Sparty Hate Thread (Day 3)

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I have a thought concerning this whole Wal Mart Wolverine thing that I just brought up to a friend (copy and pasted):

I think in corporate terms it's a compliment. We're the mega giants of the academic/athletic world the same way Wal Mart rules the supermarket world. I think MSU would technically be considered Jewel-Osco because they only have relevance in one state and even then they are overrun by the competition. So, yes, you can call them Jewel-Osco Spartans.



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if you know an engineer who is also a state fan or alum, tell their five year old son that the spartans like to beat up engineers, like his daddy.  you can see the internal conflict of rooting for the spartans, who his father loves but also rooting for someone who hates his father.  this is how wolverines are born.


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Manipulation of the children of Spartie?  Man, that is low.  Extremely funny and effective, but low.

My cousin went to Michigan and her husband is a Spartie grad.  When their first child was born, my cousin's father immediately began teaching the kid to say "Poor old Spartie" and now he runs around saying it all the time.  I can see the kid's father die inside a little bit every time he hears it.  Good stuff!


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I explained to my five year old that, because michigan state football players set things on fire and beat up kids that go to their school, they have to be in prison all week until saturday, when they get to play a football game.  Then they all have to go back to prison until the next game.  It's not technically true, but it should be. 


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I hate MSU because when I travel people get the 2 schools confused.  People think MSU sucked, Michigan sucked.  Then I have to explain the little brother thing all over. 


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It's a magical place called Arizona, where the plants never grow and are prickly.  I've had several people there try to convince me that there is no Michigan:  Just Michigan State.  They had never heard of a "University of Michigan".  They still didn't get it after I pointed that there is an Arizona and Arizona State.

Now that I've finished my tangent, fuck the spartys.  They contribute nothing to college football and the world in general.


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Ohmigosh, and over heeeeeeere is where I keep all of my matches and lighter fluuuuid. It's, like, gonna be super useful for when we need to party and we don't have enough space for activities in our big living room and we need to go outside and burn some stuffffff. But, like, you know how that goes because, like, I always get crazy when I'm sipping my diet pepssssssi.

Goodbye... Columbus

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I grew up in East Lansing so many, many of my best friends went to MSU.  Every time this game rolls around, though, I do not hear a peep from them about it.  Why?  No one has made good on our $10 bet on the 2004 Braylonfest game yet.  Deadbeats, cheapskates and cowards all.


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Late at night Sparty fans come out to prowl and forage.  So what do they do?  Since they don't  plan ahead their best option at this point is to hit the local Speedy Mart for snacks and groceries...hence Speedy Mart Spartans. 


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Until Recently I never really cared about MSU fans or their football program. They were the little rat that always got their ass handed to them and historically have never really been a factor in our domination. Sure I get excited for the game but I don't live in Spartyville. My hatred is for the team down south!

My hatred began after our loss in 2008 and intesified after the loss in 2009. This doesn't have to do with losing to them but rather their attitude towards us on beating us. Sparty fans act like they won a National Title and beat us 56-0. And they act like they beat us during a banner year were it affected our Big Ten title! WTF!!

They beat the FUCKING WORST 2 TEAMS IN OUR PROGRAMS HISTORY, BARELY!!  Their classless uneducated fan base is what pisses me off about them. It's ok after the next few seasons they will all return to basketball fans, once again!


Thanks, I feel better now

STW P. Brabbs

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I love that, when I visted my friend at State, I saw the following sign:

Sheep Research and Teaching Institute

If you don't respect that, you don't respect greatness.  

They're teaching the sheep! 


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HOw about just Spartan Spartans?  I think Spartan is just a grocery chain for Mid-Michigan, so that would be even less relevant than Jewel-Osco?

Anyways, as I was photographing Spartan Stadium, I stumbled across a little construction trailer.  It seems that they are looking to renovate their stadium so that they can be more like thier big brother.  So I wandered into the trailer and saw the plans.  It looks like they are going to add concertina wire and guard towers so the players feel more at home.