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12/19/2015 - 6:00pm Quick reply no one can read

This is awesome.

Whoever downvoted this is a piece of shit.  

Good luck and congrats!

05/30/2015 - 3:17pm You'll never see this.

You'll never see this.

Oh well - takes under a minute to type.  You have good posts.  Keep up the good work.

02/21/2015 - 2:13pm What is your response to

What is your response to Michigan State graduates who admire M and their students/graduates?  Treasure their friendships with M folks?  Are we "little brothers" too?  

11/15/2014 - 8:27pm Rooting for them is a good

Rooting for them is a good route to take.

(Said no one).

11/11/2014 - 4:58pm Trust Fund Babies.

Well I doubt anyone else can read this.  Who needs a dissenting opinion?  Just get told what you want to hear right?  Fox News FTW!!!

But the real story here is the "trust fund babies" comment.  

Just sayin'.  

11/10/2014 - 3:30pm Good exchange here.

Good exchange here.

The problem with feminism, of course, is that it is prescriptive, depends on some sort of "should."  This particular "should" presupposes democracy, but can't answer the question of "why democracy?"  

It's postmodernism, which essentially holds that there are no absolute truths, prescribing an absolute truth.  It is an absurd position by its very structure.  

10/26/2014 - 5:59pm I shouldn't be surpised at

I shouldn't be surpised at the number of people who downvote just because they can't handle the truth of the matter and resent anyone who points it ouit.

I kind of am though.

10/26/2014 - 2:46pm No, but so long as it has

No, but so long as it has been issued, I'm going to accept the apology.

[Meant as response to #40 - why that could be the case: fuck idk].

10/26/2014 - 2:43pm Are you married?

The public apology may lower you in the estimation of your irrelevant peers.  

But your chances of getting laid go way, way up.  Immeasurably so.  Which is something unique in the context of marriage.  

10/26/2014 - 2:37pm A fellow preferiti in the

A fellow preferiti in the champions of the cold and legitimately-as-advertised-quick sandwich.  

We shall chomp impossibly soon after hunger striketh us.

10/26/2014 - 2:27pm Apology accepted Brady.

Apology accepted Brady.  You're not a bad guy.  Our coach knows that, which is why he attached liability to "the program," not to you.  

I appreciate the classy statement from Coach Hoke.  

10/25/2014 - 9:05pm In solidarity we stand.


10/25/2014 - 8:03pm I'm sure your weak-minded,

I'm sure your weak-minded, petty, contemptible resentment and hate-filled heart can find something new to say. You'd have a life otherwise.

Don't let me down.

10/24/2014 - 8:46pm Do the EMU or WMU or CMU

Do the EMU or WMU or CMU grads or downriver highschool grads or complete non-grads who root for M have an inferiority complex because they couldn't get into MSU?

Or are they "leaders and best" because they root for M on Saturdays?

This site and the entire M enterprise make shitloads of money by appealing to the WWs to increase their revenue base, and then resent and regret them when they act like the shitbags that they generally are.  (Just take a look at the Moderactor Action thread).

And apparently MSU graduates are jealous because they don't have a disgusting mass of non-graduate shitbags in their fanbase.

10/24/2014 - 8:36pm You have to be admitted to a

You have to be admitted to a school Like M based on performance.

You don't have to be admitted to live in the Detroit area or the state of Michigan based on performance.  

So there's that.

10/22/2014 - 9:01pm This post illustrates that

This post illustrates that sports bring out the best in human beings, including their most coherent and concise thoughts about important topics. 

Sports also bring into relief the importance of imports, which are the importers of import, which is important both for the economy, maritime enterprise, and human psychology.  

10/19/2014 - 2:56pm The Norfleet thing is really

The Norfleet thing is really fucking stupid.  You guys are scraping the bottom of the barrel with that, which is inexplicable given how much there is to talk about these days.  

Then again, stupid gifs = stupid views = stupid dollars from stupid high school or maybe CC graduates, so who am I to judge.  

10/18/2014 - 7:22pm My roommate in Bryan Hall

My roommate in Bryan Hall went home every weekend.  Made for lots of fun.

Also - he was an engineer - i was a purported "political scientist."  

He worked harder than I did, but did a lot worse.  

10/18/2014 - 6:03pm What year did you graduate

What year did you graduate from M?  Where did you live your first year?

10/05/2014 - 6:04pm Oh okay

If you want a discussion about aspects of the football game, you better start it off.  

This board generally deals with politics and quantum theory.  It hasn't and won't discuss "aspects of the football game" without 2 of your threads with your redundant thoughts.  

Just look at the rest of the posted topics - none of them relate to "aspects of the football game." Thank god for you.  

10/05/2014 - 5:56pm I think it was a copy and

I think it was a copy and paste of part of the other.  

If at first you don't get enough attention, just copy and paste your own work. 

Apparently. Hey guys: who wants to read about Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War again as if it's brand new?!

10/05/2014 - 3:13pm Other suggestions:
This is

Other suggestions:


This is Michigan

Stand United


Might also consider a scripted chant with a sequence - then distribute it to the press so you can not only hear it over broadcast, but understand it by mention from the booth.  

10/05/2014 - 2:14pm Not a forgone conclusion

Wouldn't just expect it to happen - M community has some work to do.  This narrative is slipping off the radar, and if you don't do the work to keep it on, you may slip into a new normal.

Do the work.  Don't expect it to work itself out.

10/04/2014 - 5:26pm my prussion blue electric

my prussion blue electric clock

alarm bell rings it will not stop.

10/04/2014 - 1:26pm Delany just advised that if

Delany just advised that if there's a possibly concussed player, the coaches/trainers should tackle him.

09/30/2014 - 6:31pm Opportunity for Heroism Here

For first one who wants to take it.  You need a declaration about why you're there, a statement of solidarity (you might start with the petition being circulated or something similar) to be marched to and posted on the president's door.  

09/28/2014 - 9:32pm It hasn't hit the press or

It hasn't hit the press or become part of public consciousness, but scientists have been doing research on traumatic brain injury and foresee a possible "concussion crisis."  It's a good thing this event didn't happen in the context of a larger debate about head injuries and player safety.

Then the dep't would really have a shitshow on its hands.

09/28/2014 - 9:29pm Entrenchment.  Predictably.  

Entrenchment.  Predictably.  

09/28/2014 - 9:14pm Ross support = cronyism.  2

Ross support = cronyism.  2 rich guys, personal acquaintances, mutual crowds they shuffle in.

You guys cannot let these types of perverse influences determine the course of the program.  

09/28/2014 - 7:45pm Conspicuous omission of words

Conspicuous omission of words "compete" and "challenge."  Perhaps some mention of what the coaches will evaluate.  

Otherwise on-point.  

09/28/2014 - 5:44pm This was your second attempt,

This was your second attempt, and I still don't understand it.

09/28/2014 - 5:39pm Expect silent entrenchment.

Why explain when you can just redouble your silent condescension?

09/28/2014 - 5:33pm I'm not the "real"

I'm not the "real" "WatersDemos."  I put a space in my handle for a reason - I want nothing to do with that other POS.  How dare you make such implication.

09/28/2014 - 3:40pm You shouldn't just take it.

You shouldn't just take it.  My 4 years at MSU were 1 Bobby Williams and 3 JLS.  

We chanted for firings a lot.  That was us "not just taking it."  

09/28/2014 - 3:26pm BH is one of the highest paid

BH is one of the highest paid coaches nationally.  How about that for value added?  Guy doesn't know what eveyone else in the stadium knows.

09/28/2014 - 12:36pm Michigan should consider

Michigan should consider including John Beilein as a member of any coaching search/hire committee.  MSU did that with Izzo in the Dantonio hire.  I think the strong relationship between basketball and football has not only paid dividends for MSU but could also be a model for these  decisions.

JB is arguably your biggest asset right now.

09/28/2014 - 12:11pm Never underestimate the human

Never underestimate the human instinct for entrenchment, however stupid or ill-advised.  

This situation has growing parallels to Hosni Mubarek in Egypt.  Thank god sports are the closest analogues we ever have for real crises.

09/28/2014 - 11:44am Human-all-too-human reaction

Human-all-too-human reaction to this will of course be entrenchment.  

09/28/2014 - 11:40am Will be interesting to see

Will be interesting to see how this guy can credibly repeat his mantra of caring most about the kids in light of this incident.

It would appear that he doesn't care about winning or losing, and now doesn't seem to care about well-being of players.  What's left?  What can he possibly hang his hat on without looking not only like an incompetent fool, but also a selfish, self-entrenched, platitude-spitting snake?

09/28/2014 - 7:53am If you need someone to

If you need someone to authenticate this piece of evidence, I can do so as a self-appointed custodian of MSU football miseries past.

Difference with us of course was that we didn't have high expectations for those years, and moved quickly/immediately to indifference.  You guys seem to be grinding through various painful phases/emotions, and wading through the bile of a decaying program.  

Best advice?  Just like us in pre-MD years, look forward to basketball season!

09/27/2014 - 9:50pm Very ladylike.

Very ladylike.


09/22/2014 - 7:09pm Well yes, but my father was a

Well yes, but my father was a quitter, my grandfather was a quitter.  Believe me - I was raised to give up.  And I intend to honor my pedigree, to canonize my forbears and their principles, and ultimately to revere their names with my resolute failure.  

Thus I shall have stood.  

09/22/2014 - 7:04pm I accept your apology, though

I accept your apology, though I'm incredulous about the notion that a "legit" MSU poster could be legit, per your declaration that you don't need a MSU perspective.  I'd have thought, according to your understanding, that I am an illegitimate poster by default.  So I guess I've lost nothing here.  (Haven't gained anything either).  

09/22/2014 - 6:54pm Editing your posts tends to

Editing your posts tends to undermine the "choose words carefully" claim.  

Choose word, then post and be done with it.  Be decisive.  

09/22/2014 - 6:48pm I would hope it is virtually

I would hope it is virtually benign.  God alone could imagine the alternative.  Unless of course virtually benign is not close enough to benign to actually be benign.  God help us all in that case.  

09/22/2014 - 6:40pm Understood

Outsider perspective never has any value.  

As you were.

09/22/2014 - 6:28pm MSU perspective

This guy's an idiot, doesn't think sharply or much at all, doesn't speak well, dumb enough to think people buy his overgeneralized platitudes and bullshit.  He's not deserving of a premier B1G program, and the B1G is suffering for it.  

Get M a first rate coach so we can have a stronger conference, rivalry, etc.  

09/21/2014 - 5:24pm I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

God help you if you think this thread stands on its own merits.

09/21/2014 - 5:08pm Difficult times around here

Difficult times around here give you the opportunity to get your username out there and your stupid thread read.  Were you rooting for Utah yesterday?

09/21/2014 - 4:14pm Assuming you're not a duplicate

(giving you the benefit of the doubt, because otherwise . . .).  If you're not a duplicate just supporting your bullshit persona that very few are buying:

You're good for economy.  You buy things. You believe shit that people with ordinary common sense do not, and you probably waste your money and time.

Well, my money and time have value and cannot be wasted, thus so much the better if yours do and mine don't.  Best advice: get a life and some common sense.  

If you are a duplicate (which is what I presume): get a fucking life - only stupid people are buying this, and only authenticated idiots think everyone else is so stupid. 


EDIT: that's a pretty quick upvote for some obscure post.  Ibid.