BEAT OHIO Hate Thread

Submitted by JeepinBen on November 22nd, 2011 at 12:07 PM

Enough. Enough of the "Urban Meyer said what?"  Enough of recruits who aren't coming to Michigan. Enough of RR to Zona.



Remember when they went for 2 up a ton? Remember when they tore down our banner? Remember when they had police dogs sniff our players on their way into their toilet-shaped stadium?

Remember when they cheated their way into (who knows how many) wins? Remember when beating us was no big deal? that they (cheated) sold their gold pants?

For too long they've gotten away with it. For too long we've let them celebrate in our Big House.


This ends now. Get hyped. Get your heads right.

We've got a freshman corner who reminds you of this guy

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We've got a running back who reminds you of this guy:

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We've got a QB who is setting records and runs like this guy:

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4 Days from now we take the field. Remember 2 things:


Go Blue. Beat Ohio



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Very important question: Why does EVERYONE in Ohio own a red OSU hooded-sweatshirt?  Even adults wear these sweatshirts with hoods and a big kangaroo-pocket in the front.  I can't recall any article of clothing Michigan fans wear with such enthusiasm, but I swear when I drive through Ohio I see entire families wearing the same damn sweater!  Even adult men!


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In a long time.
<br>We are 9-2, on the verge o going to a BCS bowl in Hoke's first year and about to play out most hated rival, and there have been more posts about urban and RR - one of whom is an announcer and the other of whom coaches some school in the PAC 12 that we don't play - than about our game or our team.
<br>We needed this post. Thanks.


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"Yes, sir, it's finally here: Meeee-chigan versus Ohio State in football. Twenty minutes until blast off, as two of the oldest rivals in the Big Ten square off in The Game of the Day, The Game of the Year, The Game of the Decade. ... Call it what you will, it promises to be 2½ hours of some of the most exciting football in the 146-year history of man's inhumanity to man."


Updated to 2011 on the 146 year history.......GO BLUE!!!!




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Seriously. I'm looking for some in-depth analysis of their defense, discussion of the strengths (lol!) and weaknesses of their offense, yada yada. I couldn't care less about Urban Meyer unless he's coaching this weekend.

This will be my first time attending The Game, and I want to be as confident as possible walking into the stadium.

Gorgeous Borges

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My favorite statistical about Ohio is that the only two schools that have less passing yards than Ohio State are Navy and Army.

Also awesome are Bauserstats. Like that Nebraska game. Bauserman had a stat line of 1-10, 13 yards, 1 INT, for a passer efficiency rating of 0.9. That means he threw it equally often to his team and to the other team, but both happened only once in te game. That Nebraska game is right up there in the greatest Ohio State games in history. Blow a 21-point lead, your quarterback has as many interceptions as completions with 1 each.

One Inch Woody…

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This is it. One shot. One moment. One game. For the seniors to take all the shit that's been thrown at them. All the insults and jokes about the Michigan Defense. Take them and throw them back in the face of our hated enemy. 

It's senior day, and they've got two choices. Be the class that almost could, or be the class that absolutely did. I'm proud of these guys, and if there's any justice in the world, they'll get what they deserve for all the hard work and effort and toughness that they have put in to this program. They stayed and played for the TEAM and we stayed and cheered for the TEAM and Hoke never stopped believing in the TEAM. We didn't give up on Gibbons went 1 for 4 last year and is currently at .750. Nor, when the Michigan defense was 105th in the nation and is now 7th. Nor, when Notre Dame was up 3 scores against us in the 3rd quarter. 

No, we didn't give up, and that perserverance has taught us something which most will never have. It's that spirit of indomitability and pride that gives inspiration and hope to everyone surrounding the program. No matter how far in the depths we have gone, I have trusted them completely to find a way. They may have faltered a couple times, but their strength to push on is awe inspiring. 

There would be nothing better or sweeter than to take the field with the seniors on their special day, after carrying the weight of the program on their backs for 5 years and celebrate together. Celebrating what a joy it is to be a part of this storied tradition and having our experiences ingrained in the Michigan legend. 



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game.  I was far away from home, a little down, a little worried about those things in life you worry about when you're a younger man.  Nothing serious, but I didn't know it back then.

And I remember we were supposed to be slaughtered that afternoon (OSU was #2).  And I remeber watching that game and screaming Biakabutuka at the top of my lungs over and over again.  Alone in a living room at not my house.  It's ridiculous, but the way I felt after that beautiful destruction changed a good bit of my outlook.  Everything would have turned out fine anyway, because I would have worked to make it all work out.  But Tshimanga put the wind at my back.

Every now and again people ask why I'm such a huge M fan (I am not an alum).  I tell them I just am, and what do they care about it.  But days like that are why.


It has been a long season, but I can't think of a better way to end it than the way these kids did this afternoon," a choked up Carr said. "It was a tremendous effort by an unbelievable group of kids.

BOX House

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Thanks for posting that. As a recent graduate, I find myself thrust into that period of uncertainty as well, not really sure which directions life is going to take me. It;s been a pretty tough year, so here's to hoping for that Michigan win that seems to be that first step in the right direction. 


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That one was very memorable for me as well because I watched it in a hospital room with my new baby girl. She and my wife both slept through most of it and I cheered really loud - inside my head. Tomorrow that baby girl turns sweet 16! Hard to believe. She's a fantastic kid and big M fan. (Her only flaw is that she wants to go to Northwestern.)


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I want to see a UM win this week! My wife of 7 years has never seen Michigan beat Ohio...My 5 year old has never seen UM win against that forsaken team... This is the year that all ends.


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After we win on Saturday, I'm walking out of Michigan Stadium and lighting up one of these...

Blowing smoke in the face of one of these...

and then heading to the bar to toast the victory with one of these....

and you are all invited to join me....

This is all I want for Christmas.