OT: Rawk Muzik at the Olympics Rant

Submitted by bsand2053 on August 9th, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Awful pop music between every motherfucking point in volleyball, and now during the victory celebration of the women's soccer match.  Does anyone remember if it has been this bad in past Games?  I would have thought that the Olympics, at least, would be spared from 7 Nation Army, Journey, Katie Perry, and Queen. 



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It's just music. It's a bit different from the Big House, where Rawk is replacing the MMB. At the olympics, what would you rather have? They could play the olympic anthem over and over, they could play nothing (and let the stadiums be super quiet) or they could play popular music. It just doesn't seem like a bit deal to me.


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Well of course not, but I also don't see what's wrong with playing popular music at sporting events like this with breaks in the action and quiet crowds. Most people see it as entertaining, and like I said it's not going against any traditions or anything. You may not like it, but it's popular music, so most do. I just don't see it as some grand injustice.


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They have three Christmas albums and two non-Christmas albums.  You have probably heard them a lot on sporting events the last three years and not realized it.  Almost every time you hear O Fortuna from Carmina Burana played alongside sports, it's their version. 

State Street

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Does anyone know what the deal is with that obnoxious trumpet-sounding-thing they play between every beach volleyball point?  It's one big riff and then the crowd shouts "OLE!" or something obnoxious like that.  Is this some ancient beach volleyball tradition?


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Remember when you were a kid and becoming like your dad was the worst nightmare ever?  Be glad.  You skipped dad and became your grandpa instead.


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Jack White and Freddy Mercury are/were supremely talented. The original singer for journey was the keyboard/ singer for Santana at Woodstock. Lumping those dudes with Katy Perry does not speak well of your musical knowledge.


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Economy is shambles, a drought worse than ever, soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, and rock music at the Olympics is your final straw to a meltdown?


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Well they did play The Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen" during the Opening Ceremonies (sadly cut out by NBC on the version I saw).   Considering that was at one point banned by the BBC and the Queen was in attendance, I think that, at least deserves a thumbs up.    As others mentioned I've heard some great British music along the way.  The rest I just mute or ignore