Urban Meyer: "Tom Harmon has one of the bright young minds in college football"

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OK, so he means Tom Herman, not Harmon.

Well, he might have said it......I mean it's right there in black and white.

"Tom Harmon has one of the bright young minds in college football," Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said of his coach who is, indeed, intellectual enough to be a member of the national high-IQ society, MENSA. "His philosophies are very similar to those of my own."

Tom Harmon at Ohio State 1940:





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To get into Mensa you have to score in the top 2% of an intelligence test.  I'm sure a large portion of the readserhip of this blog would fall into that category.


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so with MENSA, is it capped at the top 2% of the overall census population, say since the 2000 population was 281,421,906 then the membership to MENSA was capped at 5,628,438 and in 2010 the population was 308,745,538 so membership went up to 6,474,910?  or do they arbitrarily give an IQ floor and then if you are above it you can join and they just call it the top 2%?  

Wolverine Devotee

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Tom used to eat bitches like urban for breakfast.

His plane crashed and he walked to safety during WWII. He didn't leave the war for "health problems".

I'd like all ohio trash to keep Tom's name out of their mouth.

Spontaneous Co…

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Not for the Harmon thing but the other quote where he associates himself with an intellectual capacity that he cannot achieve on his own.

Sort of like me saying, "Stephen Hawking is one of the great minds of our time. His views on general relativity and quantum field theory mirror my own."

Seriously, what a douche.  Was this inteded to be a compliment to the young coach - because it comes off as a pathetic attempt at complimenting himself.