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01/21/2019 - 12:18pm Came to see an amusing…

Came to see an amusing picture of a large person playing baseball.

Stayed when I saw mom replying immediately below.


12/22/2018 - 11:53am A very simple response to…

A very simple response to this type of logic: OJ.

12/20/2018 - 11:58am Curious about your error…

Curious about your error. What is your process for posting an image?

I assume youre using the little icon when you're posting?  But maybe not.

I had this issue early in the 3.0 error, so I just post images a little bit different.

12/20/2018 - 11:11am This is possibly one of the…

This is possibly one of the more humorless posts I've ever seen here, and for this board, that's saying something.

Do it, don't do it. I'm pretty sure no one REALLY cares. But to take this sort of "what about the children" / "there's starving kids in Africa" rebuffed stance is just... weird.

That said, good luck with your 'belittle or demean our players" cause, convincing the dregs of humanity that they're doing it wrong seems a bit up-hill to me. If you start a GoFundMe I'll be happy to donate... or at least say I'll donate, and then not.

12/20/2018 - 6:05am Spencer Britton, Stanford DB…

Spencer Britton, Stanford DB who’s name slips me.

i think it’s still a climb to get through admissions. That said times change and from a football stand point It would be beneficial to see the reigns loosen a bit.

12/06/2018 - 6:12pm Serial Season 2 was hyper…

Serial Season 2 was hyper focused. If the Bowe Bergdahl story wasn't interesting to you, or you didn't particularly care, then it's likely that you didn't make it through.  I listened to the entire thing on a 10 hour car ride, and it was fine. Kept my interest, but I would never recommend season 2 to anyone.


I think Serial Season 3 does a better job appealing to a mass audience. That said, I think after three seasons now, we know that Serial isn't a 'True Crime' pod that Season 1 fans were hoping it would be.  It's a story telling pod. And Season 3 is an amazing compilation of stories. For those unaware, Season 3 spends a year inside the Cleveland criminal justice system. They tell different stories each week from all angles - from a crazy judge, to public defender, to police, to wrongly convicted, etc.  It's fascinating, and frustrating, and engaging, and infuriating. 

12/06/2018 - 5:56pm If you loved the original…

If you loved the original RDRedemption, then you'll love this game. 

For those worried about the length of time it takes... if you want to blaze through it, that can be done in a few days. For those that want to milk every penny out of their $60, then you can have that life too.  It honestly just depends on how you want to play it.

As for repetition, the missions have a nice variety. It only gets repetitive if you're looking to put 100 hours or more into it and be a completionist. But my assumption is, the people who are doing that (myself included) like the game enough to want to be all the way in. The storytelling/writing is among the best I've seen, that's Rockstar's forte and they don't miss a beat here. 

The only 'legitimate' complaint I've seen is the combat system is pretty low rent compared to other games that focus on gunplay. But, if you're familiar with Rockstar games in general, this is just more of the same for them. R* games aren't intended to be like COD or Destiny or whatever shooters people love.

10/31/2018 - 5:20pm  

Fender Rhodes is a gatdam…


Fender Rhodes is a gatdam American icon!

10/30/2018 - 10:07pm The alternative is a likely…

The alternative is a likely win over 2-7 Arkansas currently last in the SEC W. About as close to a zero sum as it gets. Further, the team appears to be pointing to the ND loss as a time they made some changes and are building. The formula forward is easy, win out.

10/30/2018 - 5:11pm Marsh Creek was the other…

Marsh Creek was the other name I couldn't think of. I really need to do a better job with my mental recycle bin.

10/30/2018 - 12:21pm I don't follow recruiting…

I don't follow recruiting and other schools as much as I used to. That said, Penn State and their fans used to have a bit of a tin foil hat reputation. Does this still exist? There was a percentage that still wanted to leave the conference, surely that's all gone away now.

They had a few notable online posters, one was a crazy woman named Carol? (Jesus, if I remembered that correctly, I really need to do a better job clearing room in my brain for useful information)  And then there was one other guy, I don't remember his name at all, but he was a pretty prolific poster, or even MAYBE a writer for Blue and White, but I think he was just a tin foil hat guy with a lot of time on his hands. Someone they respected. He was a lunatic.


10/30/2018 - 10:45am That seems a little too …

That seems a little too 'modern science' for JH. My guess is the story goes, Coach Hanlon and his dad were talking one day about how black licorice fortifies the blood. So he dashes a little dill on top to 'keep the witches away' and drops in a big gob of anise powered black licorice before kickoff of every game to keep his blood nice and curdled.

10/30/2018 - 10:37am El Dragon reminds me of the…

El Dragon reminds me of the mid 90's Nike Commercials with Dennis Hopper.

Hardy Nickerson, Barry Sanders pinball, and Bruce Smith 'bad things' are the ones that immediately jump to mind.



10/28/2018 - 9:36pm I remembered another one...

I remembered another one...

Tyrece Butler



10/28/2018 - 8:44pm Unrelated to baseball, but…

Unrelated to baseball, but more interesting...  the New Orleans Saints have a "TB" patch on their jersey, I'm not sure who TB is, but there are a number of former Wolverines with that initial set.

Tom Brady (of course)

Tshimanga Biakabutuka

Tim Bracken

Tarik Black


There may be more. This was just off the top of my head. No cheating!

10/26/2018 - 3:41pm Here's a metaphor I liken it…

Here's a metaphor I liken it to:

Remember when the Freep was just the Freep? Some of you go back that far, others maybe don't. There was a time when the Detroit Free Press covered Michigan athletics just like the Ann Arbor News, just like the Detroit News and nobody cared to read it. I think at the time people bought the Freep out of habit/tradition or because they liked reading Mitch.

There came a time about 10/12/15 years ago when the Freep did a few editorial hot takes, and some "investigative" stories negatively about Michigan... and boom readership went through the roof. Clicks as far as the eye could see. Anti-Michigan fans reveled in the coverage. Michigan fans grew to love to hate Drew Sharp. But there was a time when Drew Sharp was just working a beat, wasn't too controversial, nobody gave a shit about him. News is news, but it's also business and sports news is entertainment. And this was big for them, they were relevant. It's easy for an editorial board to back this kind of play when it means they have a share of the market in a dying industry.

On an individual level, it's addicting for the personalities. Valenti, Sharp, Parker, Whitlock, Travis, etc. There was a time when nobody cared about what they say. Jason Whitlock was just some morbidly obese writer in St Louis. Clay Travis was a boring afternoon drivetime radio host in Nashville doing schtick. But then, they said something "takey" and it got heat. Then they said something else, they wrote another contrarian view and the heat came again. They liked it. And in the biz any heat is good heat.

Marcus Ray realized he could say inflammatory things about Michigan and people cared. People paid attention. Theyd respond. They're angry. They fire off mean tweets. He goes on a show and people ask him about the controversial thing he said before. Marcus Ray went from being a guy who's segment you'd skip on WTKA, to being someone you had an opinion about. Honestly, I came along late to this dance. I didn't know people cared about Marcus Ray until I kept seeing his name mentioned, being from the "older-time" and not woke to Marcus, I just wondered why people were talking about Marcus Ray. Then I saw. It's not surprising after that.

So, remember responders.... you are the oxygen that causes the Marcus Rays of the world to burn bright. If you truly don't care, then don't respond, don't click, don't call in, don't tweet. Suffocate him of the attention he desperately craves.

10/23/2018 - 7:17pm Man, I know I'm getting old…

Man, I know I'm getting old and all... but I swear to Woodson this kid looks like he's 12 years old!

Either way, couldn't be more excited. Love in the commit video how he recreated some recent iconic Michigan plays.

10/19/2018 - 10:15pm Embedded highlights for your…

Embedded highlights for your viewing pleasure.




Oh and in case you missed it from the other night, here's Sauce dropping 3's from 'out the gym'.


10/14/2018 - 2:10pm Penn State 18

Iowa 19

Other Big 10 Teams:

Penn State 18

Iowa 19

Wisky 23

MSU 24


Michigan 1146 votes

Texas 1144 votes


08/16/2018 - 7:13pm Oh and here's the link to…

Oh and here's the link to the audio...


ALSO, this "transcriptish" should be treated as a paraphrase not a direct verbatim. I was just trying to breeze through most of it on one pass. If you want to get an exact quote, feel free to use the audio.

07/29/2018 - 5:06pm Were you expecting a lot of…

Were you expecting a lot of football content in a Basketball Power Index thread?

07/12/2018 - 6:24pm General info on qualifying:

General info on qualifying:

Site that lists specific online qualifiers:

07/09/2018 - 8:03am A few recent additional…

A few recent additional reading articles for those interested:


Moritz Wagner ‘Trying To Establish’ Himself Defensively At Summer League


D.J. Wilson, Sterling Brown embrace new role in summer league


Is Duncan Robinson making himself a Heat keeper?


05/21/2018 - 9:40am You have a couple typos in

You have a couple typos in your post there. +1 for your meta/irony-based posting style?

05/18/2018 - 4:13pm Crop and Embed for those interested. 

Crop and Embed for those interested.


05/17/2018 - 4:54pm Avatar on the other hand... 

Avatar on the other hand...  the worst.


04/27/2018 - 12:09pm I don’t even know what that

I don’t even know what that means.

No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative!

04/18/2018 - 11:57am Solid idea

Solid idea, but first off, why limit ourselves to four stars? I mean if we’re going to fill it with a star might as well make It a five star. And even then I feel like we’re limiting ourselves, I think we should fill the spot with Steph Curry. But not injured Steph, let’s go with healthy prime career Steph but with four years of eligibility. He’ll take a year to learn more coming off the bench then we can have three solid years of play from him. I mean that or just leave it open cause 11 really is better than 12 if you think about it.

04/11/2018 - 12:40pm Sickness

Sickness, like cold or flu, comes from exposure to rhinovirus or influenza. Sitting out in the rain causes wetness not sickness.

03/31/2018 - 4:51pm When they cut away to the

When they cut away to the GetUp! crew earlier, Jalen’s hair was looking especially “young” as well.

03/27/2018 - 6:08pm A Suitable Response

Like the writer of this article, I too have not seen any games our opponent has played and have a very basic understanding of the game that is basketball. As a response, I have decided to pen a preview for this Saturday's game.


NCAA Preview vs Loyola - 3-31-18

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 5:09 p.m.
The Alamodome, San Antonio, Tex

After reaching the Final Four for the first time in school history, the Ramblers of Loyola Chicago are descending upon the Alamodome in San Antonio. Like the stadium the two teams are playing in, the Ramblers are looking to ding and dent their way to a win, just like the famed car rental retailer Alamo Rental Car - "They'll Pick You Up!" The Ramblers generally start the game with 5 players and look to try to score the baskets early and often on offense. The team, led by a cagey nun named Jean (#98) come into this game after having beaten four other teams in the NCAA tournament. Their colors are the same as that of the infamous hip-hop-Harry Potter and their fans are known to attend a bar in Chicago to watch the team's games when they are in the NCAA tournament. The 'Ramblin' Ramblers most likely won a conference tournament to gain entry into this year's NCAA tournament, and if they can win six games, they're optimistic they can be awarded the National Championship.

Keys to the game:

Hold Loyola to less than 10 points! - While this has never been in the modern era by Michigan, it would go a long way toward winning this game.

Pass the ball on offense - Statistically Michigan has won all 32 games this year when they passed the ball on offense at least once per game.

03/03/2018 - 8:03pm It’s NEVER lupus!!

It’s NEVER lupus!!

02/22/2018 - 9:35pm Couple additional notes:

Couple additional notes: Burke led all scorers with his 26. Both Burke and THJr also led the game with 6 assists each.


(yeah what Pete just said)

02/06/2018 - 4:55am Excited we grabbed the third Grady brother!

Excited we grabbed the third Grady brother!

12/26/2017 - 7:41pm Looking forward to the

Looking forward to the upcoming Clint Copenhaver account.

12/24/2017 - 10:29am Kentucky was a good team but

Kentucky was a good team but Michigan was a #1 seed and ranked in the top 5 all season. Great win certainly but Michigan had four NBA players.

11/27/2017 - 8:44pm Life (and 'thinking') is

Life (and 'thinking') is easier when you can quickly subdivide items into their greatest hyperbolic outcome.



10/18/2017 - 7:03pm Equals 1000% increase in

Equals 1000% increase in concussions!

10/18/2017 - 10:48am Great write up. Good

Great write up. Good memories. Along with the tired meme about comebacks, the Big Ten slow Florida fast was about ten times more prevalent than it is even now. Constantly brought up during games like Miami and the FSU debacle. Moeller was the architect of the transition from Bo ball to QBU era of Michigan football when every starting QB at Michigan from 91 to Henne made the NFL and all but two were regular starters.

10/11/2017 - 2:23pm Last Boy Scout. Head or gut

Last Boy Scout. Head or gut mike?

09/11/2017 - 3:29am I'm more disturbed about the

I'm more disturbed about the interviewer. It's a 12 minute video where he bobs back and forth like a prize fighter who has to pee for every single second of the video. He also appears to be afraid of the cameraman, he makes glancing looks at the camera that appear to be sheer terror. Then while interviewing he neither speaks to camera or the interviewee. He just stares off to the right.


Ultimately the whole thing resembles a scenario where he received a call, was told that his family would be murdered unless he interviews Buckeye fans after the game. At which point, I'd say he's doing his best under the circumstances. Solid 6.5 performance. If the above stipulation is not true... I give him a -4.



08/30/2017 - 12:49pm Countess

Also, don't forget that he was a RR recruit who played for Hoke and was about to see his third full regime change since his commitment. Can't blame a guy for making a decision for himself in the one year/opportunity he had to choose instead of it being chosen for him.

08/27/2017 - 3:59pm (No subject)

08/02/2017 - 5:05am Overrated? Who the hell rates

Overrated? Who the hell rates him high?

Jason Whitlock is properly rated as an idiot.

07/31/2017 - 1:22pm That really was it for me.

That really was it for me. There was someone who mentioned taking a little extra time to pay attention to the characters and character names, because that would end up paying off later. That was exactly what I needed to do. That and get to about episode 6 in Season 1 to see where the show was going and why. Thanks MGoBoard for finally doing something worthwhile (convincing me to watch the most popular show on TV 6 years after its debut).  :)

07/30/2017 - 10:09pm Having tried a few times but

Having tried a few times but not being able to get past S1E4ish, back in May I posed the question as to whether or not it was worth trying again.

Six seasons in approximately 7 weeks later, I'm pleased to say that it was worth trying again. Thanks to all who encouraged giving it another chance.

07/22/2017 - 9:17pm Well I clicked the article,

Well I clicked the article, scrolled down and clicked through a prostate cancer ad and the refreshed and hit another ad, because I'm better and like Magnus more than the rest of you lazy MFs. :)

07/16/2017 - 11:53am Honestly, I think that for

Honestly, I think that for many it really is about their personal vacation time. I think these coaches who are so hell bent on taking vacations, should take their vacations. If Larry Fedora wants to jump on a bus and tour with T-Swifty from January 2 until September 1, I think he should. Go get em big boy. The problem I have is with their institutional legislation of mandatory vacation time for everyone. If you want to be a lazy sack, go for it. But for these guys to try to make vacation time mandatory and for them to claim that this somehow is in the best interests of the school, the student athletes, the recruits, are flat out lying. I agree, they should just 'own it.'

But rather its....  I have a perceived geographic recruiting advantage, I want to secure that. Let's make a rule. I don't want to work as hard as Jim Harbaugh, I want to secure that. Let's make a rule. And the majority of the NCAA seems all to happy to comply.

07/08/2017 - 6:26pm Not entirely certain what you

Not entirely certain what you mean by storylines. Catastrophic world ending alien force comes to earth to end it, vs apocalyptic world ending force comes to earth to end it. Maniacal super villain comes to destroy the city while the people and govt turn on super heroes, va maniacal super villain comes to destroy the city while the people and govt turn on super heroes.

06/27/2017 - 10:51am Great! Now that we got the WD

Great! Now that we got the WD welcome backs out of the way (which BTW WB WD)... let's turn the convo back to the OP.

Who ya got for better Adam linebacker I've never heard of:  Adam Shibley or Adam Fakih?