Abrupt Shift in Crystal Ball projections for Hand (To Bama)

Submitted by Belisarius on June 11th, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Thought I'd mention it. I just availed myself of 24/7 and suddenly noticed a bunch of insiders making crystal ball projections of Hand to Alabama. Like...a lot. AT first I thought nothing of it, as three of the insiders were from the same Bama website, but a couple other insiders chimed in on it as well. All of this in the last hour. The reasons for this would be speculation on my part, so I won't bother. Link: http://247sports.com/Player/DaShawn-Hand-16094/PlayerInstitutionPredictions



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Mike Farrell tweeting today about feeling Hand to UM...I'll take that over the Crystal Ball any day. The guy is usually right and seems to only speak when he has extremely credible info.


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For the record, I'm aware of that: I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm not saying the sky is falling, I'm not saying he's going to Bama. I simply thought this was of note. It simply seemed like an anomoly, six predictions that way in the last hour. It WAS the sort of strange, en masse shift that preceded Chase to Michigan. People can take it entirely for what it's worth.


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Of course. Btw, I didn't take your post as the sky is falling. I agree, the predictor tool is of note. But just saying...I have no insider info or anything, beyond the recruiting sites, but Hand just feels UM-bound, even if it is still a process. Reminds me of Derrick Green, post his visit.


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I think he only seems UM-bound is you're plugging your ears and going LALALA. Not saying he's not, but I think at best it's been like 51/49 Michigan v VT and now 6 insider guys all picked Bama within an hour or two of each other. Obviously there is some new information out there leading people to think he's going to Bama


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If Bama calls, people are going to listen.  We're fooling ourselves if we don't think this will be a competition until the very end for the #1 recruit in the nation.  I mean, what the hell did we expect?  We can't be DB's like Ohio State fans who can't seem to fathom that there would be other programs that top recruits would be interested in besides theirs.


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I have to disagree. He had an amazing visit to UM, said UM has his favorite coaching staff, raved about the food in A2 (and he's said in numerous interviews that will be a factor) and fully said he's looking at sports management after having met the dean of that program at UM (therefore, essentially dropping engineering). It's not ear-plugging as much as an educated guess. As far as VT, they don't have his preferred major, and he has said that's a major factor. Which is why I've personally felt confident. Not saying he's a lock, but post Hand's visit, I felt more confident about him than even Peppers after his.


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that most of us tend to only read Michigan blogs / boards / forums and perhaps only really listen to 'insider info' we want to hear and thus get a very rosy outlook on a lot of guys. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not reading posts on all the VT and Bama boards where they are probably about equally as optimistic as we are.

So no doubt, Hand has said a lot of great things about Michigan. But I'm sure a few other teams have pretty rosy quotes they're drooling over as well


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I said this in the other thread and was flame-baited to death but VT is no longer in the running for his services. He told Bud Foster this today. He is focusing on Michigan, Florida, and Bama. Hence, The reason for the Michigan/Bama speculation. I know this because I have a friend in his "inner circle" who told me this.

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I led that charge in the other thread, and I mentioned this there, but I'm sorry about that.  We've had a lot of people come through who claim to be insiders, make a prediction, and then sit quietly to see whether they should gloat about that prediction or fade away without anyone noticing.  My sense is that you aren't one of those guys, and I wouldn't have been such a dick earlier if that had been my impression then.  Sorry about that.

A question:  By any chance, are you the guy who posted on Eleven Warriors about being with Hand (and wearing maize, I think) when he visited Columbus?


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No problem. I knew after I posted that many would think I was full of shit. I didn't want to divulge any more info on how I knew because I didn't know the whole story. It is funny that you apologized (with one p) after I said you would in the other thread. Haha! I would call BS on that as well with the background I gave. No hard feelings!

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But he is not. The 247Sports predictions seem to change all the time based on any little infor or interview. But they seem to only be really accurate right before a player is about to announce. If I remember correctly, most insiders had Winovich going to OSU until 24 hours before his announcement. Still a long way to go in this recruitment.