Tacopants to transfer?

Submitted by maineandblue on April 20th, 2009 at 9:11 PM

So word is that Tacopants has been really unhappy lately, especially since Threet transferred and Tate ignored him during the spring game.

"Last season was pretty rough," says the veteran Michigan receiver, "but at least Steven got me the ball on a regular basis, and Nick really tried to throw to me but, well, let's just leave it at that."

It's been reported that Tacopants was really upset when Threet transferred and is worried that Tate Forcier may be the starter this year. "In practice and the spring game, it seemed like he couldn't even see me," said the 10 foot tall invisible receiver.

I don't have time to make this post as funny as it deserves to be, just wanted to put the idea out there. Hopefully y'all can have some fun with it...



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Tacopants will make a great living in the NFL though as he moves on to being Calvin Johnson's 10 foot tall invisible friend when Matt Stafford overthrows him on every play.

Court Wenley

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But Tacopants will never transfer, he is now a staple of Michigan Football, and has been cleared by the NCAA to play for Michigan for eternity. Until we have a quarterback with a 100% completion percentage, he is the the 11 and a half(th?) man. The Lions will have to settle for for someone other than Tacopants in my opinion.


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Transfer? I had heard he had been suspended from the team for getting in an argument with Tate - something about never getting the ball - but I didn't know he was taking it quite that far.

This saddens me. He has been one of our most consistent receivers the past few years.


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Very nice! Brought a smile to my face.

I heard that TacoPants had another good friend with the same initials down in C-bus???? I heard because of the whole family values thing, he was looking to follow Butterball Boren and also because he knew with the arm that the other TP had he would get many touches.


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You know I just thought of something...

Is it possible that in the infamous Greg Paulus flop video it is actually just Tacopants driving hard to the lane and picking up the charge!!!?????


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after his most productive year. Maybe he will decide to stay. After all, Braylon stayed and that really helped Henne. Somehow, though, I don't see Taco Pants having the kind of timing and rapport with Tate that Henne had with Braylon.


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I never quite understood why Tacopants was Jason Avant's invisible friend. Shouldn't he have been Henne's friend? Henne was the one throwing to him.