Any weekend visitors?

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Are any recruits visiting over the weekend?

Sam usually talks about visitors on the Friday show, but the recruiting roundup was cut short.



March 23rd, 2012 at 10:19 AM ^

I seem to remember something a while back that suggested that they would like to take at least 1 QB in every class all of which will have varying degrees of athleticism. I want to say that it was also suggested that for every QB like Shane Morris, they would take a more athletic project like Denard to see if they could make something work with them. I might just be pulling that out of my ass, though.


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Here are some of my thoughts:

1. I found it peculiar that they chose running highlights for the opening 1:30.  I did like what I saw and wish that Denard would utilize his feet this way.  It was a quick read and if it wasn't there, pull it down and take off (I think Denard made too many questionable throws when he had room to run).  Very decisive and he looked pretty fast.

2. Not sure why his receivers get bashed here.  I saw many good catches with good, clean routes.

3. I like the way Shane gashed 2-deep zones (Tampa Two) -- not an easy thing to do (ask Tim Tebow).

While highlights only show the good plays, it's exciting to see the potential of Shane.  Looking forward to the future !!


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I wasn't comparing the players by each individual stat. I was just saying that Shane is probably perceived as less of a Denard style QB and more of a Tom Brady style QB. It's probably because the way he's being built up as "perfect for Borges' pro-style offense" or "the return to old Michigan football". He could become Denard 2.0 on the field for all I know. But as far as perception, that's not how people see it right now.


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There's a big spectrum for mobility in Quarterbacks, and Denard and Tom Brady are the two extremes.  Denard is one of (if not THE) most mobile and agile QB's of all time, while Tom Brady is the prototypical "Statue" Pro-Style qb.  Shane's pretty much right between the two in my mind.  He definitely seems to have the legs to scramble if he needs to, and I wouldn't be too shocked if Borges utilized that. 


March 23rd, 2012 at 1:30 PM ^

My comparison with Shane and Tom were more a "he's more like Tom than like Denard" sort of comment. If Denard = 1 Tom =2 then I was saying Shane is probably more a 1.6. Whereas more people that are looking less at stats and more at hype see Shane at a 1.8. But obviously, neither 1.6 nor 1.8 = 2. But they're closer to 2 than they are to 1. (Also, 1 and 2 are just arbitrary numbers I've picked for this spectrum. They don't represent any ranking system. I know people here love (over) analysis.)

But I still maintain that none of this speculation matters until Shane plays a few games at Michigan. If he's a mix of the best of both Denard and Tom, it'll be amazing.


March 23rd, 2012 at 11:33 AM ^

That was only ever speculation by people.  We'll be taking pro-style QBs, but that does not mean that some of the pro-style QBs won't be very athletic. Also, we'll take athletes in a class that could possibly play QB but we won't be taking athletes for that purpose. We'll recruit them for other positions and if they happen to work out at QB then cool. But there is definitely no way that we'll recruit athletic players in every class with the intention of trying them out at QB. We're only recruiting QBs for the pro-style and just one per class unless there is a need for 2.


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I know. You could tell he had to get all 140lbs behind the throws to get them out there. But the kid is only a Frosh, won the state championship & seems to have the respect of the upperclassman as CT -- Which is impressive being that young on a team in high school. He looks to be a great athlete, I'm sure he'll be playing D-1 football.

How bout the thought of a 6'7 dual threat QB!?!?


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A 6'7 dual threat QB actually doesn't sound that great to me.  A pro-style guy that tall sounds fantastic.  I prefer a dual threat who is lightning quick and can accelerate out of the pocket in a hurry, i.e. Denard Robinson.  Quickness and agility are key when things are closing around you rather than flat speed, which would be the opposite of what a 6'7 qb could have.  Taller guys like DG and Pryor are already less effective runners than Denard without being 6'7.


March 23rd, 2012 at 1:48 PM ^

Although this is largely a matter of opinion, but most will likely disagree with you.  Denard is a special case, a type of player that we've seen very few of (if any) in college football. 

Most coaches, especially coaches who aren't complete RR-style spread offense coaches, would rather have the guy with the QB body but who can run.  A guy who can take hits, see the field well, have a rocket arm, but can take off and outrun DEs and maybe LBs when necessary. 

In short, I think most teams would prefer the thrower who can run over the runner who can throw.


March 23rd, 2012 at 2:02 PM ^

I would prefer that as well for our current offense (or the offense we're transitioning into I suppose).  But I guess I only think of a dual threat as being the quarterback in a RR/Meyer type offense.  A thrower who can run seems to be becoming the norm for a pro-style qb these days, which is definitely a good thing, so I don't really consider those guys dual threats anymore, just what an athlete should be.  I mean, Andrew Luck is considered the ultimate pro-style qb and he ran something like a 4.67 40 at the combine.  Really I'm just playing with semantics, but when I think of a dual threat I think of a guy who is equally as dangerous running as throwing.


March 23rd, 2012 at 8:09 PM ^

Under that definition, then there are only 2-3 dual threat QBs in NCAA football, and I can't think of any other than Denard and maybe a QB at Air Force or Army or something. 

Regarding the Andrew Luck example - just because he makes a great pro-QB prospect does not mean he can't be a dual threat QB.  He has run for a lot of yards at Stanford.  In a similar vein, look at Robert Griffin.  He's certainly a dual threat QB, but he's still much more dangerous throwing the ball than running it. 


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Michigan inivited all the Cass Tech kids back this weekend, I'm guessing it's because last weekend the coaches were too busy to really talk to them. So far the Cass Tech visitor list is:
Jayru Campbell-visiting Saturday
Johnny Miggins-Saturday
Damon Webb-Saturday and both his parents are coming with him

Will White, Deon Drake, and Gary Hosey are all visiting Wisconsin this week and as of right now will not make it.


March 23rd, 2012 at 11:44 AM ^

The numerous scouting services that have tried to address this very question have kind of just said it's too early to even know for sure that any of them are really Michigan caliber prospects, but I'm willing to bet at least one of them makes it to that level.

In other words, nobody knows.