SIAP-Looking ahead to Rutgers

Submitted by Bo248 on September 12th, 2017 at 8:06 PM
I just returned to MICH from near the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia and noticed that Rutgers lost to EMU 16-13 on Saturday. I did a search and didn't find a post...but it seems that EMU (Eastern Mich) continues to improve (?) beating Rutgers. First Power 5 win in school history (59 overall games). Seems that Rutgers continues to languish and will likely be another point-a-minute game for us.



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There was a few threads on it, but the search function sucks on this site.

Rutgers also had to pay them $850,000 to come to NJ. Historic win for EMU, and a much need payday for a program that almost shut down just two years ago.


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So it's sort of like a pathetic lonely dude that hires a hooker to come to his house, but the hooker comes and beats the shit out of him, takes his money and wallet, then shames him online by posting his stolen driver's license and the fact that he likes hookers everywhere? 

FYI, in thie analogy, EMU is a tough hooker and Rutgers is a pathetic old man. I think that pretty much fits... 


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I think you mistook MGoBlog for MLive. That's where hot take / snowflake posts like this one should go.

Also, within the hot take, the part about the Cabot Trail is irrelevant. You could just say "I was off the grid for a few days."


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I should have opened up an OT thread before leaving last Tuesday with "Places on Cape Breton Island to catch the UM game and see Rutgers-EMU score updates" ...I'm guessing that probably would have been more to MGo form.


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That was...the entire point behind the post. Hate away; it's fair game. If I knew more than nothing about you, I might be reciprocally un-fond.

For clarification on a subtlety, though, I wasn't judging people who like these movies; I was judging their behavior -- more specifically, the common algorithm that underlies their choices. Conveniently, that allows me to sidestep the fundamental attribution error.


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Obvious troll is obvious? It's a funny (nonsensical-type) dig if so. But I'm welcoming myself to be slow and can't fully dismiss the opposite...that you may be truly surprised that a stranger you meet isn't one of the (guessing now:) ~1,000 or so world citizens out of ~7.5BB who are *for* people like Gacy.


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Then I'm confused, too.

To me, it seems that a guy *must* be firmly anti-Gacy if he is so bothered by the existence of murderous clown imagineering that he produces a series of unpopular posts to express loathing for murderous clown movies.

Maybe, if that was legitimately confusing to you, you misread my posts.


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Recently moved to New Jersey from Michigan, and figured I would go check it out since EMU was in town. 

The atmosphere has to be the worst in the Big Ten. The stadium was half full. To make matters worse, thousands (including probably half the students) left at the end of the half, more left after the 3rd quarter, and even more throughout the 4th quarter.... to the point where Rutgers was driving for the tie or win with 1:30 left in front of (maybe) 5,000 people. 

I mean, I get it, your team sucks and EMU isn't exactly an interesting opponent, but jeez. Terrible fans, especially those that left in the middle of a close game. Why even bother to show up if you're going to leave a 1 possession game? Rutgers was only favored by 5 points so these people can't be delusional enough to think they were in for a blow out, are they? (Never mind, I answered my own question.)

Shame they represent the B10, but good for EMU. 


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For my annual trek to the Big House.  Hoping we put up 100 points.  It's great to see Eastern experiencing some success.  Maybe after we stomp Rutgers again, they'll join the MAC (no offense MAC fans).



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If Rutgers starts chirping again...100 isn't out of the question.

Last year, we were down to our 3RD STRING WALK ON FULL BACK running the ball and threw 3 passes after halftime.

That was merciful Harbaugh. Vengeful Harbaugh would refinish the stadium with the blood of sacrificed opponents, salt the earth, and take all the whole milk left in the state.


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1. Wtf is a Nova Scotia. It sounds like a weird dessert.

2. I want to beat Rutgers 223-0, which would make it the highest scoring game of all time. They're our rivals and we need to make an example, especially if we are gonna to lose to our other rivals OSU msu Minnesota


September 13th, 2017 at 7:43 AM ^

I agree on the score but they are not our rivals. Just sayin! You actually have to beat us to be a rival. Don't give them that recognition. They are not even worthy to be in the BigTen and play football let alone be a rival. But love the passion; GO BLUE!

I would actually love to see a BIGTEN record of All athletics for Rutgers since joining.