Joe Paterno Passes Away

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Title says it all. Prayers with the family.


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not all that broken up about this. the wins record is obviously BS... over the last 10 years the guy had slightly more responsibility for coaching that team than the mascot. He cultivated a culture at Penn State that contributed to the continued molestation of children by a member of of that community for 10-20 years. People worshiped at his alter more than god... which probably explains why so many, including paterno himself, willfully ignored the Sandusky situation.


oh and he totally coached football super duper well tho. credit where credit is due.


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Quick little history lesson.  When Don Canham was looking for our next football coach in 1968, he had only one man in mind; Joe Paterno.  And Paterno was seriously considering taking the job.  He and Canham met several times to discuss the matter.  It looked like it might be a go until Joe asked Canham if he could make his final decision on the matter after Penn State played in the their bowl game.  When Canham said that he couldn't wait that long, that was the end of that.  

When you play the what if game, you can come to some frightening conclusions.  Because if Canham waited until after the bowl game and if Paterno said, "yes," he could very well have brought Jerry Sandusky with him to Ann Arbor.  Now THAT is a scary thought. 

After Canham and Paterno parted ways that day, Paterno called Canham back that evening and recommended the coach at Miami-Ohio who had a funny last name, this Schembechler guy.  That was the second time Bo's name had come up to Canham and it finally set the wheels in motion to make the call to Bo.  The rest is history. 

Paterno had a hand in bringing Bo to Ann Arbor and I will always, ALWAYS be thankful for that.  My prayers go out to his family because I would not wish cancer on anyone.  It's such a shame that his career had to end the way it did.  I hope that people around State College in their grief don't forget about Sandusky's victims while they complain about their coach being "wrongfully" fired.


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Joe Paterno's legacy will be defined by his legacy of coaches, players, athletes and academics who he coached or supported at Penn State. It will also be defined by his actions, or lack thereof related to the Sandusky scandal. He faces a larger judgment than the MGoBoard. 


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3 other legends who have left us. Bear Bryant, Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler. All 4 of them can now watch the action together from above. You will be missed Joe Pa. Actually I'm going to say more about Coach Paterno because next to Bo he inspired me to go into sports management. Not many people told Nixon to "shove it" back in the day but he did. He was also so charismatic in his pre game speeches and fought to the final whistle in a game. His players saw him as more than a coach to them he was dad and they were his kids. I can't imagine how heartbroken this team must be.

I don't think Paterno deserved the harsh treatment he received from the media he did what he was suppose to do and that was point it in the direction of the authorities ITS NOT HIS JOB TO TELL THE POLICE. The administration did nothing and it's Paterno that gets the villian role. Disgusting and shameful in my opinion. Joe Paterno inspired people on and off the field. He donated a lot of his time and money to charities and believed an education is the most important thing a college athlete and student can receive. Joe Paterno was a great man and role model and today is a dark day in the world of not just college football or the United States but the world itself.


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Joe Pa was a good man and in my opinion a scapegoat in the sex scandal. First of all Jerry Sandusky committed the crimes. Second of all the state of Pa and PSU fucked this up more than Joe Pa. The attorney general could have charged Jerry Sandusky back in the 90''s and chose not to. Joe Pa should have distanced the program from Sandusky. However, he shouldn't be blamed for the rapes. The state of PA knew about the allegations and chose to ignore them until recently.


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PSU wanted to make Paterno the scapegoat for this, because they knew he wouldn't be around the program much longer and saw a quick way to "wash their hands of it" publicly. In reality, it takes quite a stretch of the imagination to lay the blame solely at the feet of Paterno for this massive institutional failure.


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It is also the case that the Sandusky garbage is only one part - albeit perhaps the most shameful part - of a self-governing, closed circle culture that involved establishing and nurturing a sense of power and invincibility that ultimately led to great failure. It is well-known that PSU football carried on its business without having to submit to the safeguards of accountability, even to the university. The existence of such a culture is not fully Paterno's responsibility, but he was clearly an integral part of its ethos and its defense. 

While many positive results came of Paterno's virtues, they are, in my opinion, ultimately overshadowed by the deification, accepted by a self-aggrandizing head coach, that put him above the kind of scrutiny and limitations that might have protected many victims, in numerous situations, from real harm.


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Joe Pa made a terrible mistake. That mistake is a permanent black mark on his legacy. Penn State was right to fire him. It's impossible to remember him without remembering the tragic events that ended his otherwise long and illustrious career.

HOWEVER, now that he's is gone, let's not castigate him as if he's the one who molested those children. Notwithstanding his mistake, Joe Paterno had a positive impact on the lives of countless people throughout his career. His legacy isn't just limited to football; Penn State University would not be the institution it is today if it were not for this man. It's important to remember that as well.

RIP JoePa. Thoughts and prayers for his friends, family, and the entire PSU community. 


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He didn't call 911 when he heard kids were getting raped. He heard other rumors too. Wake the f up. He was a horrible person for letting that go. He is not in a good place. My condolences to his family for what he selfishly put them through. He was a self centered and gross football addict.


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I'm sure Joe Paterno had a positive influence on many people, but in my mind his "legacy" is forever tarnished. He (and all who had knowledge of Sandusky's pedophilia) enabled a monster to roam free and nobody would tell the king he was not wearing clothes. Makes me wonder how many of the molestation victims will attend Paterno's funeral.


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For some reason, all of these RIP's anger me. I mean the guy gets the easy way out. He wanted to start PSU Altoona with Sandusky as coach. He enabled Sandusky to rape for ~8 more years and be a HS mentor. That doesn't deserve a RIP to me.

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He informed the head of Penn State Police when he informed Gary Schultz.  McQueary believed the same thing: 

"I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you," McQueary said. "In my mind it was like speaking to a [district attorney]..  

Penn State Police are not typical campus rent-a-cops, they carry guns, carry out independent criminal investigations, and have a SWAT team.  If you really believe PSU Police did not know about this, you are kidding yourself.  

To say that Joe did nothing and enabled Sandusky is unfair and inaccurate.  He undoubtedly made a mistake by not following up once he saw Schultz was sitting on his hands, but to put the sins of Sandusky on him is unfair.  Furthermore, Sandusky had emeritus status, meaning Joe could not throw him out of Lasch or any place on campus.  None of Joe's critics seem to want to talk about criminals who walk because someone tried to cut through bureaucratic red tape and undotted an i or uncrossed a t.  Joe himself said this was his fear and he made a mistake by believing others were more fit than himself to deal with this situation.  An error in judgement?  Yes.  A flaw in character?  Hardly.

RIP Joe, you mean more to me than you could possibly know.


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Not all errors in judgment are equal.  Had Sandusky been stealing supplies, or smoking pot, or selling PSU memorabilia on the side, I'd be with you, but the dude was molesting and raping children.  You see the guy still hanging around with an office and everything and you just shrug your shoulders or ignore it?  I'm sorry, there is no excuse for that.  And to pretend otherwise is unconscionable.


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I'm interested to see how the PSU community comes together--or not--after the death of their patriarch.  Looking in your direction, former players upset about the new HC.


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told me the news after she saw it online. I was in disbelief. All I could think was that hopefully his lifetime body of work is looked at before anyone passes judgement on this man. Sad day and my  thoughts go out to his entire family


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Joe Paterno was one of the game's best coaches. He was a good man who made a mistake. While his mistake was serious, he was still one hell of a coach. Rest in Peace.


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All of the facts will keep coming out, and we will all know everything evenutally, as is always how these kind of things go.  Just watch and wait, between the trials, the testimony, the various books, and all the other information the complete story will be known sometime in the next 5-10 years.  At that time, when you have full knowledge, all of you can venture more than just a partially informed opinion based on only what is publicly known today.  We will see just how much Joe Pa shared in the complicity that surrounded the Sandusky story, and who else was involved and how they handled things as well.

Patience, boys, patience........


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I hope he is thankful he didn't have to admit he saw Sandusky coming to work daily, therefore he was an enabler at minimum. Kids got raped, and lives were ruined so his program wasn't disrupted. Very sad, and pathetic. Lucky your kids didn't live in shitty valley. He is a sad excuse for a man. Bo would puke if he saw these empathetic posts. I say empathetic, because supporters must feel his pain.


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I wish for JoePa that he could have died 6 months ago while he was still on top of the world.  The way he went out was sad.

He said himself that he wished he had done more Sandusky.  But we can't let what he didn't do completely overshadow all the good that he did do.