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12/11/2013 - 4:35pm Awesome

game of thrones upvote gif upvoted. 

11/27/2013 - 3:19pm Actually,

he doesn't really need the style points much anymore since Baylor bit it. All they need now is for Alabama or FSU to drop one and they're in. That said, I still don't think he's going to take his foot off the pedal...

10/11/2013 - 10:02am No, I get it...

Reverse jinx! 

09/19/2013 - 10:46am Michigan wins


09/10/2013 - 1:36pm Agree with bum.

Slo mo definitely helpful. Sound is not. Not hard to mute computer for a hot second though. 

09/06/2013 - 9:47pm Fair

but being the last time we play Notre Dame at home for the foreseeable future, I think it's absolutely justified.

08/16/2013 - 1:53pm Lack of special teams love

The low score just needs the caption, "Y u no spread punt?" Amiright?

02/06/2013 - 1:48pm Uniform Uniformity

At least the "maize," if you want to call it that, was uniformly one color. Unlike the football (bowl?) game where we had like three different shades on at the same time...

11/07/2012 - 1:54pm 28-24 Michigan victory

Mich wins 28 to 24.

09/14/2012 - 12:23pm The DB Experience

3:30 has fewer games going on overall than 12:00 does, thus increased exposure and viewership for our beloved university...

07/31/2012 - 4:18pm Personally

I found it to be raw...

03/01/2012 - 9:27pm Seconded

though we could keep the subheading with a slight modification, "supporting the Clint Eastwood State Fightin' John Waynes on one Sunday in March for two hours"

01/03/2012 - 4:03pm Geaux Blue

from Baltimore. *sigh*

12/04/2011 - 11:09am which seems plausible

given the hurt they put on Oklahoma last night and the aforementioned shortsightedness of voters. I think Okie State regained a lot of the respect last night that they had lost a couple weeks ago, even if Oklahoma wasn't actually all that good.

11/02/2011 - 12:33pm Perfect Game of Thrones

reference. Hoping the poor newlywed couple is less accurate as the wife and I just got back from Hawaii a couple months back... haha. Fav post of the week by far. Keep up the stellar work!

10/17/2011 - 4:53pm True to a degree

but I think the staff (and Borges has said as much) is waiting for Denard to "get it" when everything finally clicks. I still think it's in him to do so, and he needs to be on the field to be able to get there.

10/17/2011 - 12:48pm That is entirely his point...

If you are close enough to corner kick it out on the fly, you should be going for it instead of punting.

09/23/2011 - 3:36pm 898

898 ftw

07/20/2011 - 8:24pm He also thinks

that the NCAA going light on LSU means that they will go light on OSU for demonstrating the same level of "cooperation". I lol'd at that...

07/13/2011 - 11:39pm I would

- that sounds nasty.


It takes a big man to bulf, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man

 - Jack Handy


03/03/2011 - 11:50pm Damn

I was hoping it was a typo. Thanks for the info...

03/03/2011 - 10:46pm CBS question

I live in Baltimore and my guide says CBS is showing Oregon vs Arizona on Saturday at 2pm. That wouldn't be more "regional" than the Mich/MSU game. Anyone have any idea if this is real and if I could find the game on another channel if so?

02/11/2011 - 11:36am True

I blame Ablauf since the article was just published yesterday.

02/11/2011 - 11:07am Bah

I even searched it. My bad. Feel free to delete or ridicule me into oblivion...

02/03/2011 - 8:29am I believe

the term you are looking for is "mettle" and yes, their's seems to be lacking, and yes, it is fun to watch them flounder. What gets me is when guys like Green and Roe b-tch to the refs about calls... You have like 50 lbs on the guy guarding you. Don't just physically push him around like a thug, use your weight to your advantage and make a basketball move baby.

01/27/2011 - 9:29pm Anyone else notice in the caption

from Brian's screen capture that it says 11/3/7 instead of 11/3/07? Well done ESPN. Any Sparty. Well done all around. GO BLUE!

01/27/2011 - 9:23pm I was just thinking the same thing...

the guys over at MnB still want to call for Beilein's head now?

01/23/2011 - 2:06pm Why assume other schools are recruiting Clark as TE?

If he's undersized and you assume we want him as a LB, what's to say the other schools don't also?

01/21/2011 - 11:33am Zettel's not in EL either though...

01/13/2011 - 1:30pm got it


01/13/2011 - 11:48am Embed test

Will this image embed work?

Success! Also - Brady Hoke is our coach. That is all.

01/13/2011 - 10:58am thanks

what did I do wrong? I went back to ShockFX's original embed post, and everything seems to be in order, but no luck...

01/13/2011 - 10:56am LSUfreek

to the rescue as usual.

<img src=""/>

"Come to Michigan where everything will be ferocious and tenacious. Do I look mentally and physically tough - damn right I do"

Not sure how he gets he's national championship ring on though...

01/08/2011 - 2:13pm i can has points?

i can has points?

12/16/2010 - 10:23pm Spread Offense

is what he said he wanted (hence Florida as a back-up over Bama). Now that they're going pro style, I'd say both Bama and Florida are out. Not sure what school would be the new back up plan...

12/15/2010 - 11:47am it's a % for a reason

If [insert any Michigan player here] is making 40% of his threes, he should make 4 of every 10 whether he takes 10 or 100 of them. If he can't make a decent % of them, maybe he shouldn't be taking so many, which is the point. Beileins teams thrive on taking - and making - a high percent of 3's, not taking them regardless of their odds of going in. No reason taking more threes should result in a lower percentage of them going in (especially as open as guys were last night)...

11/15/2010 - 9:39pm Agreed

but their performance against the Bills was pretty sad...

11/15/2010 - 9:37pm *edit

Eagles - my bad.

11/11/2010 - 10:08pm To be fair -

we also made Chappell look like an NFL-ready quarterback that was going to shred big ten defenses all season, that didn't exactly turn out to be true either. Not to take anything away from McFavre, but yeah McGloin:Michigan D==Sheridan:Minnesota D, unfortunately...

11/05/2010 - 12:41pm "another instance of players coaching themselves"

The most damning evidence against this defensive coaching staff. First, not getting Demens in a game until the season is almost half over. Ok - he wasn't paying rent, fair enough. However, Demens needing to tell the coaches he needs to back up so he can diagnose a play and actually be able to do something about it is sad. Even if Gerg doesn't know this since he doesn't run a 3-3-5, shouldn't one of the position coaches who love this scheme be able to tell him that? Second, every single person on this blog (and my fiance who only follows Michigan football because of me) could tell that Craig needed to be on the line - why should he have to tell the coaches that? These two things more than anything, especially the age of the defense, are the critical determinants in my mind because its clear the coaches aren't putting the players in position to MAKE PLAYS for whatever cockanany reason.

11/04/2010 - 4:41pm Perfect Diary

Thank you - this is exactly what I was thinking. This offense is so much better than almost anything Lloyd put on the field and they're all young and clearly have yet to reach their true potential. That's why I still think we have a chance (or better) in all four games this year. Even if the D gives up a score every possession, they hold a couple of those to field goals and odds are decent we can keep pace (not that we have so far, but the potential to do so is definitely there).

11/04/2010 - 12:50pm reality=/= losing by 17 vs 10

I wish you (and others) would stop saying we really lost to PSU by 17. The only reason that they were so close to the goal line is because they got the ball on our 28 after we went four-and-out. Had we punted it ala Bob Stoops it (probably) wouldn't have been so close. We lost by ten - and it wasn't close - but just leave it at that please.


EDIT: Beat to the punch twice - glad I'm not alone in this line of thinking...

11/04/2010 - 10:53am Avery

As we've notice Avery tends to play man coverage whether the D is in man or zone so might as well play to his "I'm playing man no matter what" tendency...

11/01/2010 - 3:43pm interesting choice of words

"RR never got it going"   What about all the positive Michigan and Big Ten records that Denard and this offense have broken already? I'd say the offense has it "going" pretty darn well. The struggles on defense mask the truly great year the offense is having. Is RR to blame for a lot of the struggles on D? Definitely, but that doesn't make him a bad coach, he's just made a few poor decisions with the way the defense has been handled. However, this offense is EXCITING. Once the defense gets its feet under them, this team is going places, and I'm happy to be along for the ride.

(side note - I am on the "third and one - damn it, why is vincent smith in the backfield. they aren't seriously giving it to him again are they?? aaarrgghhh" what-the-hell-is-RR-thinking bandwagon, but otherwise he's solid... haha)

10/28/2010 - 8:10pm Actual FREEP headline:

"Dantonio makes exception to 0 tolerance policy to help Rucker get life turned around - a true molder of men. Swell guy - Rich could learn a thing or two. Speaking of Rich, you heard about this completely unrelated real estate thing that's significantly more OUTRAGE?"

10/28/2010 - 8:01pm Actual FREEP headline:

"Dantonio makes exception to 0 tolerance policy to help Rucker get life turned around - a true molder of men. Swell guy - Rich could learn a thing or two. Speaking of Rich, you heard about this completely unrelated housing thing that's significantly more OUTRAGE?"

10/28/2010 - 7:53pm on the topic of academics

anyone notice MSU had the lowest GSR in the conference? Not that I'm saying, I'm just saying.

10/15/2010 - 12:44pm Adidas Slides

I have a pair of adidas slides that were ubiquitous in college dorms 5 years ago, but they were just never comfortable. I just ordered my pair of these. Thanks for the tip andrew!

10/15/2010 - 12:17pm stats unaccounted for:

Demens > Ezeh (please?!)

Shaw > Smith

Hopkins > Shaw > Smith on third and 1

Dilithium w/ experience against strong B10 D > Dilithium w/out it

Michigan 31 Iowa 28

Go Blue!

10/14/2010 - 7:43pm Play better than Miami?

They got trounced by their in-state rival a lot worse than we did...