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07/08/2017 - 12:25am John Rubadeau

This thread wouldn't be complete without a mention of John Rubadeau. Insisted the class must make team trips to Rick's or Skeeps in order to build camaraderie and then led one of the most fulfilling English classes imaginable.

Honorary mention to Barry Fishman and Bruce Conforth - both absolutely terrific.

01/09/2017 - 6:55pm That would make much more

That would make much more sense. Good call!

01/09/2017 - 6:17pm Terrific hire! Very excited

Terrific hire! Very excited about this.

Brian, you say that "Unlike Fisch, he is leaving his current job of his own volition"

Is that meant to imply it was a mutual parting of ways with Fisch?

06/17/2014 - 3:43pm You're wrong Ace YOU'RE

You're wrong Ace YOU'RE FUCKIN WRONG.


04/22/2014 - 1:45pm Correct on the Ferrigno

Correct on the Ferrigno assertion. He coordinates special teams and develops and runs the schemes therein, but he lets the specialists do their own thing. He has some cursory knowledge of each specialist trade, but those guys just seek Chris Sailer and other related camps for specific technique work and whatnot.

02/24/2014 - 7:29pm Glorious.


10/09/2013 - 7:22pm After rereading a bit of the

After rereading a bit of the previous conversation, I think the confusion boils down to me agreeing with Space Coyote in that the playside safety walked down into the box changes the play so that he's the MIKE.  So in your terms, I view the play as Lewan and Schofield are blocking the NEW WILL, so it's true to how you explained Power.

With this in mind, I believe Lewan and Schofield were correct in having Lewan peel off to the player functioning as the WILL, but Bryant didn't get the adjustment and blocked who he thought was the MIKE.

My only point of contention is that Glasgow should pick up #9, in that #9 still has linebacker responsibility and could (did) go unblocked after reading pull from Bryant.

10/09/2013 - 6:29pm Well I guess bottom line me

Well I guess bottom line me and you run Power differently.

The teams I've been involved with have always had the Center and Playside Guard double to WILL against 50 fronts, with the Tackle and TE (if any) double to the MIKE and have the pulling guard take on the playside safety, or if we don't use a TE he takes the MIKE, leaving the OLB for the kick-out man.  We've always had the backside Tackle account for the 4/5 tech backside, we only need them to slow them down a little and that player doesn't make the play.  We leave the backside OLB on the LOS unblocked, he's a non-factor.

On this particular play I believe that is the case, since I'm more prone to believe that our 5th year Senior future-draft pick tackles are less prone to biff an assignment against an unusual front like this than 2 1st year starting players, as Glasgow and Bryant did in my opinion.

My question for you is if the TE and Tackle account for the man on the Tackle and the WILL, who accounts for the box safety in that scheme?

10/09/2013 - 5:56pm I've never seen that against

I've never seen that against this kind of front where the TE would be responsible for the WILL when the Tackle is covered.  This defensive alignment is essentially a 50 front shifted to the unbalance:  in that alignment the Center and Guard are responsible for the Nose and WILL, and since the Nose is shaded inside the Guard, the Center can release straight to the WILL.

10/09/2013 - 5:53pm I guess I'm not making my

I guess I'm not making my observation overtly clear.

Butt is the kick-out man and Kerridge is the lead blocker on the OLB, there isn't any dispute there.

What I'm saying is that Lewan is functioning literally as a TE.  The debate in this thread has been about Lewan and Schofield's double.  The Guard and Tackle double to the WILL, not the Tackle and TE.  So Schofield and Kalis should be responsible for the playside DT and WILL, but due to the nature of the unbalanced set Minnesota aligns so that they're both covered with the corner up at the LOS. So since they both block the players over them, Glasgow must be responsible for the WILL.  Lewan helps Schofield on his way to the MIKE (or Schofield takes the MIKE if the MIKE cuts underneath for whatever terrible reason he might do that).  This would leave the box safety for Bryant.

In another sense, which two players can the offense not account for with the QB and RB? In this case it's the backside DE and #21 on the backside.

10/09/2013 - 3:58pm When I said TE, I was

When I said TE, I was referring to the lead blocker, not exclusively the TE that kicks out the EMOL. Normally on Power the next 3 players inside the kick-put block down block, with the backside 2nd level in mind for the Guard and Tackle.  But on this version, 4 players down block inside the kick-out.

As it's shown on the second Picture Pages, Lewan functions as the kick-out block, with only 3 down blocks behind him, which is normal Power with Lewan functioning as the kick-out.  This play is different, as an extra down blocker is employed.

10/09/2013 - 3:45pm Alternate Theory

A little late to the party, but on a normal Power play, the Tight End kicks out the end man on the LOS, Tackle and Guard double and work to 2nd level backside, Center down-blocks the next first level defender, backside Guard pulls and backside Tackle seals inside.

On this play, Butt still functions as the TE by kicking out and Lewan still functions as the Tackle by downblocking even though he's lined up in a Tight End position, so wouldn't Glasgow be the pulling "Guard" in this alignment? Bryant is essentially functioning as a pulling Tackle.

So in this case the box safety would indeed function as the MIKE and the MIKE would function as the WILL.  This leads me to believe that Bryant was wrong and should have picked up the safety in the box, and Glasgow should have accounted for #9, being that he's an extra down-blocker where the Guard would usually pull.  Williams also steps to seal the backside 3-tech inside, which would be the normal responsibility of the player just outside the puller (normally the backside Tackle).  Given it's a bit harder than a standard seal block on a man outside of him, but being tasked with sealing a man inside of him isn't unheard of by any means.  Glasgow would also have a relatively easy angle to take the WILL in this scenario.

07/03/2013 - 6:08pm That's not true. Liesman and

That's not true. Liesman and several other freshman walk-ons were not invited to camp last year and did not arrive on campus until August, so their names were not put on the roster until later in the year even though they dressed for most of the home games. The roster limit is 115 or so and the camp limit is 105. Not everyone can be invited to camp every year. They didn't count against the scholarship total or anything like that.

That could be the case with those new walk-ons, they may just not be on campus yet.

06/01/2013 - 5:31pm You really overcomplicated

You really overcomplicated this.

04/04/2013 - 2:11pm Just send back a picture of

Just send back a picture of you peeling and eating an orange or something.

03/21/2013 - 1:53pm In the video if you look for

In the video if you look for it Dan Gibbs is the Right Guard and LTT is the Left Tackle with that third group, so that's where they are.

03/10/2013 - 10:38pm WINNING IT ALL DAMMIT


03/05/2013 - 4:34pm That's pretty nifty I guess.

That's pretty nifty I guess.

02/28/2013 - 6:21pm He's still around, I noticed

He's still around, I noticed that he downvoted a thread a couple days ago.

11/08/2012 - 11:45pm The Player Formerly Known as

The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop

10/25/2012 - 7:14pm I graduated last year and

I graduated last year and still have a bunch of buddies on the team.

They're not going to roll over for Harrison, they have the talent to hang with them. And Harrison players and fans have went out of their way to talk trash on social media and tell them how much they suck, they aren't taking Fenton seriously at all.  Perfect recipe for an upset!

10/22/2012 - 7:26pm Welcome to the Big House,

Welcome to the Big House, Taybor Pepper.

10/17/2012 - 11:29am 23-13 Michigan
229 rushing

23-13 Michigan

229 rushing yards.

10/15/2012 - 1:30am That's my favorite quote from

That's my favorite quote from my second favorite Bo!

10/10/2012 - 10:47am 45-13 Michigan

45-13 Michigan

09/25/2012 - 1:51pm It wasn't Putnam was it? I

It wasn't Putnam was it? I know he was at U of D and left recently.

The fact that he tried to get Webb to transfer totally fits Putnam's mold too.

08/06/2012 - 2:20pm There were two more from

There were two more from Fenton. Quinton Mandle (TE) and Tyler Tokarsky (LS).

Quinton just left Saturday to report to camp and Tyler said that he didn't get invited to camp this year, so he reports after camp is done at the end of August.

07/12/2012 - 5:13pm Okay, Quinton Mandle (TE) is

Okay, Quinton Mandle (TE) is #41, Tyler Tokarsky (LS) is #64, and Bo Dever (WR) is #3.

07/10/2012 - 3:18pm Kyle Kalis is #67.And I know

Kyle Kalis is #67.

And I know the numbers of a few walk-ons coming in, but that's probably not too interesting.

07/04/2012 - 1:37am AMERICA


06/16/2012 - 9:02pm And not to mention that he

And not to mention that he didn't start the game, he subbed in when the starter tore his ACL. So in all likelihood he didn't take many first-team reps all week either.

Oh, and that game was before Labor Day, so he hadn't actually set foot in high school as a freshman yet.

He seemed to look pretty decent when they throttled DCC in the state championship game though...

05/04/2012 - 4:50pm Alex Anzalone will not be the

Alex Anzalone will not be the difference between a strong OSU and a floundering one. He could, however, be a real pain in the ass for the next 4/5 years and it definitely helps our cause with him going elsewhere.

04/28/2012 - 6:10pm A steal of a 7th round pick,

A steal of a 7th round pick, he's going to do great things for that team. Good for him, he deserves this. One of my favorite players ever.

04/26/2012 - 4:45pm I read all of these puns at

I read all of these puns at the top of a Hill.

04/26/2012 - 4:37pm Nope

With three players from my school walking-on this fall, I can say that they've told me beyond a doubt they must take 12 credit hours at a minimum in the Fall and Winter semesters. They try to keep it close to 12 in the Fall for obvious reasons, and then have 16 or so in the Winter.

They try to take ~6 credit hours during the spring or summer term to keep pace, I think they said they try to graduate them in 3 1/2 years if they can so that they're not scrambling at the tail end of their senior year to meet graduation requirements. If they're redshirting, this allows them to work on their masters for that last year or year and a half.

04/23/2012 - 6:18pm Havng a return trip is in the

Havng a return trip is in the contract between the wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to announce a single game against a Pac-12 school only to schedule another Pac-12 school for a home-and-home again in the near future.

04/23/2012 - 12:26am Talk about contradicting

Talk about contradicting oneself...

Last time I checked, 11 (million) - 10 (million) = 1 (million). That's if the project were to be completed solely with this year's projected surplus, which is positive. that's not a deficit if the net result is still positive. And as you said, these things aren't planned overnight so the project wouldn't be funded entirely by this year's profit. Even if they did begin funding it with this year's profit they surely wouldn't use all of it, and would still have a substantial profit margin.

And if you think that the cash made from this game doesn't at least partially go towards that project, you're incredibly ignorant.

To say that renovations to the facility where the football team spends the vast majority of its time are a waste of $10 million dollars is another ignorant statement. If we want to continue reeling in elite recruits, we need to stay on par with or above our competition, and state-of-the-art facilities are one of the major attractions to many, many recruits. The renovations will pay dividends in the future, there's no doubt about that.

Although yes, I would have liked to have the band at the game, it's not the end of the world and the expenses saved won't just go to the Dave Brandon Strippers and Blow Foundation, they'll go towards something beneficial to the program. Sure you might not agree with some of the things he's done for the program, but he's modernized the athletic department and done substantially more good than bad for it. If you think not too far back, an athletic director in the past by the last name of Canham often made 'radical' and unpopular choices at the time, including hiring an Ohio boy with a goofy last name, but you don't see anyone badmouthing him anymore.

EDIT: Wow, didn't realize how long that turned out. Sorry to everyone, but having talked to the man once in the past I respect him and I find it difficult to tolerate relatively clueless people bad-mouthing him because he made the decision to not bring the band to a game.

04/22/2012 - 10:28pm Don't believe me then, I

Don't believe me then, I don't have to validate what I've been told to you.

But as the gentleman above me said, you're rumormongering just as much as I supposedly am. Maybe you're right, and Mr. Brandon only took the job to further his own career and suck every penny out of the program and the student athletes only to eventually leave and organize a military coup to take over the Midwest, one state at a time.

04/22/2012 - 8:12pm Well actually I've heard that

Well actually I've heard that there's going to be a ~$10 million dollar renovation to the front of Schembechler Hall in the not-so-distant future, so maybe $400K does make a difference and  *shocker* Dave Brandon knows what the hell he's doing. Contrary to popular belief, money does NOT in fact grow on trees, especially $10 million dollars worth.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have my school get state-of-the-art facilities for the football program for the foreseeable future than have our fight song play after a touchdown in what will inevitably be drowned out by fans anyway.

04/22/2012 - 1:15pm Hmmm

Judging by the rate at which comments are coming in on this thread and the composition of them, there's considerably less RAGE today.

04/21/2012 - 3:25pm OSU's OLine definitely looks

OSU's OLine definitely looks vulnerable in pass protection. Hopefully we can use our smaller, quicker DLine to exploit that.

Miller is sporadic, making great throws interspersed with awful ones. He should be fine, but if he gets hurt though, they might be in trouble with Guiton.

Overall, I don't think it would be crazy to predict 8-10 wins for them this year.

04/19/2012 - 11:05pm Well, he did say his visit

Well, he did say his visit was a 10 out of 10, so it's not like we're out of it, but he did just spend a week in Tallahasee.

04/15/2012 - 12:50am He's a walk-on WR for 2012.

He's a walk-on WR for 2012.

03/28/2012 - 6:17pm ...So if Trey isn't supposed

...So if Trey isn't supposed to listen to advice from people who he didn't ask for advice and his advice is to not listen to advice from people whose advice he didn't ask for, he should actually listen to his advice since that's not listening to his advice?

Well played, Hollis.

03/26/2012 - 6:12pm I think when DiNardo

I think when DiNardo mentioned "scrum" he was referring to the scrimmage. For the second half of practice Saturday they held a squad scrimmage.

03/26/2012 - 12:45am Yeah but it'll only be a

Yeah but it'll only be a non-committable offer.


03/20/2012 - 12:21am He wore #26 at Saturday's

He wore #26 at Saturday's practice.

03/18/2012 - 10:18pm I'll be sure to update the

I'll be sure to update the site here once a date is finalized, thank you for your interest. It really is a great cause and it's an experience and atmosphere that doesn't occur at very often at a high school football game.

03/18/2012 - 9:19pm While the focus is on Quinton

While the focus is on Quinton today, I'm going to give a shameless plug for Fenton's football program.

For the last two years they've hosted a game honoring wounded war veterans in mid-September in which both teams wear camouflage jerseys.  The name of a veteran is on the back of all the jerseys and all players are responsible for finding a veteran they know to sponsor their jersey, and people from the public can also sponsor a jersey. Last year's game raised $30,000 and all proceeds were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, and this year's game figures to be even bigger. After the end of the game the veterans that could be in attendance were honored over the PA with the player that sponsored their jersey. The game has featured a flyover from a blackhawk helicopter as well as other cool and family-friendly activities.

It's a great night for a great cause, and emotions always run high. I would encourage anyone that doesn't have anything to do on a Friday night in September (I can get the exact date in the coming months) to come out and watch the game. Fenton is only ~40 minutes north of Ann Arbor directly off of US23 and they will be fielding a strong team this year with several potential targets for Michigan, and we generally have enthusiastic, friendly fans that will welcome you to our stadium. I encourage everyone that can come out to try to make it. Thank you.

03/18/2012 - 6:58pm It seems like he never got

It seems like he never got the ball thrown to him too (I was his teammate at Fenton). Our team overwhelmly ran the ball this year, despite having talent like him in the receiving corps. He easily could have had much greater stats had we not ran the ball on 1st and 2nd down in most circumstances.

When the team needed a play, we'd throw to Q.

He's going to be a great addition on the team just like the other two walk-ons we're sending down there.