You are Brady Hoke. What is your approach towards the team this week?

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I like these "You are..." themed stories. What is Coach Hoke's approach towards the team this week? Here are some thoughts I had.

(1) You (the players) are defined at Michigan by what you do against Ohio State. BEAT OHIO.

(2) This is a chance to create a memory for yourselves (seniors) or for the seniors.

(3) This is our bowl game. (Obviously, any bowl oppoent will not be as good as Ohio State.)

(4) Light them up that they have underperformed and can salvage the season with a win here.

(5) Don't overstate the game's importance. Focus on the process of getting better each day.

(6) Other (explain)





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Given the youth and depth of the OL, I don't think that anyone expected "great", "good", or even "above average" from the offense.  I think "average" or even "below average" would have been acceptable to most reasonable people (and likely resulted in 10 wins when you think about how close every loss except MSU was).

However, with a somewhat experienced quarterback, two senior tackles (one of whom is going to go at the top of the first round in the NFL), and at least average talent (if not depth) at RB and WR, the complete and total disaster that this offense has been has to fall on coaching.

Having no experience in the middle of the line does not resign an offensive unit to be terrible, it just means they won't be great.




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Analysis can be both quantitative and qualitative. One thing you might want to address in your analysis is how coaching, practice, and play calling with the players on your roster impact game results. This staff has issues on the offensive side. The players are not performing well either. Correcting performance issues happens with experience AND solid coaching. The numbers are only part of the story.


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Apologize to seniors in advance for what will transpire. Tell the 60 recruits that "something came up" and cancel their visits. Hug your wife. And refuse a headset and long sleeves because it's Hoke-y.

Blue Blue Blue

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the 1969 OSU team was a juggernaut, coming in having gone for 2 at the end of the previous year's 50-14 ass whipping.

Hoke should go "full Bo" including the inspirational captain's speech, followed by charging out of the locker room through the unopened (fake) door. 



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Stuck in 1969 is a big reason why Michigan is an average, far-from-elite program. Michigan fans still worship Bo, even though he's been away from the program for 20 years. If Michigan wants to actually win football games and enter into this century, it's time to move on from Bo and the Michigan Man BS and play to win national championships. We are Notre Dame. Actually no, we are worse. At least Notre Dame isn't stuck on a coach who last had a direct impact on the program 20 years ago.


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I still don't understand how respecting/adoring/loving Bo makes us an average, "far-from-elite" program in 2013.  As you said, no direct impact on the program for 20 years.

There's something to be said about dropping the "Michigan Man" coaching thing but would you still be saying that if we had landed Les Miles or Jim Harbaugh?


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The fact that every. single. time. we face any kind of adversity we reference a guy who hasn't coached in 25 years means that we can never live in the present and focus on the future. 


We have gone from making the "michigan man" thing be something extra to placing it in the forefront of our program. Harbaugh and Miles would have been great hires regardless of their affiliation with Michigan. Their connection to the program would have been an added bonus. The reason we have Brady Hoke, who had an all-time losing record and no history of winning championships, is because we have so many people inside and outside the administration that puts the connection to Bo ahead of everything else. 


Yes. Bo was a great coach. Yes. 1969 was a big upset. Yes. He gave a great speech and inspired people. But, he has no more impact on the current team than Yost, Crisler, etc, or at least, he shouldn't have any impact on the current team.


The man has been dead for 7 years. Over that time he's gone from an old coach that we loved to a god that we as a program worship. Anyone who doesn't worship him is deemed a heretic. And now we're about to get smoked by Ohio State. They have a coach who's won 2 national titles and is on the verge of his third season where he's won all his games, which, just for note, Bo never did. Why do they have that coach? Because Ohio State has spent less time time worrying about Woody Hayes and patting themselves on the back for games played four decades ago and more time looking at the college football landscape's change and responding accordingly. 



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The undefeated defending national chammpion Buckeyes were thought to be the "team of the century". It wasn't Michigan's own play that caused them to be a 15 point underdog.


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I Have A Gnarly Face

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"Guys! Gather around, gather around. Now...look . I mean, what can I say? This is one of the best teams in the country and their program is light years ahead of ours. Just try not to lose by 30 plus. KTHANKSBYE."


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just make sure there's plenty of hot chocolate for the tens of thousands of Ohio State fans that are going to take over the Big House......... again. At least be hospitable.


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Have the guys gather around. Point at each one and tell them how much I care about them maybe clap a few times just to emphasize that point. Lead them all in a round of The Victors. Walk out. I've done all that I can do.


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There is no greater challenge for a coach than trying to rally the troops after so many disappointments. You can talk til you're blue in the face. IF, and I stress if, some kids have lost faith in a coach or the staff, nothing you can say as a coach will change their performance. Hoke has an incredibly tough task this week. His kids are down, his qb is reeling, and the fans are revolting. IMO, this week is paramount to Coach Hoke's future here at Michigan. Not necessarily the presumed outcome of the game, but whether or not the kids will respond and "play for him". I don't envy his current position.


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"I don't envy his current position"

Hoke's head coaching mettle will be tested this week, that's for sure.

Best he can do is minimize lingering damage from previous games and get their focus on the upcoming game.  Win or lose, if they play with intensity and focus then Hoke will have succeeded in that goal.  But if they play as if they don't care, then Hoke will have failed in that goal, and that will be a very big problem for Hoke.