March 19th, 2014 at 3:59 PM ^

Ask Perry, Hart, Biakabatuka, Thomas, and Wheatley if he actually coaches... I think they'll all say he knows his shit.

Apologies ahead of time if you were just playing, but I think FJ takes a lot of crap from M fans, considering how many great backs he's help mold. One of the better RB coaches and recruiters (this one may be a reach) of our time.


March 19th, 2014 at 11:58 PM ^

I think FJ takes a lot of crap from M fans, considering how many great backs he's help mold.

He took no crap for most of his tenure here. Then those great backs stopped appearing (and in many cases, just stopped blocking) and people got frustrated. 

He also has been behind some questionable offers of guys he knew personally. 

Tyrone Biggums

March 19th, 2014 at 4:57 PM ^

I have a feeling Wyatt is going to impress us at the H-back this year. Not sure that we'll see much of the pistol but this article shows how the H can pose significant matchup problems. We really haven't seen anyone dynamic at that position since Aaron Shea/BJ Askew, but I think Wyatt may fit the bill. 2014!…


March 19th, 2014 at 5:18 PM ^

I'm guessing you missed this article.…


In addition to recruiting powerful linemen and drilling schemes relentlessly, the Nussmeier system will also involve the use of tight ends and H-backs to control the edges and create stress points in the defense. With a large variety of unbalanced formations, Nussmeier makes the defense choose whether it wants to risk being out-leveraged by the run or the pass.


March 19th, 2014 at 6:37 PM ^

hopefully hes drilling those cats on pass pro as frequently as possible during group sessions.  and then giving them plenty of drills to rep together in off time and over summer.  and agreed re shallman, i hope youre right.  seems like hes smart, tough, athletic and versatile enough to fill that H role and create some mismatches.  really hoping shallman and the other redshirt hill are able to make impact this year, they desparately need versatile athletes to produce at H this year - even more so since their FBs and TEs have been really poor past few years  (obviously aside from funchess in pass game)


March 19th, 2014 at 8:09 PM ^

Anybody know how Nussmeier's offense will accomodate a running QB?  I don't think I ever saw Alabama intentially run the QB.  Just wondering how this would be done in his offense.  Do you guys think we will just run some zone read option plays within his offense?

Prince Lover

March 20th, 2014 at 1:03 AM ^

But I always liked the quote that said if a nuclear bomb hit Ann Arbor, the only survivors would be cockroaches and Fred Jackson. Of course this was in reference to his coaching under 4 different coaches and not calling him a pest....

Mr. Yost

March 20th, 2014 at 8:14 AM ^

...but what I saw was awful (okay - so maybe a little overreaction). No wonder Fitz couldn't come out of the game. No one else looks like he can block.

Love Coach Jackson as a man, but this isn't peewee football. He's great at uplifting spirits and being positive. But laughing everything off when guys are supposed to be going game speed is a little concerning to me.

He's teaching it, so no blame there, but there's still some disconnect because it's not like these are 1st year guys.

I love that he wants guys to have fun, I do too...but everything seems to be taken with the "great job for trying hard" attitude. "Great job son, you'll get them next time...Capri Sun's and orange slices are down there in the endzone. Thank Jimmy's mom for bringing them for us today."

And yes, they all deserve a pat on the back for given maximum effort --- no question. But at some point, at this level, you still have to do it right.

I felt like I was watching a great coach while he was coaching middle school football. Not becuase he was positive, I'm NOT saying that at all...I like that. I don't like guys who scream just to scream. But just in the way he was communcating was like he was talking to 12 year olds putting pads on for the first time.

The "nice try" attitude is wonderful, but at some point they have to DO what you're trying to teach. And hopefully they do and the editors of the video just chose to show us the bad plays and "teaching moments." But if you go off the last few years, plus this video, it doesn't give you much hope. (V. Smith's blocking not included)

I guess all I'm saying is that I'd expect a major D1 college practice to sound a little differently than an elementary/middle school practice. Coach Hoke is also positive when he coaches the DL, but to me, you can see him get after it a little more, teach a little more and CONNECT a little more. For most of this video I felt like Coach Jackson was just talking to himself and the guys weren't even paying attention to him.

So I'll probably be crucified, but I'll just say that I hope this was just a result of editing - because I didn't see anything of note in this video other than Coach Jackson is an amazing guy with a very positive attitude and full of encouragement.