UConn Depth Chart - [Kinda] Young, Inexperienced....

Submitted by BKFinest on August 25th, 2010 at 9:29 PM

And about to get pummeled by us. Look at their Depth Chart:




8 freshmen/sophomores on Offense - Zero seniors

7 freshment/sophomores on Defense - Zero seniors  - All Freshman DBs...


[mod edit: these numbers appear to be outdated (by a year) but even if they're sophomores it's better than a team of seniors... right? riiiiiight?]



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Just because the depth chart is "updated" doesn't mean the information that surrounds it is correct.  This isn't breaking news, so you could have easily double checked the information before you posted.  No reason to get all pissy at me because I pointed out that your post may be a little less than true.


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Something is screwed up with their site.

Switch the offense from 3-WR to Power-I and you'll see two Seniors starting at both tackle spots, and several other changes.

They're far more experienced than the first glance shows.

E.L. blue fan

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I know star ratings are overrated and there are many other factors that go into the quality of a college football player...but 9 of their 11 starters on offense were 2 star prospects according to rivals. Hopefully that means they don't have the raw athletic ability to take advantage of our weaknesses on defense. 


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Their front 7 on defense isn't nearly as small as the Rivals numbers indicate.

Player (Rivals weight/UConn site weight)

DE Joseph (238/255)

DE Campbell (232/232)

DT Reyes (286/298)

DT Martin (265/292)

LB Johnson (210/227)

LB Wilson (221/226)

LB Lutrus (241/245)


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C'mon, ladies! Get your stuff together. Seriously, every year we play a full slate of Big 10 games, play them hard, and, recent history excepted, usually win, and we're supposed to get our crap in a twist over these athletics trainers assistants' little sisters we're playing here?

Throw on a fresh pair of panties and shut your whiny hole. They ain't got a prayer.

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