Anyone Know if Beilein Gets a Bonus for Reaching the Final Four/Winning?

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Forgive me if this isn't topic worthy - however, I was just wondering with MBB going so far this year if there are any monetary incentives (read: phatcheck) for Coach B since he coached this team to the final four.  I know various football programs have incentives for their coaches who reach the championship game/bcs games, and I am just curious if this translates to MBB as well.  Anyone in the know as to whether this occurs?  IMHO with reference to coah B, "Pay this man his money."




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$125k annual salary is pretty good, especially if you live in Michigan or another low-cost state.  

Compare that to Bacari Alexander:

BA's base salary = $155k

Bonus for getting into NCAA tournament = $5k

Additional Round Bonuses for BA =

$1k for a Field of 64 win,

$2k for a Field of 32 win,

$3k for a "Sweet Sixteen" win

$5k for an "Elite Eight" win

$6k for a "Final Four" win

$8k for a national championship


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There definitely has to be something in his contract reflecting on incentives for success like this. Even if there wasn't I think Brandon would give him a raise for it.

For all the criticism taken, Michigan is still one of the most well run athletic departments in the country.


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(HERE) the following, which was current as of last July:

"The only bonus written into Beilein's current contract is for an NCAA Tournament appearance. The coach will receive $25,000 for each NCAA Tournament bid, and an additional $25,000 for each NCAA Tournament victory.

The main article is actually about the assistants' extensions and their compensation for the regular and postseason, but it does mention details of Beilein's deal. 

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Well, Wichita probably thought they'd never have to pay that.  Also, Marshall's base salary probably isn't that high.

It sounds like Beilein has already earned $125,000 for this tourney run.  That's not too shabby.  Keep in mind that he's already making $2.2M per season, which I believe is one of the 10 highest CBB salaries in the country. 

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Wow. Does it really matter? Why is the OP so concerned with John's compensation? Who gives a shit? Care about winning games, not someone else's salary or bonuses.

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I don't know about a bonus, but given how far he's taken the team thus far, and especially if he wins it all on Monday night, I'm sure DB will give him a pretty nice contract extension, and a considerable salary bump to go with it.


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Mark Smith the LB coach is friends with my high school coach from way back when he was at Indiana State. Well I met him in November and he said they(coaching staff) got $50,000 bonus for the Sugar Bowl win from Dave Brandon. So, I'm assuming he'll get a nice check.