Another Penn State DE to medically retire

Submitted by njvictor on August 18th, 2018 at 7:44 PM

Both of Penn State's starting defensive ends, Ryan Buchholz and Torrence Brown, have medically retired. That makes a grand total of 5 medical retires for Penn State this off-season. This is a huge hit to Penn State's defense and I'm honestly not sure why so many player are medically retiring in Happy Valley



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I hope nothing good happens to penn state for eternity. Them winning the big ten a couple years ago was sickening. Fuck that school. 


But seeing people retire bc of injury is not cool.


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This one isn't overly surprising --- Torrence Brown missed 10 out of 13 games last year (knee injury early in Game 3) and he was always a question mark to come all the way back off of that.  He tried to come back, but it was too much.

The bigger PSU DL news is, arguably, that Shane Simmons was photographed in a walking boot.  Who knows what that's about.

Arb lover

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I'm going to say it again. What kind of drugs have they been giving their players that multiple young guys are broken at this stage in their lives?