Per Brett McMurphy Manny Diaz Top Candidate at Temple

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Brett McMurphy ‏ Miami DC Manny Diaz has emerged as top candidate at Temple, source told @WatchStadium



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I am not going to lie - I absolute gauge my expectations on the intelligence of the thread based on if a link is properly included.  

That said, one of the additions they need to add to this site is an auto-link capability for comment blocks.  It's really not that hard to implement, and would make everyone's life a lot easier.


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I did my grad work at Temple and I saw very few scrapers. Not a lot of snow there, really (vs. Canada) but honestly few in Philly are truly winter prepared in the way that Michiganders might consider. 

Flying out of Philly last year in March there was 1.5 inches of snow and this delayed traffic out of Center City ("shovelling out of the storm"), to the airport (bumper to bumper) and delayed all flights by four hours due to the "snow event". 



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Fyi for those to come who also have never heard of him and wonder, this Manny Diaz fellow does not seem to have any connection to Michigan football.  Per googling.


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Hmmmmm. Temple alum take:

Temple is an ascending program since Al Golden was running things almost a decade ago and left (sadly) for Miami (YTM). Anyway, after Addazio and Collins (men who could turn ten win talent into 8) I'd be open to an experienced hand again like Don Brown. 

That said, Temple is the cradle of ascending coordinators so it will probably be somebody like Diaz or perhaps Mike Elko.

gustave ferbert

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Isn't that a character in the sit com Stuck in the Middle on Disney channel?  (I have a seven year old daughter). 


Btw, McMurphy needs to get back to work in bringing down the O$U program. 


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Good - Now stop messing around Michigan and bump his salary to $2 Mill a year. Jeez he should be receiving $2-$2.5 a year! Let’s go. Nobody would blink an eye at Michigan