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09/25/2018 - 10:23am It is crazy how talented the…

It is crazy how talented the top level softball players are and how there is no place for them to earn a great living post-college.  NPF is a couple year transition for most to the “real world.”  I enjoy watching high level softball more than baseball.  My me too story is when my 10 year old went to a Sierra Romero hitting clinic in Texas and one of the coaches there inquired about her.  She had just switched from right to left and started slapping.  She told us to call someone named Norelle Dickson who worked with slappers in our area.  Come to find out that she’s five minutes from our house, was an All American at Oklahoma and was a first round NPF draft pick.  Every time we are there and I watch her I just can’t believe that someone that talented doesn’t have a viable professional league to reward her incredible skill set.

07/17/2018 - 6:10pm Frequency dropped about 75%…

Frequency dropped about 75% due solely to no app.  I don’t care how mobile friendly the full website claims to be, it is way more cumbersome than the app was.  Biggest pet peeve...when I click “Read More” why in the world does it take me back to the top of the article?  Obviously I read to that point already.

03/27/2018 - 4:24pm Definitely Sampson

The way he declared Jordan Poole the obvious "X" factor, added to what has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread make me very confident that it was Coach Sampson.  He also would be very surprised by our physical defense since his last run in with Beilein was when our D was super soft.

03/27/2018 - 2:46pm That steal he had at 2:19

required some real intuition /s

02/09/2018 - 7:15pm Not quite

The programs were not on equal footing when Jim arrived. Softball was already the OSU of the B1G. Superior players when compared to every other team in the conference and it was and is always a surprise when the ladies fail to win the B1G. Plus they had a steady hand at the wheel for decades. I think it is silly to compare the two at all, but if you are going to do so, then let’s be fair.

01/04/2018 - 3:43pm Stars Matter and Don't Matter

Too many variables at play to really know.  When the staff is critized for taking a 3 star, the criticism is based on the fact that, statistically, a lower % of 3 stars pan out than 5 stars.  But that assumes all 3 stars are created equal, and they are not.  Count me in the camp of folks who, knowing nothing, would take a 5 star over a 3 star, but believing that our staff is doing a pretty deep dive into each of these kids and they see something in these kids that make them 4 or 5 stars to our prgoram.  After a few years I would be interested to analyze the star = success issue just within our own program to see how it compares to the national average.

12/01/2017 - 3:15pm If Dave Brandon...

Took over Amazon he would cancel Prime because they could charge their best customers for shipping

10/20/2017 - 9:49am Penn State Editors

Maybe you should focus some of your enthusiasm on your grammar. Came out of the booth with a misplaced comma and then butchered the Teddy R quote. Reading this made me feel better about my Michigan degree! If that makes me arrogant, then I am enthusiastically so.

10/02/2017 - 11:23am Championshit!

"t" is nowhere near "p" on the qwerty - but if this a case of fat fingers, I love it.

01/25/2017 - 3:42pm Two words

Thank God



01/24/2017 - 8:52am Actually

his name was Rob.  Their real last name is Rechsteiner.  "Rick" just took the beginning of the last name for his stage name.

01/12/2017 - 10:30am OSU will figure it out in time to beat us

then return to their shitty play

01/12/2017 - 10:12am Yes

This is the proper analysis of Beilein's offensive prowess.  As far as I can tell, we don't have a single player who takes any pride in defense and rebounding.  And sadly, those are two aspects of the game that are ingrained into the player's DNA.  Very few players become great defenders (expecially perimter players) or rebounders.  You reap what you sow - and this product is a direct reflection of the recruiting focus.  If Beilein was an offensive genius he should be taking kids that have natural ability at defense and rebounding and then turning them into offensive gems.


11/23/2016 - 9:11pm Not a bad player

But he is a bad player to try and run your offense through. He isn't worse than his freshman year, he is less effective in his increased role. He is a turnover prone streak shooter. He needs to ride pine when he is cold. Instead we keep featuring him in the offense. How many times did he have the ball at the end of the shot clock???? He is terrible in that role. When the offense bogs down, it should be in MAAR's hands.

11/20/2016 - 9:28pm Disgusted

The clock operator also screwed up the previous two plays that milked about a second off, to MSU's benefit, of course. Then started the clock when FGCU inbounded the ball, as opposed to when the FGCU player caught it. Instead of having 1.4 seconds to collect himself and shoot it, the buzzer went off when he caught it so he lamely tossed up a half hook shot. This is the type of shit that makes me hate MSU. And of course the referees won't replay the final play. Unbelievable. FGCU played their asses off and then lost their final opportunity to win due the incompetence of the clock operator and refs.

10/20/2016 - 12:51pm I still blame Dantonio

for MSU leading the list.

06/30/2016 - 5:06pm I used to make fun of my son for playing Minecraft

It looked stupid to me.  Then his class had a Jamestown project and he built the whole village.  It was really neat.  He has since built skyscrapers, airports, boats, etc.  And it has been fun to watch as his sense of scale and proportion have improved.  I would rather him play Minecraft than almost any other video game.  Plus it has lasted.  He started when he was 7 or 8 and still plays it some at age 11.

It still looks stupid to me, but I actually think it has some value.

06/30/2016 - 4:32pm Interesting time for this to be a topic

My son is 11 on a 12U travel team.  I just emailed his travel program to tell them we would like to stop playing in travel tournaments and just train with them.    He plays LIttle League too, and absolutely loves it.  We are in Orlando and travel baseball here is huge, but I don't find the quality to be worth the outrageous weekend time committment of the tournaments.  He generally faced better pitching in Little League because he played up a division and faced much older, more physically mature kids.  We skipped Majors division (the LLWS division) because we wanted to play open bases.  My desire to be involved in travel baseball is not for the tournaments, it is for the instruction and development at the practices and small group pitching and hitting workshops the travel program provides.  The weekend tournaments suck.  I really wish more travel programs were focused on developing baseball talent and encouraged participation in youth rec leagues, but it is all about the money and that would require a travel program to voluntarily sacrifice money, which isn't going to happen.

05/04/2016 - 11:46am This would be an immediate upgrade

He plays like a Xavier player.  Need I say more.

05/03/2016 - 3:56pm Too bad if true

because I was curious to watch Kam continue to develop (or not develop, perhaps.)  He just had one of those somewhat unique skill sets for his size that could have been problematic for opposing teams.  But I am also not going to pretend like he was all of the sudden going to go beast mode.  In fact, I think the likely scenario is that his passiveness would continue to hamper him.  So, assuming he leaves, put me in Camp Optimism that counts all 3 transfers as potential addition by subtraction.  I think Wagner's progression is such that Doyle's departure is a complete non-event.  I think there is no way Watson is a worse defender than Dawkins, and so that could help us.  I kind of liked Chatman defending and rebounding at the 4 because I am not a huge Irvin fan, and we lose that unless some combination of Wilson/Donnal/Wagner can also absorb that workload.  If you count Irvin for 20 min at the 4, then Wilson/Donnal/Wagner need to play 60 min of 4/5 time.  Clearly doable, but injuries or foul trouble could force Teske into more action than we want. 

05/03/2016 - 10:27am Jailyn Ford has some serious supporters

the Oklahoma player getting a lot of votes is not surprising.  But JMU is really reppin

04/06/2016 - 3:50pm sadly

I find this flurry of activity more exciting than the actual season was

03/03/2016 - 11:24am Hold on

You have to at least acknoweldge the content of the discussion.  This is not a "Fire Beilein" thread where all the Beilein backers need to come out and remind everyone that we stunk before he was here, and we recently were very good.  This is a simple hypothetical.  Would it be a good idea to replace Beilein with Brad Stevens.  I think the answer to that question is "Yes" every day of the week and twice on Sunday - especially considering Beilein's age.  Anyone who disagrees is f'ing crazy.

Of course, it isn't happening, so who cares?

02/12/2016 - 4:58pm If KenPom is right

Then we played a hell of a game! Go Blue!

02/10/2016 - 8:51am Same boat with my 11 year old

Very solid kid.  Would be an excellent linebacker.  We won't let him play.  He has played flag and enjoyed it.  My hope is that we can transition him to lacrosse where there is an opportunity to be aggressive without as high of a risk of head to head contact.

02/03/2016 - 6:57pm Sick of reading about needing big men

 who can score.  We don't need those at all.  It would be ideal if we just had a couple bigs who made opposing guards think twice about entering the lane.  But our personnel is, by objective metrics, sufficient.  Unfortunately, ti appears our players' effort is dictated by being able to hit easy open shots.  When the going gets tough for us (which equates to whenever we play a good defensive team) we fold.  If the team defended like their lives depended on it then we could compete with the upper echelon teams like IU, Xavier, SMU even when the offense is not clicking.  Some teams dig deep, we check out.  All is not lost though, the team can still develop a more resilient, fighter mentality.  Go Blue!

01/26/2016 - 1:06pm Thank you

First - I don't think anyone on the board disagrees with the idea that the staff should tell the kids they no longer have a spot as soon as they possibly can.  But we have no information that they are not doing that.  People are assuming that the staff knew months and months ago.  I honestly do not think the staff knew in October, if they would have a spot for Weaver.

I am fine with this practice as long as there is transparency when the offer is extended.  And I have absolutely no reason to think that there was any lack of clarity on the part of the staff when these kids were offered early.  It seems clear that this staff tells kids to explore every option and to visit whatever school they want even after they "commit" to us.  I suspect part of that is due to the fact that this staff tells kids no spot is guaranteed.  I bet they even tell some of them to have a contingency plan in place and as things become clearer they will update them.  The bottom line is the staff does not know if Weaver will have a spot until very close to signing day when the picture becomes clearer.  I get that that sucks for Swenson and Weaver because they want to come to Michigan, but I do not think it indicates our staff doing anything unethical. 


01/22/2016 - 8:53am It seems like...

It is a net gain in the coaches eyes and I don't doubt their assessment of O-lineman.  I might be a little more leery if we were talking about passing up a 4 star for a 2 star or unranked recruit.  But Swenson is a 5.9 on Rivals and Spannelis is a 5.8.  So considering how difficult it is to correlate rankings with success for O-line anyway, I completely agree with the staff and their decision pass on Swenson for Spannelis seems to be well thought out.

Also, regarding the media fallout, I am sure I not saying anything new, but I have not commented on it while I have been waiting for the info to flow in.  Seems like Swenson was told months ago to pick up his game or else he might lose his spot.  I don't like the thought of pulling offers either, and I can't relate directly to the athletic arena because I was not not a college athlete.  But if I am applying to schools during my sophmore or junior year and the school told me you are in because your current grades qualify you, but we need to see improvement in a few areas over the next year or two or we may rescind your acceptance for a more qualified candidate, I would not have a problem with that.   How could I?  And I have read nothing that convinces me that was not what was happening.  Just because Swenson, his parents and his coach say he still wanted to go to Michigan and Michigan pulled his offer, that does not mean the staff did not relay a message similar to what I suggested above to him, motnhs ago, and maybe even a year ago when they first came in and evaluated everyone who had committed.  So what the media is reporting is NOT inconsistent with what I think is perfectly acceptable, transparent behavior.



01/21/2016 - 10:47am Tyus Edney

In 1995 it was a buzzer beater in the tourney when Tyus Edney went the full length of the Court in 4.8 seconds and got a shot off.  If you assume our 10 possessions average only 2 seconds each, Minnesota did that 10 times in a row yesterday.  Granted they did not make them all, but they were allowed to execute it.  I also love Beilein and support the team 100% but you are right, put someone on this issue.  It is crazy how many basketball games come down to execution in the final two minutes. 

01/21/2016 - 9:22am This x 1000

WTF was going on for the last minute?  I have never seen so many possessions in that time period.  In addition to letting them roll the ball, we just entered some ridiculous mindset that the worst thing in the world is a foul and so we should just let them drive for layups.  Thank God we shot free throws well.  A couple more missed free throws and we very easily could have lost this game up 9 with a minute to go.  You should apply some light full court pressure to make them use an extra few seconds to get the ball upcourt, and then you still have to play solid defense.  You try not to foul, but you have to defend and contest to burn the clock.  There should have been half as many possessions in the last 1:04. 


EDIT:  Just checked and Minensota had TEN possessions in the last 64 seconds!  That means we had about the same number.  I know they fouled quickly, but good God man, that is terrible defensive execution on our part.

01/13/2016 - 5:08pm Good info

I believe as the rotation gets settled, everyone will play better because everyone will have a better understanding of what they need to do to increase the chances of winning.  Because we don't win games with one on one athletic superiority, we win with execution, I think it takes us longer to figure out what is going to be reliable.  Once you know what you can rely on, then you can gameplan a lot better.   Our post play and defense may not improve a lot, but if the team can learn how to execute Beilein's offensive system against good defenses, we will be fine.  And fun to watch.

01/13/2016 - 4:54pm I miss Albreches

and I like that name change.

01/12/2016 - 4:50pm SEC is so slimy

They are vehemently opposed to this but yet when Clinton-Dix and Dee Hart were being recruited Alabama paid tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade the facilities at the high school they went to (Dr. Phillips in Orlando).  Such bullshit.

01/11/2016 - 5:18pm Not gloom and doom, but very frustrated thusfar.

In all of our wins we have shot over 50% except one 48.3% and one 48.4%.  In our 4 loses we shot 40.4%, 32.1%, 35% and 37.7%.  In the past, under Beilein, when we have not been great, I have still felt like we could beat almost anyone if we shot well.  And this is one of the worst years, in terms of my excitement for each game, because our poor shooting nights have not been random, they are imposed on us by our opponents, which means I feel like I know what is likely to happen before tip off, based solely on who we are playing.  I get the random off night and can deal with that as long as there are random hot nights where we get some unexpected wins.  E.g. I would gladly exchange our win versus Elon for a win versus Purdue because it would show that our success or failure is more dependent on what we do than on what our opposition is doing to us.  I hate the feeling that every team with a pulse, defensively, can impose their will on us and take away our strengths, and we have no ability to do the same thing to them.  The bottom line is that this team has only shown the ability to out play bad, or questionable (Texas and NC State) outfits.  That makes for a very boring season, and a dissapointing one when you start with the (so far incorrect) thought that we were only clearly inferior to a few teams on the schedule.  It sucks when you turn on a game against the number 20 team in the country (not Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, etc.)  and after 5 minutes you realize what seems inevitable, so you fast forward through the game just to get the confirmation that you were right. 

Now this is the part where I pray that I am wrong about this team going forward, and that it all turns around tomorrow.  Go Blue!

12/14/2015 - 11:29am Orlando area resident here -

Orlando area resident here - with kids.  SInce you said "serious question" I will bite.

The Magic Kingdom is ridiculously crowded almost every day, although you can randomly get lucky.  The other parks do have down times still.  Year in and year out the busiest week is 12/24-1/1.  The  couple days on either end can be equally bad.  The second worst week is Easter, followed by the other "long weekend" holidays - Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day.  If you can go from mid-Jan through Feb, end of April through mid-May and middle of Sept through middle of Nov, you will have the best luck (and the best weather.)

Best way to enjoy the Magic Kingdom is to get Park Hopper passes and go to the MK for the first few hours that it is open and the last few hours and do a less crowded park in the middle.  Or schedule your Fast Passes between 11 and 6 and do a few of the other things that you don't really have to wait too long for in the middle of the day (Tom Sawyer Island, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Steam Train, Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor,  Mickey's Philharmagic, ride the Monorail, etc.)

I hope this helps keep one or more MGoBlogger sane while they are down here.


11/25/2015 - 10:35pm This sucks

It feels like we are shell shocked when people play defense against us. Almost like we are surprised that teams won't just let us run our sets without harassing us. Makes us look so soft. New Flash - in an actual game, the other team tries to stop you from scoring and they really want to score and get rebounds against you.

11/09/2015 - 4:51pm This is a fun game...

Things Tim Beckman does not believe exist...

Hamstring Injuries

Winning Records

11/09/2015 - 4:46pm Looks like we took out MSU and OSU...

in rounds 2 and 3 on the way to the title.  Suck on that Spartans and Buckeyes.

10/14/2015 - 5:09pm 27-7 Michigan

27-7 Michigan Wins

10/08/2015 - 2:13pm 33-3 Michigan Wins

33-3 Michigan Wins

09/29/2015 - 8:49am I like our chances against both MSU and OSU

I think the general consensus is that we are finally experiencing the benefits of great coaching and we are physically and emotionally prepared to face MSU.  But I also think that we match up well with OSU's offense when Cardale Jones is under center.  I like our chances against OSU better with Jones at QB than JT Barrett.  It seems like with Jones, the OSU offense is based on a physical running attack using both Elliott and Jones and an assortment of downfield shots.  I like our ability to stop the running attack with the occassional shots at our corners.  Of course, the flip side of that is I have no idea how our offense will perform against OSU's defense.  I have significant concerns that Rudock will need to see and attack tight windows.  Right now, when he is required to do that, he typically tries to scramble or throw the ball away.

Anyone else prefer to see OSU with Jones at QB over JT?

07/22/2015 - 5:05pm Thank, OP

A Utah (Sept 3) - 3
H Oregon State (Sept 12) - 5
H UNLV (Sept 19) - 6
H BYU (Sept 26) - 4
A Maryland (Oct 3) - 8
H Northwestern (Oct 10) - 11
H Michigan State (Oct 17) - 2
A Minnesota (Oct 31) - 9
H Rutgers (Nov 7) - 12
A Indiana (Nov 14) - 10
A Penn State (Nov 21) - 7
H Ohio State (Nov 28) - 1

07/21/2015 - 3:45pm Kam is awesome sauce...

from the left corner

04/23/2015 - 10:24am This gif is great

Is the Rhino pro style and the goat spread?

04/01/2015 - 4:22pm He's Joel Osteen

You can't get a better inside source than his - the Almighty Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and Omniscient Source of Michigan Football Knowledge.

04/01/2015 - 10:20am I feel terrible for you

We had litter mates (boy and girl) and we had to put the boy down last fall.  Hardest thing I have ever had to do.  Just know that you gave Kodie a great life and in return, he gave you a treasure trove of wonderful memories.

03/30/2015 - 11:24am Excellent point

Remember when the previous staff kept talking about accountability?  I never recall seeing a concrete example so I came to believe that it just meant protecting each other, no matter what.  That can be admirable but it certainly does not equate to improved on-field results.  This article provides actual examples of how a staff can take actions that will teach the players to be accountable.  It is like Harbaugh has said - it isn't about talking it, it's about doing it.

03/25/2015 - 4:31pm Oops then

got excited for nothing.  Feel free to delete!

01/13/2015 - 8:19pm Finally JB sending a message

Irvin and Levert riding pine. 

01/13/2015 - 8:19pm Finally JB sending a message

Irvin and Levert riding pine.