Harbaugh-49ers Meeting Today

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 5th, 2011 at 2:23 PM
Let's hope they offend Harbaugh with a $2 million dollar offer and he wakes up.


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What if JH wants to come to Michigan, but insists he be paid market (NFL) value?
<br>DB and JH agree to feign mutual disinterest so JH can shop himself to the NFL, then Michigan meets the NFL's best offer.
<br>It's odd that they are going so far out of their way to sound disinterested in the one remaining outcome that makes some sense.
<br>Grasping, I know. I'll root wholeheartedly for the next guy, regardless of who it is, but I'm looking for any marginally plausible scenario that ends reasonably well.


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I've kind of heard the same sort of analogy. JH is testing the waters of the NFL with U-M to fall back on should he not get the right scenario he wants in the NFL. I don't have a link or a source I can let out of the bag, but I hear that the alumni and close friends of his are telling him U-M will match the NFL offers for him to come back to AA. Evedently they want him and nobody else will do.


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it also gives Michigan an enviable position in this respect:

If Harbaugh takes the NFL, Brandon can very legitmately say that Michigan pursued it, offered him a good contract, and he elected to go another direction.  That will pave the way for them to offer the job to Brady Hoke or Les Miles (I for as hell do not want Les Miles).  All in all Hoke may be a great coach, I sense that Brandon believes he will from his description of attributes (head coach, understand Michigan, midwest recrruiting experience, defensive minded) that he's looking for in a head coach. 


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Harbaugh hasn't proven anything other than he can win with a stud QB leading his offense, which is one of the lead rebuttals of RR's accomplishments at West Virginia (if he didn't have White, he wouldn't have been as successful). 

I don't think Harbaughs credentials are as impressive as everyone wants to make them out to be.  With that said:  Harbaugh >>> Hoke


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Harbaugh hasn't proven anything other than he can win with a stud QB leading his offense, which is one of the lead rebuttals of RR's accomplishments at West Virginia (if he didn't have White, he wouldn't have been as successful).


And Carrol doesn't win without Leinart and Bush, and Mack Brown doesn't win without Vince Young and Colt Mcoy, and Meyer doesn't win without Tebow, and Nick Saban doesn't win without Matt Mauck and Ingram.  Yup if you ask me they aren't that great of coaches


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I've been telling myself that the NFL interest helps to make it appear like there wasn't an agreement before the firing of RR. I'm holding out hope until I see JH being introduced at a 49er press conference.

As unrealistic as that likely is.


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NFL market value is about the same as collegiate elite.  Median is something like 2.5 million, with 5 or 6 coaches making over 5 (high of 8 million), and I think 8 or so coaches making under 2.

Obviously Michigan can't pay him $8 million, but offering something above 4 would be pretty good.  A man can hope


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I googled "Jim Harbaugh agent" and came up with Jack Bechta. He also owns nationalfootballpost.com. I found an article from today that raises some questions.


According to multiple league sources with knowledge of the situation, the university has yet to formally contact Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh

Despite the comments from Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh that he doesn't expect the Wolverines to pursue his brother, the Wolverines are expected to make a late push to get involved with Harbaugh. At this point, though, that has yet to transpire.

It's just interesting that a site owned by his agent (if my google search is accurate) is making this claim.


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I would guess this ends my small amount of hope for the end of the day.....damnit why did I stay up and check the sites one more time for a hint:  Posted on ESPN - Supposedly Ross is offering in the $7 Million plus range.

Initially, sources said Harbaugh was cool to Peterson's approach on behalf of the Dolphins and Ross. But the Stanford coach's interest grew warmer in the 48 hours after his Cardinal soundly defeated Virginia Tech with Ross among the spectators at Dolphins Stadium, sources said. Wooten said he also was told that Harbaugh was not very receptive to the Dolphins' initial approach.

Furthermore, Ross had dialogue with University of Michigan officials to ensure that he would not be competing for Harbaugh's services with his alma mater, sources said. Ross, who is one of Michigan's largest benefactors, was assured by a Michigan official that Harbaugh was not reciprocating interest in the college's now-vacant head coaching position.

Chris Mortensen is ESPN's senior NFL analyst


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I'll wish him everything but good luck.  In 4 short years he would have.

  1. Thrown Michigan under the bus for personal benefit upon taking over the Stanford head coaching position.
  2. Spurned Michigan for the pros, leaving the football program to remain suspended in purgatory.


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I thought I would be happy either way if harbaugh went to the 49ers or UM, bc I am a huge fan of both, but I realized that my passion for the wolverines tops all and am desperately hoping he goes blue

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Live in Bay Area, and have heard enough inside info painting them to be absolute buffoons.

Scuttlebutt aside, their results speak loudest. Jed wanted to promote Mike Singletary to HC. Great idea Jed!!!  Saw that failure coming from miles away.


January 5th, 2011 at 3:08 PM ^

DB openly discussed JH at the press conference while avoiding talk of other candidates and implying that discussions were essentially dead. Maybe he's pulling a play out of Lloyd's book by calling JH out in the press. Then again I'm probably reading too much into it like everything else.


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I don't want him but I can see why others would.   Still feel bad for the guy after he was fired for going 9-7 in two consecutive seasons (if my memory serves correct).  Also fired because he is a total a-hole (ask Jaws).


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the next person I hear talk about Gruden is going to get pistol whipped. Why the hell would he come to Michigan? He's turned down many colleges before and has a fine job now. Plus, he's an NFL guy. STOP!