TomVH: Demetrius Hart Update

Submitted by TomVH on September 20th, 2010 at 5:19 PM

I've gotten emails, tweets, and everything else you can imagine asking about Demetrius Hart and his recent visit to Auburn. The reports from various Auburn sites were that Hart had an amazing time, and Michigan fans were nervous about where Michigan stood now. 

I spoke with Demetrius' mother about everything today, including the visit to Auburn, and what's next for Demetrius. When I asked how the visit went she said, "I didn't go on the trip to Auburn, but his (Demetrius') uncle went with him. Demetrius said he liked it, and so did his uncle. His uncle said that overall though it was about a 7 out of 10." 

As far as what's next for Demetrius, he had always planned on taking a few more visits, and then making his decision since he'll be graduating early. "He's going to be visiting Alabama and Arkansas next, within the next month. He's just going to Arkansas though to support his teammates. He's not really interested in going there," Ms. Hart said. 

She had a long talk with Demetrius about everything recently, and the process is tiring on him.  He's taking everything in right now, and Demetrius told her that he's not sure when his decision will come, but it shouldn't be too long now. 



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Thanks Tom. A lot of people on edge about his commitment. At this point in the recruiting process do we even have a plan B? From the sound of it we still may not need it but just curious.


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Some of these recruits get caught up in the moment from one trip to another.  Others seem to be more focused and business like when they take them.  It amazes me that 17/18/19 y.o. kids can even think of making such a big time decision and still focus on their normal day to day lives.  I am willing to venture that he has been treated like a superstar at just about every place he has seen.  Hopefully he has not gotten caught up in the hype of the moment and someone is there to keep him grounded to make the best decision for his future.  Whether that future is here in A.A. or somewhere else remains to be seen.  Best of Luck to this young man with such a big decision.


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It really sounds like with Hart, Zettel, Walls that the common denominator is that they want to see if Rich Rod is here next year.....It's scary to think that a really good recruiting class will simply depend on wins/losses andif the coach is here next year.

The one positive to really take out of this is that even with all the crap going on off the field the last couples years that Rich Rod really makes a positive impression with these kids and they want to play for him.

Gotta give Rich  Rod credit for being able to do this amid the pressure he has to feel day to day in AA.


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Which is why I want Brandon to come out and say RR is our coach for next season. He should by now see the progress of the offense and say that this is what RR needed all along.

As for the D, he should know the depleted numbers on that side in terms on scholly numbers when RR was hired, and we are now just getting back to having adequate numbers

oriental andrew

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I still disagree with that line of thinking.  The best thing Brandon can do, imo, is to not put any more of a spotlight on that "issue" than there already is.  People are currently not talking about a hot (or even warm) seat w/r/t RR.  DB coming out and stating as such will just get people talking about it again - how many games he needs to win, does DB question RR's ability to coach a solid defensive team, etc.  Reporters will be asking RR about this instead of the games and this is one distraction he does not need.  As Charles Woodson is purported to have said (per Marcus Ray on Big Ten Icons) at the start of the '97 season, "Just Win."  


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Why don't we hold off on wanting declarations like this?  We're 3-0.  Not that this is likely, but if Rodriguez goes 0-fer in the Big Ten, then I don't think he should be here next year.

So...let's just see how Rodriguez and Co. do for the rest of the year before we declare him our savior.


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Good stuff.  It may be difficult waiting for him to commit but I respect a kid who does his research a lot more than one who commits and decommits repeatedly.  I think it shows he's got a good head on his shoulders and good support system.  He is also doing this without creating the media circus that other high profile recruits like to create. While I hope he comes to Ann Arbor, I definitely admire the way he's handled the process and I wish more of the high profile guys did it like this.


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I think he's blue IME.  He knows if he comes in early there is a great shot that he's going to be the guy next year.  It's pick your poison with him and Denard and all of our incredible WR's.  I think eventually we will be celebrating the "hello:Dee Hart" post.  Keep the faith.  Go blue.


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People need to be careful how they read Rivals/Scouts articles.  A recruiting saying "9 out of 10" and then that he might commit soon is taken from a whole conversation and a whole interivew. Auburn's site is putting them together in that order.

If you watch interviews with Hart (or have talked to him) you could see the way he talks coming through in the quotes and you can see his sincerity in answering the questions. No doubt he enjoyed his Auburn visit a lot, but him saying it would have been a 10 if he commited is classic Hart speaking his mind, not saying what he was going to do.


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This woman continues to impress me.  I forget when it was, though I think it was the spring game, when there were some long quotes that came out from her.  She continues to impress with her attitude, candor and thoughtfulness during this ordeal.  I think the admirable way that Dee has handled this recruitment is a testament to both of them.  Her parenting skills and his attitude.  He sounds like a great fit for this team.  Go blue Dee!


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thanks tvh, and if his uncle is saying auburn is 7 out of 10 thats positive.  I watched that game, the atmosphere was unreal.  Got to think seeing a man walk, when the surgeon told him he would never be able to would be amaize-ing.  Curious as to frost's thoughts, but time will tell with the way michigan plays during the season.


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But now he's done going to Auburn, right?  And he's coming to UM again?  Hopefully the other "A" SEC schools give him meh visits and we get a commitment then next time he's in AA.


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Everything I have heard about Drew is that he is a good ole southern boy and I don't mean it in a negative way, except for UM fans. He has a very close relationship with his mother and a lot of people believe he won't leave the south. Avery is working on him but like most southerners, "Momma knows best." Thats unfortunate but anything can happen if he gets on campus.