Scouting Nik Stauskas

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I had the opportunity to watch Michigan basketball commit, Nik Stauskas, earlier today.  As his school, St. Mark's, won by the score of 70-33 over conference foe Roxbury Latin, Stauskas did not play much of the secocnd half (or first, for that matter).  However, he was extrememly productive in the minutes he did play, scoring roughly 15 points on 3-3 shooting from behind the arc.  As anyone in the stands could tell, and the players I talked to after could confirm, he can do it all.  Roxbury Latin had no means of defending the 6'6" gaurd and Stauskas exploited it by taking the ball to the hoop agressively and effectively, scoring on a very pretty "and one".  His length made him a tough defender.  As his 7 foot tall teammate, Kaleb Tarczewski, the #6 player in the country, did not need much help rebounding the ball, it was difficult to get a read on Stauskas' rebounding ability. Needless to say, it is great to have a lights out shooter in Beilein's system for next year, and Stauskas should have a good opportunity to start, and/or play significant minutes at the 2 guard position with the departure of Novak and Douglass.



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I think Stauskas is pretty underrated, being in the shadow of GR3 and McGary. I've watched his highlights and he has a lot of skills other than just his shot. Total baller.


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He dunked a whole lot.  Hard to accurately gauge his performance when the guy gaurding him is half a foot shorter than him.  The problem with scouting Kaleb T. is that he doesn't have to make great post moves to get to the bucket or shoot mid range jumpers on a consistent basis to be successful in the league he plays in, the ISL.  He had a few monster blocks as you would probably expect and rebounded the ball like a 7 footer. Might be an inch or 2 below 7 feet, despite what he is listed as.  Dominating presence inside nontheless, and a big pickup for Arizona.


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but I don't see how he's going to start.  

Let's point out the obvious three first:

1 - Trey

2/3 - Timmy

4 - Mitch


I think Morgan plays the 5 or 4 if you put Mitch there and I think GR3 sees the court earlier and more often than Nik S. by starting at the 3.  


Regardless, the depth that next years class allows the team to have is sick.  


Blue boy johnson

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I don't think Vogrich has ever played the 2 and I don't think he ever will

Hardaway might be able to play the 2 next season. he has the requisite quicks but needs to work on his handle. I think there is a reasonable chance he gets it done. He needs to for his pro aspirations and the team needs him to in order to compensate for the loss of Douglass and Novak.

The way I see it:

Guards: Burke, Brundidge, Stauskas, Hardaway, and Akunne

Small Forwards: Hardaway, GRIII, Vogrich, and Christian

Power Forwards: Smotrycz, McGary and Bielfeldt

Centers: McGary, Morgan, Horford, McLimans, and Bielfeldt


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i think pigeon-holing players into specific positions is largely irrelevant under beilein.  the key is that we have multiple guys on the court that can handle ball and not be too slow to be exposed on D.  we know they all can shoot.  next year's team will have perhaps as much depth and versatility as just about any team in the country that i've seen in recent memory.

one of the keys will be brundidge stepping-up a to play an adequate point guard.


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^ this

Absolutely, and that is another reason why Coach B's recruits are amazing - he has a real knack of getting young men on campus who are even better than their ratings, who are versatile, who can shoot, who have a lot of heart, and who improve pretty consistently .  We are definitely on the right track.

From all I've heard, GR III is exploding in his senior season.  He's moved up into the 30's ranking and some are expecting him to keep moving up.  There is even potential for 5 stars.

I think it'll be hard to keep his athletic ability and ability to fill many roles off the floor next year.  He will be one of the best people on the team at taking the ball to the rim, and he will probably be only below McGary in playing above the rim..... oh, and he can shoot from range.  

GR III will be on the floor a lot next year.  We are going to have so much depth b/c McGary is a beastman and needed post player.  GR III has athleticism and versatility.  Stauskas can throw bombs and has the heart of Novak (OK, that is yet to be seen, but I love the way he battles).

Our future is very BLUE!


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Other then Burke, our PG depth is very weak, both this year and next year, I really hope Brundidge can develop into a solid backup PG, as I see that being our only weakness in 2012-2013, forget that though, BEAT IOWA!


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what do you guys think will be the starting lineup? here is what i think they should do im not very knowledgeable in the basketball department so this might not make much sense but:

1- burke

2- hardaway

3- smotrycz

4- mcgary

5- morgan

yes im aware that hardaway is a 3, and smotrycz is a 4. but i think you have to find a way to put the best players on the court. anyone else agree with me?

Mr Miggle

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Smotrycz is a much better 5 than a 3, not that I expect to see a lot of him at the 5 next season. He can't defend quick players on the perimeter. Your lineup would be weak in both perimeter defense and ball handling.

I think the only mortal lock is Burke at the 1. The rest of the positions are dependent on how ready the freshmen are to play major roles.  Optimistically, either Stauskas or GRII will force their way into the starting lineup alongside Hardaway on a wing. McGary will have to beat out an established starter. He probably will, but it should be a good 3-way battle for starting spots with plenty of minutes for all three.

I'll go ahead and take a stab at it. 1.Burke, 2.Stauskas, 3.Hardaway, 4.Smotrycz, 5.McGary



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1-Brundidge, 2-Akune, 3-Robinson, 4-Smotrycz & 5-Horford.

Oh, and that is the second team. (and that still leaves Vogrich, McLimans, Biefeldt & Christian on the bench. 



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1. Trey "I will work harder than anyone" Burke

2. THJ - I think he'll move to SG next year.  It's better for his NBA prep and allows more flexibility on the wing.

3. GR III - I'm a huge believer.  He may not start the season, but I think he will as the season progresses.

4. McGary - He's bigger than Morgan, but he's better with the ball in his hand than Morgan. Smotrycz is first of the bench, and I think we'll often see him move to 4 and McGary go to 5.

5. Morgan - I think he is underrated.  He's only a sophomore, and now for two years his shooting % in just incredible.  He's rebounding much better and playing with more energy over the last five games or so.  I think he'll continue to improve in this area, and if so, he'll play a ton.  He doesn't need the ball in his hands - he just moves well, sits down low and catches easy assists for the easy layups and cleans the glass.  He's very solid.

4/5 - will be real interesting.  two postions equaling 80 minutes, I think we'll see something like Mcgary 28 / Morgan 25 / Smotrycz 15 / Horrford 5 / GR III 5 / Terry Mills 2. I'm thinking GR III will be mostly SF but will move up on occasion to PF with a smaller lineup (Trey / Stuaskas / THJ / GR III / 5)


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I went to see Valencia High play Canyon High tonight. Best I could tell, there were no D1 prospects on either team. However, there was an interesting back and forth between the student sections. After Canyon chanted "Overrated," the Valencia students chanted "We have houses" which I believe refers to the socioeconomic discrepancy between the two schools. So there's that.