Harbaugh-49ers Meeting Today

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 5th, 2011 at 2:23 PM
Let's hope they offend Harbaugh with a $2 million dollar offer and he wakes up.



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1. He has an NFL staff that he has to convince a college job is his choice, if that is what he perfers.  I know they can bolt, but, there is that

2. Right now he is running a great pro "prep" offense.  I know it seems complex, but, it hinges on the simple part of executing.  The game with in the game movements and such pray on the college athlete, but, wouldn't be such an advantage in the pro's. 

The point is, he is at another level for the college game scheme and coaching wise.  But, what makes him a great college coach is his personality in recruiting and motivation. 

I say tack on a Harbaugh tax to each ticket that goes directly to him.  110,000 would be more then happy to pitch in each game.


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Jim is definitely my first choice, but if Brady Hoke is hired, we must be more welcoming than with RR. The last thing we need is upset termites screwing things up again. He's said this is his dream job and I believe he would treat it as such.

edit: and all of SDSU's losses this year were to Missouri, BYU, TCU, and Utah and they were all under 5 points. That's not too shabby if you ask me.


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I don't think he'll get a bad reception, at least once the season starts.  My worry is that he is our Charlie Weis, the unproven head coach that has immediate success with the program another coach was building up before getting canned after just three seasons, receives universal praise from an uninformed fanbase/administration before settling in to mediocrity or worse in year three and beyond.

I hope he isn't hired.  If he is, then I really hope I'm wrong.


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I don't think it's fair to compare him to Weis.  Weis was an offensive coordinator with no HC experience, and no one had any idea how he'd handle the other side of the ball.  (As it turned out, he handled it very poorly.)  Hoke has an actual HC track record.  It didn't look so good from 2003-06, but it looks better after that.  I think it's plausible that he needed some time to learn on the job, but has now gotten this head coaching thing pretty much figured out.  I was impressed with his team in the bowl game.


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Part of Weiss's problem was him rubbing people the wrong way (not just opposing fans, but Alumni and such). Not being likable, basically. Which (maybe unfortunately) matters in college. Everyone around the University who's worked with Hoke loves him. And I can only assume that the people he interacts with at the U will feel the same way (Alumni, staff, fans). The average fan on the street will freak. But he might get the important one's with $$$ behind him. Might prevent some of the problems ND had. Assuming we win games, of course.


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He got fired because the program he built couldn't get over the hump, but at least he got a chance.  His resume is also a hell of a lot better than Hoke's. 

Assistant coaching career: Weis has two strong stints as an offensive coordinator in the NFL while Hoke was a d-line coach at Michigan and Oregon State.

Head coaching career: Both inherited college teams from Indiana that won 5 and 6 games the two years before they arrived (eery similarities continue).  Weis went 35-27 and left his successor a blue-chip junior QB (Crist), a stud WR (Floyd), a stud TE (Rudolph), a stud LB (T'eo) and the team went 8-5.  Hoke went 34-38 and left his successor (Stan Parrish) a team that won 2 games.  Both have one bowl win against a less talented non AQ opponent, though Hoke got to play his game in his home stadium whereas Weis had to travel to Hawaii to play Hawaii.

This guy has done absolutely nothing to justify giving him the head coaching job at Michigan, much less dumping Rodriguez to get him.  If Brandon hires him I will be disgusted that the worst type of cronyism that has hampered the program in the past is now run rampant in our new athletic department.

Luckily I don't think it is going to happen.


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started out over the hump and then got stuck on one. Put his last three years as his first three years, and he is facing the same music RR faced.

He bought or 'got a chance' because he STARTED out his ND stint  with two BCS bowls and a 9 and 10 win seasons. RR does that his first two years, he's probably got five more.


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He hand picked the GM in San Fran. Best guess is that they are laying out the groundwork for bringing in a staff and finishing up the money issue.


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I think its time to get ready for Hokeamania in AA.  Not thrilled if that is the choice.  But at a minimum we are the guys destination job and if he is able to pull it off he will be our coach for the next 15 years. 

Regardless, Brandon needs to take care of this ASAP as in the next week.   I think if Hoke is the pick we will know in a day or so.  Recruiting is shot already unless its a big splash name coming in. 

Also, maybe there are some NFL coaches/assistants that are still playing that he is waiting on?  Seems like someone from the Athletic Department indicated that there was interest from some NFL people that people would not expect a month ago. 


John Harbaugh??? ;)  Kidding.


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...and from the sounds of it, he doesn't, than forget him.  I'd rather have the guy who would kill to coach at Michigan because he'd be in it for the duration.  We won't have to worry about Hoke bolting for the NFL after a few good seasons at the helm, or have to listen to the cliche'd crap that comes out of Harbaugh's mouth.

I'm so over that guy...he's so self-righteous.

I'm hearing nothing but good things about Hoke's approach to the game, team/family environment and his ability to mold young men.  All in for Hoke if he's named the new HC at Michigan.


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I realize there's a lot of emotional investment in JH right now, but think of him as an athlete who could choose to declare early for the draft. If he's projected to be a top pick and make a lot of money, are you going to begrudge him his decision to go pro?

Football is too unpredictable. If he has this kind of opportunity, I say let him go and wish him well.

If he were just another alum and not a candidate for a coaching gig here, I think most of us would be rooting for him to be successful.


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I'm still very much confused...


His name and success alone will translate to recruiting. Plus he can better utilize the talent we have.


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I have been a huge Harbaugh proponent, but I only want him here if he wants to come here. I don't want to have to entice him with bigger $$ than the 49'ers are willing to pay him. The whole reason why I was in his corner is because of his passion for college football. If it ever were to become a bidding war with a pro team, then we're just another money-driven soulless team. I'm all for paying him a lot, but only if his heart is here. 


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Just in from Mortensen:


 Chris Mortensen 

Filed to ESPN: Dolphins owner Steve Ross has traveled west to make an urgent pitch to Jim Harbaugh to become their next coach


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not maize and blue.   He would have committed to UM the day after the Orange Bowl if he cared about the program.   At this point I'll be happy with Matt Millen if we stop talking about JH  :)   

Jim will realize he made a mistake after he flunks out of the NFL with the crap team in San Fran.   Smith sucks at QB, Gore gets hurt every year, and the defense stinks (killed my fantasy team).   


January 5th, 2011 at 10:57 PM ^

This is one of the first stories I've seen that indicates Harbaugh isn't an option anymore for Michigan.

Chris Mortensen reports:

"Furthermore, Ross had dialogue with University of Michigan officials to ensure that he would not be competing for Harbaugh's services with his alma mater, sources said. Ross, who is one of Michigan's largest benefactors, was assured by a Michigan official that Harbaugh was not reciprocating interest in the college's now-vacant head coaching position."



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There's also this from the Pro Football Talk article on the Dolphins and Harbaugh:

"We’re told that Harbaugh wants $7 million per year, and there’s a belief in league circles that Harbaugh leaked word that Michigan offered him $5.2 million per year in order to drive up his price at the NFL level."

Hm.  If that's true, it's very interesting, to say the least.


January 6th, 2011 at 10:15 AM ^

I don't believe any public statement at this point.  Any chance Ross is recruiting for Mich.?  He buys us a stadium but then tries to take JH away?  Doesn't make sense.  Nor does the fact that he's flying to see JH, and not the other way around.  Other interesting details from the ESPN article:  A Dolphins spokesperson claimed to be unaware of any meeting, and JH showed no interest in Dolphins job until the other day (after presumably thinking about his options all season).  Could Ross be saying, come to UM and here's what I'll do for you?


January 5th, 2011 at 11:15 PM ^

There may be some hope. If Miami does not wow him, he may reconsider Michigan. The 49ers did not want to offer the money needed to secure his services. So if Miami fails, he may come to Michigan, or just stay at Stanford. It would be nice if Harbaugh himself made a statement.