CC: Vikings/Eagles Halftime Comments

Submitted by Ponypie on December 29th, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Besides immensely enjoying Minnesota's kick-ass defensive effort and the poise of a third- string quarterback, I noted, as the other two of you who were watching probably did, the halftime comments on Harbaugh as a hot commodity in the NFL.  The talk, stated somewhat strongly, has The 49ers as the object of speculation.

It has occurred to me throughout the discussion of Rodriguez' future that Harbaugh is probably more inclined to join his kin in the professional ranks, rather than make an upward movement to Michigan.  His ambitions appear to be just that much stronger.  It could even be that the expectations in San Francisco would be more manageable than here in Ann Arbor, and that it is a perfect time to plunge into the NFL world.



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It all depends what JH ambitions are.  NFL jobs are open much more often than UM is.  I still feel that his desire is the NFL, but I am unsure if he desires that now or later.  This will be answered so soon, but not soon enough.

Robbie Moore

December 29th, 2010 at 12:37 PM ^

Harbaugh will be coming to Ann Arbor. Brandon is taking the heat about his "process" so that Harbaugh can coach Stanford in its "once in a blue moon" BCS bowl game. There are always NFL jobs. Always will be. Besides, it seems unlikely the NFL will even be playing next year. So why jump there now?

If Harbaugh can succeed at Stanford of all places he will succeed in Ann Arbor. Then he can take an NFL job if he feels the need.

Fuzzy Dunlop

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It has occurred to me throughout the discussion of Rodriguez' future that Harbaugh is probably more inclined to join his kin in the professional ranks, rather than make an upward movement to Michigan.

Wow, that is impressive insight in Harbaugh's mindset.  Did you get this information from sources close to him?  No?  Do you have telepathic powers?  No?  So you just pulled this out of your ass and thought it was worth posting?  Ok.

 His ambitions appear to be just that much stronger.

Because we all know that college football coaches at major programs are directionless slackers.


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Rumors of Harbaugh being interested in an NFL gig have been much more prevalent than him coming to Ann Arbor. The one bit of information that we do have were his candid comments about the contract extension that was offered. The best opinion about Harbaugh would be that he is unlikely to return to Palo Alto next season. Whether it be Ann Arbor or San Fransisco/Carolina is where the debate of opinions exists.


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My powers are telling me that this time next year, Jim Harbaugh will be coaching some sort of has players and a ball of some sort...he is also wearing pants, but that is besides the point

I know, you can thank me later


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I have a serious question for those on this board.  I keep reading comments that Michigan has always been JH's dream job.  Is there any actual support for this statement?  Is there any reason that people say this, other than that he played here and appeared to have loved Ann Arbor?


I am treating this thread as a CC open thread, so I will ask a secondary question.  How much would a coach like JH be expected to make in the NFL?  Michigan currently pays RR $2.5 million, so I imagine that they would be willing to pay up to $3 million or even $3.25 million for JH (not because he is better, but because it is three years later, fb revenues are way up and if we make a change, we can't afford to be cheep).  How much more could he make in the NFL? 


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Good questions.  I always wondered why we pay so much less than the top 10 programs pay.  Is RR even in the top 20 in pay.

I hope everyone gets some rest this week.  Next week will be intersting and the board will go haywire with all the CC posts.  More like I hope the mods get some rest because next week will be a big test for them.


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I think most traditionalist Michigan fans just assume that because JH QB'd at UM, Michigan would be his "dream job."  Also, he was one of the most fun QB's to watch at Michigan during the Bo era, and those fans have an emotional attachment to him.  Consequently, they create the "fact" that Michigan is his dream job and use it to fulfill what is actually their own collective dream scenario. 

In addition, the media has conditioned the casual fan, of whom there are a lot more than, for example, mgoblog readers, to think that RR is a terrible coach, "not a Michigan Man," and that he "isn't the right man for the job."  So, the average Michigan fan wants RR out so that Michigan can "return to the old days," and sees a beloved Michigan icon as a potential replacement. 

Predictabaly, the result is that those fans want Harbaugh so badly that they can't possibly imagine why he wouldn't want to fulfill their fantasies, or why he would even think of the NFL when he could have what they consider to be their dream job, and therefore must be his dream job, too. 

Until Harbaugh says it one way or another, we won't really know. And neither will they.   


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Michigan Man is the birth child of the fan base with the opposite meaning of how it was used by its creator. Rich Rod is a Michigan Man for the simple fact that he wants to coach here. People who reference others or even themselves as Michigan Men are not that whatsoever. No alumni, players or faculty can be considered for that honor. It is bestowed upon the coaches of that fine university and is most definitely mutually exclusive.


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His pay would likely be about the same in the NFL. He has no NFL success, so it's not like he's going to net Shanahan to Washington money, or Parcells anywhere money. He'd likely get about 3 mil. His brother makes about that much. I'd expect that would be the area he would get from us.

Waters Demos

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At least have a link for citation purposes.

Someone may click on a thread with notice that it relates to CC, and accept the risk that it may rehash something noted several times before.

But they're still entitled to citation. 


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not do too well in the NFL.  The better NFL coaches come up through coaching ranks within the league. JH may try and he could succeed but it would be difficult for him.  JH was probably a big fan of Michigan growing up and did get that dream of playing QB for them.  I do think coaching UM is his dream job, but he may want to try the NFL now while he is still young. Though he would be risking giving up that dream coaching at Michigan, especially if RR or another coach becomes very successful here, they could stay for 20 + years.