"Super Drunk" driver upset about Wolverines' woes

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His blood-alcohol level at the police station was 0.24 percent, above the state’s 0.17 percent super-drunk standard. The man’s car was impounded.

While he was being booked, he said he drank so much because he was upset that the University of Michigan’s football team lost 29-6 at Michigan State University the day before. He said he also was upset with the play-calling of Offensive Coordinator Al Borges, whose Wolverines rushed for a negative-48 yards, the worst ground performance since the school started playing football in 1879. 

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I got insanely drunk that night too but I didn't drive. 



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What is amazing about it is that he is apparently from Wolverine Lake, but that Sunoco station - and I know this because I've filled up at it - is at Telegraph and Penn, about a mile and a half north of I-94 and about a mile south of Outer Drive. He only missed home by about 30 miles or so. 


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What could be worse than the hangover this man had the next day, COMBINED with the reality that, yeah -- we got our asses kicked again by lil bro.

Thats a tough morning.


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"Officers at the scene discovered a 70-year-old female was in the back seat covered by a blanket, apparently passed out. Rumors that it was a high UM official have been unconfirmed."


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I am now a man (I'm 40!) but in my younger days I would get hammered after losses.  I only found it made me feel even worse about things the next day.  

So for me drinking heavily after a loss is like letting the opponent beat you twice.   For those of you who don't get hangovers maybe it doesn't apply, or your definition of "heavy drinking" is different than mine.

French West Indian

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Generally speaking, having spent plenty of time in parts of the world where drinking & driving is not illegal (sometimes even encouraged), it is apparent that drinking & driving is way too over-criminalised in the United States.

And in this case specifically, did the "superdrunk" hurt anybody or anything?  Did he run a stop sign or commit any infraction?  No, he was actually parked and sleeping in his car.  He clearly made a mistake...but is it really a jail-worthy mistake?  F'in MADD.  Folks should be more concerned with the Police State rather that Michigan State or Ohio State.


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Bad-mouthing Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is so pro.  You know, because they're really a great group to target.  I mean, c'mon!  Their members only join when they have loved ones that are murdered.  Their selfish motives are so clear!  Working hard to protect innocent people from assholes is just a cover.  All they really care about is themselves and their own families. 

I suggest you talk to someone who has lost a loved one because of an individual's selfish actions and come back here with an apology.


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...last Saturday a Range Rover with 4 people in it sped towards me at 1:00 AM southbound in the fast lane on M24 as I was driving sober and northbound. I and three other northbound cars veered two lanes over avoiding this idiot as he then flew the median back to the safety (?) of his own southbound travails.


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Borges doesnt care how many lives he ruins.  He's a Borges and that's just what Borges's do.

Wait till the OSU game is over.  The entire state of Michigan will pop 2.5 on the drunk-o-meter I'll bet.  Half drowing their sorrows and the other half celebrating.

Walter E. Kurtz

November 12th, 2013 at 12:08 PM ^

That's probably not as wild a scenario as one may think given the state of Michigan football.  Wish I could blow the deuce like that guy, but the wife's pregnant and I promised her I would not drink because she can't. Paraphrasing Lloyd Bridges in Airplane!, "Looks like I picked the wrong season to stop drinking."


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I digress a little, but it needs to be said.. I agree with Brian now, that we've become ND, after the Hoke hire.... the past two rushing weeks...had RR been coach?  A real crucifixion... but since its "MIchigan man" Hoke, it then puts eveyone in cognitive dissonance, and instead fingering blame on the outsiders Borges and Funk....