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03/18/2018 - 12:52am wellll

wellll said

09/13/2017 - 10:46am Not a huge fan of the Northeast...

I prefer the midwest honestly, especially over Jersey. Maybe if I was up around New England I would feel differently, but the Philly/NJ/NYC area isn't great. 

09/12/2017 - 8:50pm I actually went to the game...

Recently moved to New Jersey from Michigan, and figured I would go check it out since EMU was in town. 

The atmosphere has to be the worst in the Big Ten. The stadium was half full. To make matters worse, thousands (including probably half the students) left at the end of the half, more left after the 3rd quarter, and even more throughout the 4th quarter.... to the point where Rutgers was driving for the tie or win with 1:30 left in front of (maybe) 5,000 people. 

I mean, I get it, your team sucks and EMU isn't exactly an interesting opponent, but jeez. Terrible fans, especially those that left in the middle of a close game. Why even bother to show up if you're going to leave a 1 possession game? Rutgers was only favored by 5 points so these people can't be delusional enough to think they were in for a blow out, are they? (Never mind, I answered my own question.)

Shame they represent the B10, but good for EMU. 

09/28/2014 - 7:48am I was going to suggest adding

I was going to suggest adding Ruffin McNeill as well. It is probably unlikely, but I do like what he has done at ECU and that offense is exciting. 

08/24/2014 - 3:23pm NMU - I've been there.

As others have mentioned. NMU plays at the Superior Dome, aka the Yooper Dome. It is made out of Douglas Fir Beams and I think they claim to have the largest wooden dome in the world.

I went there to watch my old high school Harbor Beach play in the semi-finals of the state football playoffs vs Ishpeming. I was really impressed with the venue. You are close to the action, it's unique, it keeps the sound in. Really cool place. Even for a high school game the bleachers were packed and it was loud.

03/19/2014 - 4:12pm When I was there I was Army(I

When I was there I was Army(I have been out for about 5 years now). I just want to say that none of the doner places on base/post could ever be as good as the ones you can get at a local shop somehwere in town. It was an annual right of passage to get drunk downtown and find a place to eat a doner at 4am no matter where we were in Germany. Great stuff. 

I have spent most of my adult life in Europe now, there are doner places elsewhere like here in Beligum, and they are pretty good, but nothing like the ones in Germany. 

03/19/2014 - 3:34pm Nice. I know

Nice. I know where Kaiserslautern aka K-Town is, right by Ramstein AFB. I was in Mannheim for 2 years, which is about 45 minutes from there. 

03/19/2014 - 3:20pm Just out of curiousity, where

Just out of curiousity, where do you live in Germany? I lived in Germany for two years and now have been living in Belgium since 2010. 

01/25/2014 - 11:18pm Niet zeuren, niet praten,

Niet zeuren, niet praten, alleen lace up de schoenen en sloeg de stront uit staat! Ik hou van dit team! Nu als Hoke zijn team te spelen als dit kan krijgt in orde zullen zijn in de wereld!

01/18/2014 - 8:59pm I apologize if this is a

I apologize if this is a breach of mgoetiquette for bumping. However, does anybody know where this video can be found now? I was trying to find it and not doing a very good job. 

12/29/2013 - 6:48pm To be honest, as far back as

To be honest, I thought as far back as 10 years ago, during the 2003 season that Michigan was on the verge of being a mediocre program. There were brief glimpes of hope (almost getting to the National Championship in 2006, hiring Rich Rodriguez before we knew it wasn't going to work). However overall, none of this is the least bit surprising to me. 

10/20/2012 - 7:28pm MSU

The defense came out and played well for them today. Fake punt was ballsy, but they still lost. The real problem for them is they are not going to make a bowl game most likely. 4-4 right now with @Wisconsin vs Nebraska coming up next. Tough Northwestern team remaining to and close out the season with Minnesota. 

09/18/2012 - 8:59pm 5 Total TD's

I will say he accounts for nearly all the offense:

340 through the air with 3 TD's (one silly pick)

125 on the ground and 2 TD's.

03/28/2011 - 12:54pm Not in any way OT

Not OT, just an awesome play. I really hope he returns next year.

01/17/2011 - 4:25pm Thanks everyone

Because of this thread I had to order a Pizza at 10 at night. Luckily I had my favorite hot sauce(Franks Red Hot) in the fridge that I picked up from the American food store. Craving is now satisfied and it was delicious. 

12/01/2010 - 12:16pm  It may very well be an

 It may very well be an insight to who they are going to pick.

Are you trying to give us a hint in a comment about a hint that we are going to the Insight Bowl?

12/01/2010 - 12:05pm but but but

It's featured on the home page in shirts. So it's a done deal. Stop arguing. 

11/26/2010 - 2:22pm Really?

That stadium is theres? Or are they playing at the same place as the college plays? I know when I played there it was a really rinky dink place. Albion fans didn't even have enough bleachers to sit on for that game and we didn't really travel well as a football school. Nice to see Olivet in the football state finals though even though I'm still a bit bitter about how days ended lol.

11/26/2010 - 1:54pm Olivet..

Interesting to see Olivet in the State finals. I played my last football game of my High School career against Olivet. If you follow their team you might remember the 2004 playoffs against Albion? We were down 21-14 and had 1st and goal inside the 5 late in the 4th quarter and couldn't punch it in. That is how my playing days ended.

11/19/2010 - 2:03pm I agree

The fan base can be a bit much, however a lot of fan bases could say that. I know some Michigan "fans" who I am embarrassed to call Michigan fans. However, when it comes to the football team, the coach, and the institution they are a class act imho. 

11/19/2010 - 1:47pm As I have told people before

As I have told people before, I have great respect for JT and the Ohio State program. I am probably going to get negged to death for this but I do. Granted, I want to beat them every year and I hate that he is 8-1 against us, but the respect is still there. People question me when I don't cheer for Ohio State to lose, and when I say I want them to be a good team. The reason the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry is this big is because both teams have a great tradition, and field winners. If one teams is awful, it diminishes the importance of a great rivalry. I hate Ohio State as much as any Michigan fan but within that hate is a feeling of mutual respect that I think makes this rivalry so special. Great halftime speech by JT, they sure played like they had something to prove in the second half too. 

11/18/2010 - 7:51pm Smotrycz

Making it rain tonight. 

11/18/2010 - 7:32pm exactly

Knocking down the 3 is so important in this system.

11/18/2010 - 7:28pm No

I searched everywhere. If you find one let me know. Right now I am listening from 

11/18/2010 - 7:22pm True

Hopefully it doesn't become a huge issue. 

11/18/2010 - 7:21pm One thing

One thing I don't like is them calling Bowling Green "BG". I don't know why but it bugs me. 

11/18/2010 - 7:15pm So am I

I was thinking the same thing. They do a good job. 

11/18/2010 - 6:41pm Well you know what they say..

Don't judge a book by its cover.

11/18/2010 - 6:26pm Uh oh

I think another Neg bang is coming. 

11/17/2010 - 4:36pm Actually...

Actually schools usually lose money by going to bowl games, despite the pay out. 

11/17/2010 - 10:35am My junior year in high school

I was usually a defensive end but my junior year in high school our starting center got injured and I started 10 games in his place. I know it's just high school, so I am not sure if it is the same in college but before every game I would ask the official what was acceptable in regards to moving the ball or getting it in a more comfortable position before the snap. Depending on the official it was usually ok to do what Molk did in that video. 

11/16/2010 - 5:03pm Wow

Absolutely special article. Loved it. That really hit home for me. 

11/15/2010 - 5:19pm Love the attitude of these players..

I love the attitude of our players. They have a fight to the very finish attitude. They have shown it in a lot of games this year, and have shown it when it comes to the season as a whole as well. It is a reflection of great coaching. 

11/15/2010 - 3:29pm Silver lining

The silver lining is, if you have seats behind that end zone you are going to have a killer view. 

11/15/2010 - 12:58pm Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for the input. Just by browsing scout and rivals I could tell I like the layout of rivals way better than scout. I am just more interested in who has the best, most accurate information. Thanks again for all of the advice.

11/15/2010 - 11:13am double post

double post, ignore.

11/15/2010 - 11:12am My biggest question is

My biggest question aside from the obvious is, why should a student athlete be punished for the actions of their parents if they really had nothing to do with it? I realize that it is hard to prove and extremely unlikely that the athlete wasn't involved, but if he really wasn't why is he punished? 

11/14/2010 - 4:36pm Don't forget..

Don't forget starting off the season 1-0 in Mens basketball.

11/14/2010 - 2:53pm Excellent

Thanks for the link.

11/14/2010 - 2:47pm Are you there?

Are you there? If not where are you getting the updates from?

11/14/2010 - 2:32pm Thanks

This is one thing I love about this blog. The Michigan sports that get little press don't get ignored here. Keep the updates coming, I'm interested.

11/14/2010 - 2:28pm I love how

I love how Roh just blew up that play in the back field. Roh with his hand on the ground is a huge plus.

10/18/2010 - 5:25pm No

I would rather not see Minnesota hire Leach. They probably wouldn't become consistent Big Ten Title contenders under him but I am sure they would field solid teams. In the new Big Ten, we will see them every year.

10/17/2010 - 8:30am Regardless of when he said it

Regardless of when he said it, or what kind of teams he had. The quote has wisdom with 5 more games to be played.

10/14/2010 - 2:34pm Technically

If you started watching around 2004 Ohio State, you experienced a Big Ten Title. Even though we lost the last two games of that year.

10/13/2010 - 6:46am False

When I joined the Army, I was able to negotiate with a recruiter what job I wanted, where I wanted to live, and how much my signing bonus was. They offered me $6,000 to be an MP, $40,000 to be EOD. I took MP and the 6 grand with the guarantee I would get one of my top 3 duty stations. When It came time for me to re-enlist I negotiated a $20,000 dollar re-up bonus and a school for training I wanted to attend. I ended up declining the offer to become a civilian again but soldiers have the ability to negotiate their contract.

10/08/2010 - 3:24pm Question...

Brian mentioned this in the preview and it is something I was thinking too. He said MSU's corners are "historically bad at tackling". I was thinking the same thing in the little I have observed their games this year but can anyone expand on that? Is there any video or statistics for this? Or have people that have been watching just observing they are really bad?

10/08/2010 - 9:23am Fun topic.

No flag in the end zone - Probably running around outside playing football with myself.(I was a weird kid)

Charles Woodson flies - Glued like 2 inches from my TV making my first real fond memories of Michigan football.

David Terrell vs Plaxico - Watching at my friends house who was a Spartan fan.. grrrrrr

Spartan Bob - At home with my best friend and fellow Wolverine fan breaking remotes and being in complete shock.

Braylon Fest - The Big House, with my best friend losing my voice.

06 - In Mannheim, Germany while in the Army, watching on Armed Forces Network with a bunch of people from other places telling me Michigan had one of the best defenses they had ever seen.


10/07/2010 - 8:44am Rich Rodriguez

Rich Rodriguez has been my favorite coach ever since he took over at West Virginia. Even as a Michigan fan I used to love watching West Virginia games and seeing that offense roll along. When he was hired at Michigan I think I was one of the happiest people about it. I envisioned someone like Denard doing all these things in my head and now I am actually seeing it. It is amazing.

10/07/2010 - 8:40am Indeed.

Nothing I could do about it. Oh well. I will be getting text updates then hopefully on Sunday there will be videos up with excellent highlights.