't been through all of them and I wouldn't be surprised.

He's obviously doing illegal things (unlike what you say). I don't disagree the kid could use a change of scenery, but I'm glad that change of scenery didn't happen here.


....And all of this stuff is just from the first page of that thread. It's crazy that you guys will sit here and judge, neg folks, etc. when it's YOU that don't know the facts.

Shit just google "Demar Dorsey Guns" or "Demar Dorsey Drugs" and you get a bunch of pictures in google images of him and his boys. And these are the G rated pictures compared to what is actually out there.

I can't believe you guys haven't seen this. It's a year old.

Mr. Yost

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...and there you have it.


So for those saying I was too harsh or there was no proof. Please enjoy a tall glass of...


...I really wish some of you didn't waste your time with a thesis about academically questionable kids and 65 million people with a criminal record. One look at that thread and you see why he'll never wear a Michigan helmet or be recruited by this staff.

Huntington Wolverine

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Yeah, because people don't change... especially the ones that move across the country to get out of a bad situation, get their grades up, and practice collegiate sports.  

If the grades are up, the attitude is right, and the nose has been clean I'd welcome Hoke bringing him in and I would hope Denard would put a bug in his ear if the change is legit or not.


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Haha. Those are kind of funny. Just opened that up in the library and got some weird looks. So he is a young impressionable boy from a poor background who thinks its cool to pose for pictures with lots of cash and scantily clad girls, while he wears an absolutely terrible outfit. He doesn't seem beyond growing up and changing but ok.


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He's not making an argument about what Michigan "should" do, which you are. He's arguing what they WILL do.

A program with the boatload of terrible PR that we've gotten for the past 3 years isn't going to stake their credibility on a kid with a bust for home invasion, and easily found pictures of him, cocaine, guns, and naked ladies.

It's just not going to happen.


October 25th, 2011 at 1:02 PM ^

Not entirely, his original post insinuated that Michigan should not take him and will not take him. Beyond the blatant attacks on RR, he made points that aren't necessarily true. Yes, Michigan will not be taking Dorsey for many reasons: bad PR and his poor record, lack of coaching connections with him, or Michigan not normally taking JC recruits. His original post and even his follow-up post are not strict statements that Michigan will not take Dorsey. His first comments on the follow-up is about people criticizing him for lacking proof, which indicates guilt or liability (guilt being the relevant on here). He made subjective and latent judgments about Dorsey, RR, and the commenters in either post. If he purely wanted to make the point that Michigan will not take him, then all he needs to do is state Michigan will not take a questionable character kid in the current state of the program (and more detail as you listed would be nice) and then mention the pictures, which I had no clue about and clearly others didn't know about. A link would also have been nice.

Mr. Yost

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I don't know how to quote...but chitownblue2...THANK YOU!

Finally someone who is  following what I am saying...


"He's not making an argument about what Michigan "should" do, which you are. He's arguing what they WILL do.

A program with the boatload of terrible PR that we've gotten for the past 3 years isn't going to stake their credibility on a kid with a bust for home invasion, and easily found pictures of him, cocaine, guns, and naked ladies.

It's just not going to happen."


Not once was I saying what I'd like Michigan to do or what they should do...but like I've repeated over and over and gotten negged for no reason on. There is a ZERO percent chance. None. Zilich. It's simply not going to happen. #1 Hoke wouldn't have recruiting him in the first place, #2 in today's media world and the University of Michigan? Nope.


redhousewolverine - What part of my original post are you referring to? I just went back and reread it...there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what I said.

I said... it's been documented over and over --- it has, I showed a thread to prove it.
I said... Michigan rarely takes JuCo and Prep school kids --- they don't, it's true.
I said... we're not going to take a kid with his record, the pictures AND history with the program --- we're not. A record? Maybe. Those pictures? Doubtful, but possible. But the biggest thing may be his name and the attention it brought to this program and "our standards" that we try to portray. And we're not just talking about that...we're talking about ALL THREE!
I said... there was zero chance --- There isn't. Once again, it wasn't should's would they.
I said... Hoke is more like Bo, Moeller and Carr than Rich Rod --- This is true. He's considered an insider. A Michigan Man. A defensive Mind. Rich Rod wasn't ANY of those 3. How is that a bash on Rodriguez? It's the truth.

...I wished him well in the end and said I hope when they speak his name it doesn't have a bad connotation. That was it. What exactly offended you? It was all truths.


True Blue Grit

October 25th, 2011 at 10:57 AM ^

recruiting significantly more "borderline" guys than Carr.  Outside of Dorsey, Justin Feagin was the only RR kid who was a bad apple, but he was dealt with decisively and quickly.   Over Carr's longer tenure he clearly had his share of questionable players who either were high academic risks or got into a bunch of trouble while on campus.  Some of them straightened out, others not.  A few who come to mind are Marques Slocum, Kelly Baraka, Eugene Germany, and of course Boubakar Cissoko.  This is aside from the "normal" type of attrition you see where players leave due to playing time issues, coaching changes, a poor fit with the program, injuries, homesickness, etc.  That's common no matter who the coach is (was). 


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Dorsey is actually getting re-recruited by a lot of the teams that recruited him last year (sans Michigan). Where he'll end up, who knows. The kid really has done a great job with things though.

Section 1

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after what went down with that whole thing, I would give a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, to see it happen, have Dorsey come to Michigan, play solidly, get a degree and get drafted into the NFL.  It would be indescribably beyond great.  I'd beg Brandon to let that happen, and it would not surprise me if, deep down, Brandon had something of a similar feeling.

Anyway, Iike I said I'm not holding my breath; just maybe saying a little prayer of hope.

Question:  If Drew Sharp's head asploded somewhere near Lafayette Boulevard in downtown Detroit, what radius would bystanders need to be at in order to be safe from the debris?

By the way, Three and Out does touch on this story, including the numbers of questionable kids Rodriguez & co. went after, in comparison to other years.  As usual, all was not right in the House of Yost, and while not 100% innocent himself, there was absolutely no way that a fair media would have villified Rodriguez as what we saw.

Section 1

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This was a very good week for Michigan State, regardless of the outrage over the university's handling of the William Gholston personal-foul controversy. The best thing for the Spartans was that the issue didn't die a quick death with coach Mark Dantonio caving to fan and media discontent and disciplining Gholston before the Big Ten did.

The more the punch was discussed and the perception of dirty play debated nationally, the more the Spartans developed a renegade, Oakland Raideresque personality that could prove attractive when recruiting more athletically aggressive defensive players.

And let's face it. Every action taken is done with an eye toward recruiting.

Consider those hideous Nike Combat jerseys the Spartans wore last week. It was about appealing to that 16-year-old football player somewhere who might never have previously considered Michigan State.

The Spartans' brusque demeanor might offend some, but if it makes opponents apprehensive, then it's the correct tactic for a team tired of being a laughingstock. 

Compare; Sharp, Drew - circa 2009.


October 24th, 2011 at 8:01 PM ^

The point about Brandon is interesting. His only concern is the Michigan brand. I could see him turning him down as too much of a risk, but also letting him in as a potentially great story  of a kid with a troubled past, coming to Michigan, getting his act together, and being an upstanding citizen. I tend to lead toward the former, though.


October 24th, 2011 at 9:06 PM ^

The problem is that Brandon looks at the "Michigan brand" the way you are taught in textbooks to "protect your brand" in corporations.

Bacon said it best. The Michigan that will not accept ugly truths or try to learn from them is not the Michigan he knows.

Mr. Robot

October 24th, 2011 at 7:55 PM ^

Yes, its true we don't do the JUCO thing very much, but I have to believe that unless the current staff just decides to shun him for is connections to RR, it would be worth doing. He seems to be a good kid who's doing the best he can to turn his life around, and he went to Grand Rapids Community College, so I'd find it hard to believe if he couldn't get credit transfered into Michigan.


October 24th, 2011 at 7:56 PM ^

He is the one player I was so happy we stole over the years last second, and couldnt wait to see him play in Ann Arbor. So that being said I wish nothing but the best for him and hope he gets back up to big time ball weather with U of M or any other big time school. He has the skills to do it now he just needs a little luck to go with his ball hawking skills.