Is Roundtree in line for 1st Team All Big Ten?

Submitted by RagingBean on November 21st, 2010 at 12:03 PM

I was just browsing through the Big Ten stats website for this season and I noticed that Roy Roundtree in in the top 3 for the league in both receptions (58)  and receiving yards (839). With another game to go to get those stats even higher I just wanted to throw that observation out there and ask if people thought he might get some year-end recognition. Obviously, I would take a win over Ohio State if it meant no one on our team got any kind of awards mention, but still, I think it would be nice for Tree to get some love.



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Big Ten Conference Leaders - Receiving Yards
Rank Player Team Rec Yds Yds/Att Yds/Game Tds
1 Jeremy Ebert Northwestern 56 876 15.6 79.6 8
2 Roy Roundtree Michigan 58 839 14.5 76.3 6
3 Dane Sanzenbacher Ohio State 49 818 16.7 74.4 9
4 Mark Dell Michigan State 49 761 15.5 69.2 6
5 Marvin McNutt Iowa 48 752 15.7 68.4 7
6 Damarlo Belcher Indiana 70 749 10.7 68.1 4
7 Derek Moye Penn State 43 741 17.2 67.4 6
8 Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa 43 711 16.5 64.6 9
9 Da'Jon McKnight Minnesota 46 705 15.3 64.1 10
10 DeVier Posey Ohio State 45 696 15.5 63.3 5

Cool One

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While Roundtree has had his moments, it's always looks like he is WIDE open when he does have a big play. He also seems to be the one who always drops the ball. Hemingway and Stonum have had much better highlight reel catches particularly in traffic or over the shoulder type grabs that are more impressive.


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the #1 jersey. His last drop, the one that preceded JJ Watt's interception, was brutal. It would have been a first down, keeping a drive alive in a critical phase of the game. The game was basically over after that.


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Since I'm just a normal human being who makes errors, can you explain to me what it's like to never make a mistake? When you succeed, is it hollow because there was no other outcome? I've been reading this blog for almost 6 years now and almost never comment but just the chance to interact with someone so perfect was too good to pass up.

But really, you are advocating barring him from future accolades on the basis of one dropped pass? [Do you also encourage retroactively stripping Braylon of his #1, shopping out all pictures of him in that jersey] Even if he has had his trouble with the dropsies, dude is a redshirt sophomore and has made an equal, if not greater, number of great catches where he is plucking balls thrown at the ground or behind him.

Cheer the kids for their successes, don't rake them over the coals for their failures.


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I certainly wouldn't know that feeling since I make mistakes all the time. However, I'm not requesting or suggesting that I be given some honorarium at the same time, either.

I think that the #1 jersey thing is overblown, and I wish that Braylon had never set up the special circumstances that attach to the wearer of it. Be that as it may, the significance of the jersey has now become such that it's basically supposed to signal that the wearer is significantly better than his teammates at the same position, and I don't think that Roundtree has proven that, especially not with his drops yesterday. He's a good player, but I don't think he's the difference-maker that Braylon was, in spite of his own problems with dropsies.

This is a different argument from whether or not he deserves to be All-Big Ten, and his numbers are good enough for that. In my eyes, being All-Big Ten does not necessarily equal the "right" to wear the #1 jersey as we conceive of it now.


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I may have gone overboard on the perfection stuff and it was not my intention to turn this into a referendum on what qualifies a player to wear the #1 jersey. I was just shocked that you would say a player can never hope/petition for the jersey simply because he underperformed early in his career. You must really hate what Braylon did for/to the number because if you had it your way, he would have never gotten it. I guess when it comes to these players, I'm more glass half full. He has one more season to prove he should wear the number [and still have a season left to actually wear it] and I hope he uses that to motivate him to be the best. He already holds the single game yardage record, it should be making us giddy to know he can still get so much better. If he puts the work in and sets the world on fire next season, I'd hate to have to tell him he can't have it because of some missed plays during his sophomore year.


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You do realize that he's answering questions, right? It would be kind of ridiculous if he didn't want it honestly. What's he supposed to say when they ask him about it? What would you think of a kid who answered the question: Do you want the most prestigious thing the coaching staff gives to a WR with "Nah, I'm good."


November 21st, 2010 at 5:43 PM ^

He did have 7 catches for 114 yards. He's also second in the conference in receiving playing in a run oriented spread. 

Yes I know he's not Braylon, but Braylon wasn't perfect, and, while this might come as a shock, the next person who gets the #1 jersey probably won't be as good as Braylon was, nor will his stats be as good.


November 21st, 2010 at 1:16 PM ^ there anyone else on the offense who we think will make 1st Team all Big Ten?  Denard obviously warrants consideration, but I wonder if someone like Tolzien gets the nod over him because of overall team success.  Besides, as great as Denard has been, he's had some notably flaws during Big Ten plays.  Who else might make it?  Molk?

(I hold out no hope for anyone on either defense - although Martin merits at least an argument - or special teams.)


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All Big 10 Michigan guys (possibly 2nd or honorable, dont know about 1st team







Everyone else has had errors in extreme during the B10 season... which is really what matters (how you play against delicious desserts is not really an impact factor)


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Even with his mistakes and relatively poorer play during the Big Ten campaign I would be stunned if Denard wasn't at least 2nd Team All Big Ten. He's accounted for more yards and TDs than any other QB in the conference and it's not even close.


November 21st, 2010 at 1:52 PM ^

I can't see Martin getting All-Big Ten recognition.  He's been hobbled for almost the entire conference season and just hasn't been healthy enough to make a difference when he's been in there.

Schilling might have a shot.

Space Coyote

November 21st, 2010 at 9:05 PM ^

But I see Schilling over Omameh.  I think Schilling has faced harder match ups (more often taking on the other DT), I personally think Schilling is a better all around G at this point, and, though it shouldn't, seniority definitely comes into play with these sorts of things.

Also, Mouton might get honorable mention, only one person needs to vote for you to get that and I could easily see that happening (not saying he's deserving or not, just what I think could happen)


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I think Roundtree will come into next year as one of the top-3 WRs in the B10, but unless he blows up against OSU he probably will be overlooked this year.  Definitely 2nd team, with room to grow.


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on what happens this week.If SHOELACE leads us to victory,he's gotta be consider for first team.If TREE has a big game,look at his stats so far,yeah he's drop a few passes but who hasn't?I think SCHILLING deserves at least 2nd team.We know that OMAMEH is a beast,at least 2nd team also.MOLK is also at least 2nd team.MARTIN is 1st team, everybody knows he's are best player,and he still makes plays,not to mention he's always double teamed!!!GO BLUE!!!


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Denard has 660!!!!! more yards than the next guy on the total yardage list. SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY. He should be the offensive POY not to mention the first team QB. Scott Tolzien: yeah right.


November 21st, 2010 at 3:13 PM ^

He's 5th for passing efficiency, but the gaps are close:  Stanzi is first at 163.2 good for 6th in the country.  Robinson is 158.2, good for 16th in the country.  In between are Tolzein, Persa and Pryor.  Cousins at 152.6 is 21st in the country.  Of those guys, Denard has the worst TD-interceptions and best yards/attempt.  The efficiency rankings seem about right when thinking about passers. 

But good gosh, there are those 1538 yards rushing and 14 touchndowns.  The only gues worth even mentioning are Scheelhaase (684 & 3) and Pryor (719 & 4).  I don't have fumble stats.  FWIW, Michigan also leads the Big Ten in fewest sacks allowed and allowed per attempt. 

Awards are by position, not function.


November 21st, 2010 at 4:35 PM ^

You guys are cherry-picking one statistic (total offense) and using it to argue that he is the best QB in the conference.  What about the other measures?  Passing efficiency?  Passing TDs?  Turnovers?  By most measures, he's good but not great. 

Which is more valuable: a guy who records 350 total yards and 3 turnovers a game, or a guy who records 250 and one or fewer?  Which is more likely to lead his team to victories?  I love Denard, but he's very mistake-prone, and those mistakes have limited our offense in many games.  When he stops making so many mistakes, he'll be the best QB in the conference.   


November 21st, 2010 at 5:31 PM ^

I would argue that the Denard who averages 341 yards a game, while completing 63% of his passes with 1.5 TDs passing, 1.3 TDs rushing, and a little unter 1 INT a game is a much better player than Ricky Stanzi who averages 243 yards  completing 66% of his passes 2.1 TDs (throwing and running) and .36 INTs a game.


I don't think it's very close honestly.


November 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 PM ^

Look at their play against Big Ten teams. Denard doesn't even come close to Stanzi.

And, if those 2 lost fumbles were the only ones he's put on the ground, then fine, but considering he has fumbled somewhere around 10 times and has been lucky to have his teammates cover them up, I'd say they hold a lot more weight than what you are giving them credit for.

Also, once Denard can throw a slant in front of the receiver, he can be considered for awards.