Harbaugh-49ers Meeting Today

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 5th, 2011 at 2:23 PM
Let's hope they offend Harbaugh with a $2 million dollar offer and he wakes up.


Ben from SF

January 5th, 2011 at 7:23 PM ^

Stryker had weird interviews with bizarre behavioral questions like "Have you ever had to punch a coworker and how do you feel afterwards?".   I was interviewing for an engineering job as a senior.  Afterwards, they turned me down because "I answered the questions too slowly".

Jed York, the President of the 49ers, is a 27 year old Domer from Youngstown, OH.  Tressel and Kelly probably kicked in extra cash to keep JH from coming back.  The interview is less an interview and more a 3-hour game of beer pong.


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style offense. UM is not going to be good again for another 3 years at best. UM will have to take a chance in the hire, if JH doesn't come here (and really it is a stretch, he has a top 3 team he built from scratch and the NFL calling) if he comes here he has to rebuild again. We have to take a chance hire because, we are a rebuilding team again and established coaches with good teams will think hard about coming here and switching back to pro style and getting pounded on and off the field for 3 years and coaches wanting to keep the spread...probably wont be hired due to pressure, so who does that leave? I am not thrilled with Brians list and we probably couldn't get half of them even if we tried.


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UM is not going to be good again for another 3 years

your statement is about as wrong as brian irresponsibly claiming "hoke=doom", or saying "shafer has to go". surely you'd have been one to say that this schembechler guy won't win for at least 3 years.

harbaugh if the coach, will win in short order, even with rod's players.  hoke will too.  and you better back hoke if he is the coach.


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BSU was Hoke's first job.  Not only had he never been a HC before, he'd never even been a coordinator.  So maybe he had to get his feet wet for a little while and learn on the job.  Eventually, he did win big there.  At his second stop, it only took him two seasons to turn them into a winner.

Harbaugh inherited a ruined program at Stanford.  They had gone 1-11 the year before, and 16-40 the four previous seasons.  In his first year he improved their record by three games and beat a top 5 team on the road.  So he did effect improvement right away; he just started from rock bottom.  He won't here.


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There's no "Help Wanted" posting at umich.edu employment.  There is, however, still a posting for Chief Compliance Officer Athletics.

OMG! DB fired Judy Van Horn without a replacement already on the hook?! Press the panic button!


Six Zero

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though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death... Jim Harbaugh's in freakin' San Fransisco interviewing with the 49ers.  WTF.

--  Six Zero, Chapter 4:15


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OK.  So we have to be forward-looking here.  Hoke has turned around two programs, won SDSU's first bowl game in over 40 years, and coached on the Michigan defensive line when they went 5-3 against Ohio State.  He understands the Big 10, and has always wanted this job.

As this is January, however, I can't help look backwards as well.  Did Harbaugh waffle on Michigan, or did Brandon vastly overplay his hand in assuming Harbaugh would come if offered the job? 

The program will move forward after this, but will be haunted by the same type of questions that remained in the wake of the last coaching search.  The one person uniquely situated to have learned from the last search, former Regent and current AD David Brandon, apparently did not.  I hope we, as a fan base, learn from last time and get behind the next guy, whether he is Hoke, Les Miles, or Lloyd Brady.


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I am not thrilled at the prospect of Hoke, honestly, but it really wouldn't be the end of the world.  The biggest positive about him is that he seems to REALLY want this job, and hopefully this drive will lead to a lot of motivation.  Either way, you are correct that we need unity, unlike what we got last time. Whoever is our coach, we can't do to him what our base did to RichRod.  It will only spell more disaster.  I for one will fully support whoever our coach may be.  Above all, we just need to win.  Winning cures all.


January 5th, 2011 at 5:59 PM ^

Just speculation on my part but I'm assuming JH was the first choice, he said no or things didn't work out.  Yesterday DB and RR meet, DB tells RR that if he's the coach next year the defensive staff needs to be revamped.  RR says like sleep on it. Today, RR says no. 

Just speculation, but I have to wonder if DB knew all along he wasn't going to bring RR back next year why not just give him the notice yesterday.  The only thing that pops into my head as to why RR didn't get let go yesterday was that he had the option to stay if he hired a new defensive staff.


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My theory is that DB wanted to float Hoke's name as a trial balloon before the press conference. Someone else's theory (saw it on another thread, can't remember poster) said that it may have been very emotional, and DB & RR wanted to have some time before addressing media & players.


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after listening to the presser the guy is very calculating, he sounds in control and actually calmed me down.  I understand why he has handled things the way he and its makes sense.  Many comments make me think the guy is a master negotiator. I'm going with the bet he makes a great hire.  Please.


January 5th, 2011 at 5:29 PM ^

Yesterday, and earlier today, I've been irate, annoyed, and frustrated. I still have some of those feelings. 

But recruiting cycle aside, how could we have SECURED a top-flight coach by firing RR in December? Didn't we lose our coach around that time in 2007? How'd that work out for us? DB played this coy from jump street, so I have to trust he's going to do what's best for our program. As much as I want to paint him this way (if only as a coping mechanism at this point), I'm sorry, but the guy just doesn't strike me as the bumbling, nerdy, useless AD that was Bill Martin.  


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A Florida newspaper is reporting that "Harbaugh's camp is reportedly demanding a salary north of $6 million a season."  Daaaaang...


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I tried a lengthy post after finally getting logged in after 100+ tries only to have it bounce me back out.  So, I will limit myself to saying - as a test - that DB was wearing a truly ugly tie.


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Some people have suggested that the 49ers ownership is a major problem.  If so, maybe JH will look at what has happened to other coaches with good resumes - both college and pro - who have tried to make a go of it with Dan Snyder here in Washington.  It has been ugly.

Many say that JH has a personality better suited to college ball than the pros.  Steve Spurrier may be an apt comparison.  When Spurrier, with a longer and better history than JH, tried it at the Redskins, it didn't work out so well for him, and Spurrier, like JH, was a rah-rah sort of guy.  That rah-rah works well with 18-21 year old kids but not so well with guys who are making even more than even the most highly paid head coaches.

If SF is willing to pay the $6M that I read somewhere, and DB were willing to go the $5.2M mentioned during the press conference, it would seem to me as if the $5.2M in AA would go farther than the $6M in SF.  Besides, in AA he would be the returning hero, and that would last a while.  In SF, he would inherit a lackluster, underperforming team with no QB.  Of course, the conference is so weak that he might make it to the playoffs next year by going 8-8, but St. Louis has some good young players who might be getting better and the SF fans would not be happy with 8-8 anyway.  At least with us, he has a good offense coming back and a young but pretty experienced defense.  He has a much better chance for immediate success here than there, particularly if he can coach up the defense.


January 5th, 2011 at 7:41 PM ^

JH has said so himself. From an interview he did a yr and a half ago:

Another interesting response came when Harbaugh was asked about his potential future as an NFL head coach. While one would expect Harbaugh to say he will stay at Stanford forever, I was surprised by the way he denied his ability to coach in the NFL. “I consider myself a collegiate coach.” He followed that up later with “I think I am a college guy.”


January 5th, 2011 at 7:48 PM ^

He was quoted talking about the purity of non-scholarship athletics when he was at USD too.  It didn't stop him from taking the Stanford job for more money and a higher profile.  All this (and his comments about Stanford pre-Orange Bowl) shows is that he has a history of saying, "I like the job I currently have."


January 6th, 2011 at 1:30 AM ^

You're probably right. I wasn't trying to suggest he'd stay college anyway - just pointing to past statements. At this point there looks to be too much NFL smoke (i.e., $$$$) for there not to be a change. Though, I do think if for some reason none of the NFL jobs feel 'right' for him, he'll prolly end up back at Stanford.


January 5th, 2011 at 5:46 PM ^

Anyone else find it odd that a guy with no NFL head coaching experience is somehow the most desired commodity in the league and is apparently on the verge of making Bellichick money?  I know he's a former player and from a coaching family, but still . . . I'm not sure why NFL franchises think he's a sure thing.  I think he may be better-suited for the college game. 


January 5th, 2011 at 5:58 PM ^

Everything coming out now seems to indicate Carolina, Dolphins, Broncos, etc. aren't really pursuing as much as the hot-name rumor mill made it sound like.

If Brandon is serious about offering top dollar ($5+ million) and the only competition is the Niners I like the chances of landing him a lot more than I did a few days ago with the prospect of an NFL bidding war and Michigan's typical low-ball approach.