Two new Michigan crystal balls from Steve Wiltfong

Submitted by Bluey on June 18th, 2018 at 10:10 PM

David Ojabo and Quinten Johnson. Johnson has the 8th highest Nike Sparq score in the country and is a 5-11 ATH. Ojabo is a 6-5 DE who has only been playing football for one year. He ran a 10.93 100M! He's from the same school as PSU signee Jayson Oweh last year. Would be a great pickup.



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Super fast kid, great ball skills played WR as well. Should also be in for a heavy ranking bump too from the opening this summer as well. Getting johnson could also be a great piece not just as a player, but also as a recruiting key at St.Johns. We are also recruting their RB Keilian Robinson and 2020 WR Rakim Jarrett, who both are heavily interested in us. 

Navy Wolverine

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Ojabo has a pretty impressive offer list including ND, PSU, Clemson, OSU, Texas A&M and a few other P5 schools.

Johnson was offered by PSU and just picked up an Alabama offer. Maryland, BC, UNC, UVA, IU have also offered.


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I've heard of Ojabo, so I know a bit about his potential. It's first time reading about Johnson; I definitely like that 'Bama offer. 


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It happens quite a lot.

Just looking at the two most recent Michigan classes, there are quite a few 3* commits that simply don’t camp or were slated to play other sports that flew under the radar. 

I mean look at the current class. Jack Stewart is our second lowest rated commit currently. He was outside the top 1000 when he committed. The recruiting sites said they’d never seen him play because he doesn’t camp. Then take a look at his offer list.

Matte Kudasai

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We'll find out if they flew under the radar.  I still think last years class was a major clunker but I would love to be wrong.  This year's class needs to be great.  This season is massively important to the long term success of the program.

And I would still love to know what's going on with our in-state recruiting, because it's important to fix whatever is wrong.


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Major clunker according to who though? The recruiting sites?

That just proves my point. Why are we as fans supposed to listen to who they say is/isn’t good when it comes to individual players when Rivals just admitted they stopped paying attention to Cam McGrone (army all-American and one of the top LBs in the country) and ESPN only had an underclass evaluation on him? 

I mean, this is one of the top recruits in the country and 2/3 sites all but ignore him. Why in the hell would I, as a rational fan, take the opinion of a site who hasn’t scouted one of the top linebackers in the country since his sophomore year into account? 

Thats just pure laziness on the part of the recruiting services. No offense, but taking their word for how good a kid is at this point and calling a class a dud before the kids even arrive on campus is pure laziness too. 

People get too caught up in where these kids are ranked at instead of looking at WHY they’re ranked where they are. 

The “we’ll find out if they flew under the radar” comment goes both ways. You can get excited about a top ranked class all you want. But you can also play the “we’ll find out if they live up to the hype” game too. We had the “top OL recruiting class in the country” a few years ago. Our OL still sucked. One of our best OL in the past decade was a walk-on with zero offers.

I just think it’s high time we as fans STOP taking the rankings as if they’re holy scripture and do some of our own “scouting” on these kids before we determine how good of a class we have. 

Sten Carlson

June 19th, 2018 at 2:51 PM ^

Amen to this Jonny!

To me, the entirety of the "Recruiting Site Class Ranking" is at the heart of the Michigan fanbase's frustration and polarization -- we're being jerked around from the Hype side to the Underachieving side of the discussion.  The fact of the matter is, it's neither.  Every program -- yes even OSU and Alabama -- has "can't miss recruits" who don't live up to their billing, and walk-on's with no offers who become integral team leaders.  We see over and over again how these rankings are used to disparage the coaching staff for missing, settling, or not developing players.

It's pathetic to me, and I wish the recruiting sites would just disappear all together.

Sten Carlson

June 19th, 2018 at 3:00 PM ^

Nothing is wrong with in-state recruiting ...except for the fact that you and others insist that there is something wrong.  It ebbs and flows, comes and goes, based upon a myriad of factors -- most of which we're not privy to.  Yet, despite having only a sliver of the information necessary to make an actuate assessment, the pessimistic and self-flagellating Michigan fan continues to make the sky out to be falling and THIS year to be an OR ELSE year.  Every year is import, as is every class.  Every school hits and every misses some of their targets.  Good lord has this fanbase become disappointing.


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Call me a masochist, but my favorite part about this thread was thinking about how painful it was for him to write something positive.