CC: Charlie Casserly - Harbaugh said that he will look at opportunities.

Submitted by Knappster on December 26th, 2010 at 2:41 PM

Guy from CBS' "The NFL Today" reported that Harbaugh has said that he will look at other opportunities after the season.  Casserly brought up UM and Carolina. 

Not sure if Harbaugh actually said this, but I'm just relaying what Casserly said.  The recent Harbaugh comments re: the extension offer seem to back this up though.



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any semi-intelligent person would look at this doesnt really tell us anything. its not whether harbaugh wants to come here its whether he will have the opportunity to


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Seriously?  Good thing you aren't the A.D.  What has RR accomplished so far?  1-10 against ranked opponents and continuing to get embarrassed by our Big 10 rivals???  This board is so damned pro RR and anti anything negative said about the guy.  God forbid anyone state the facts about his poor performance.  The proof is in his record against quality competion, period.  I just don't get why that is so hard for so many to grasp or see on here?  And no, I'm not 60+ years old.  I'm in my early 30's.


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To TheVictors97 and everyone else that makes broad sweeping statements proclaiming facts to support their case...

Quote: "God forbid anyone state the facts about his poor performance" and "The proof is in his record against quality competition period". 

By all means, point these out as facts, as they are.  But this is not the complete set of facts. 

Please recognize all the other facts which have contributed to the facts stated above. 

If not, I hear the freep is hiring.



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I could add some more if you'd like? 

First time the program has received NCAA sanctions.  2 defensive coordinators in the last 3 seasons with a 3rd likely if he stays for another year. A "potent" offense that racks up the majority of its yardage when behind by 2-3 scores and turns the ball over consistently in crucial situations.  Pathetic special teams play.  Everyone please use your almighty mgoblog points to spin this into something positive and to continue to find other areas to place the blame. 

I'll pass on working for the Freep.  I enjoy my job flying for the airlines.


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I guess I don't have common sense then. Common sense to me would say that RR would be here next year. When did DB say he was looking for a new coach and also when did he say JH was his favorite to be the new coach. The only people saying these type of things are the media just stating their opinions not facts and fans who want RR gone.


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Maybe you have insider info about this but even if they want JH that doesn't mean he is who DB wants. Maybe DB can see what RR has dealt with with regards to players and can see that we are improving. I know everyone talks about the record and it is important but do you think anyone else would have done better with what he had to work with. Unless you have insider info from DB then you are just giving your opinion like everybody else. Repeating something you read or heard. I don't understand why people believe the media or other people when they are just giving their opinion. It doesn't make it true just because somebody told you something. There have been absolutely no facts to support that a coaching change is going to happen. DB has to listen to the well connected boosters and make them feel important. I am not saying RR will be here next year but there is no evidence to say he will not be.


December 26th, 2010 at 9:59 PM ^

The people I'm talking about are important to the University - DB doesn't try to make them feel important. Most of what you stated is very accurate - DB will make his own decision and isn't going to be influenced by rants but I believe he is being pragmatic and will make a decision that he feels is in the best interest of the University of Michigan for the long term. That said, I still think there is a reasonable chance that RR is his choice.


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umm.. i don't recall anyone mentioning harbaugh as a possible coach until the MSM starting talking about him being a hot coach..


With everything coming back on offense, and actually getting depth on defense finally it is only going to get better from here.


Switching coaches is a big time risk at this point, if we switch coaches after only 3 years, then ive lost a lot of faith in our program.  Every head coach i dont care where it is, deserves 4 years minimum..


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What is noteworthy is that the media keeps on churning this stuff out, and yet Harbaugh is making no more than a token effort to downplay it.  He even lended credence to them with the "He misspoke" line.  It definitely sounds like a guy who has a foot out the door.  Whether his next stop is here remains to be seen.

The Baughz

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Im so sick of these he said/she said rumors about Harbaugh. We will find out in a week who the coach will be. Until then, lets support RR like most of us have, and enjoy a Gator Bowl victory. Hopefully a victory will save RR's job and all this nonsense about CCs will go away. Go Blue!


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I can't stand these "let's just wait a week and find out who our coach will be" replies. Why? What is wrong with discussing a topic that clearly many people on this site (and in the general M community) are interested in. This is the single largest story / issue involving our program - a heck of a lot more significant that any one recruit or a mid-level bowl game.

Some will respond "but we have talked about it to death" and "the decision will be made in a week.". So? Do you read Brian's previews for each game? Why? The game will be played on Saturday, so no need. Do you join chat threads about recruiting? Why? You will know the results of the recruiting class in February. Do you read Brian's UFRs? Why? You saw the game, so why discuss? Why is this CC topic any different? It is something of interest to many, so we want to discuss. We can't change or affect the results, but if that were the standard, there would be no discussion of ANY M topics and this blog would not exist.

And, as for sopporting RR, I don't see why discussing this topic - or even hoping that JH comes here after the bowls - is mutually exclusive of supporting RR while he is the coach.



December 26th, 2010 at 6:55 PM ^

The difference between reading UFRs, game previews, and recruiting updates is that information changes each week: our defensive approach, our opponent's schemes, and the performance of our recruits is a dynamic force.

Nothing new is emerging on the coaching search -- absolutely nothing.  As far as I'm concerned, the only constants within our program at this moment regarding the staff are Rich Rodriguez and Dave Brandon, and until either of them choose a dynamic approach to this supposed "coaching change", I will apply a palm to my face.

Jim Harbaugh is not associated with this program other than for his alumni status.  I give this information just as much attention as if you were to tell me Mario Manningham was rumoured to become our next head coach.


December 26th, 2010 at 3:40 PM ^

Denard threw a TD? Fact.  It happened.

JH hasn't signed his extension? Fact.  Hasn't happened.


Saying JH is going to come to Michigan because he hasn't signed his extension? Conjecture.  I could say that because Ty Law is retired from the NFL, he's going to become our DB coach.  Doesn't make it true, just because you can trace a few dots from point A to point B.

Not to mention it's been beaten to death, brought back to life, and then beaten to death again.  This is on par with the "Denard for Heisman!" topics the first few games of the season.  Saying the same shit over and over and over doesn't make it any less true or false, but it gets old, holy shit.  Neg me all you want, I'm just a pissed off guy who ZOMG goes into CC topics to complain about a possible CC. /s

KOB Returns

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But sitting around waiting for bowl games and not talking about all this is NOT FUN.

Besides, where would guys like me be without all the crow that is going to be served when all the dust settles and Jim Harbaugh is named coach of Manchester United, and Rich Rodriguez is retained?

Why do people think, "Yes. I've got the answer: Forget everything until the Gator Bowl!"


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The awesome part is that even if we don't discuss this 24/7, we'll all get to find out what happens within the next couple weeks. And nothing anyone says will change that whatsoever.


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Regarding a Patriots related matter...

His analysis, however, was refuted by Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who stated,

"Who's been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins? Wherever he's been, whatever he's done, his percentage is like a least he put his name on it and I'll put my name on it and say, like he usually is, he's 100-percent wrong."

I trust Belichick more than Casserly

Go Blue, beat MSU!


December 26th, 2010 at 4:41 PM ^

It was a comment on Casserly's low credibility as a source for information.

Belichick thinks Casserly's opinion is worthless.  If BB thinks CC is an unreliable source, than I think CC is an unreliable source.  Hence the most recent Harbaugh rumors (generated by CC) are not from a reliable source and should be ignored.

To be clear though BBs comments about CC were NOT about the UM coaching search.