Roquan Smith to wait 'at least a week' before decision

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“It’s not an open recruitment really, it’s just the same four schools and he’s going to take a week or so to decide,” Smith was in "no rush" because the recruiting period doesn't end until the end of April.



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This is more likely, Harbaugh could sit down with some kids and say hey you're not a fit maybe you should consider going somewhere else or maybe a player won't like Harbaughs tuff style of coaching and transfer you never know but my guess would be at least 3 guys are gone after spring semester

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First of all, no one is talking about permanently denying them a scholarship.  Secondly, walk-ons typically get scholarships on a year to year basis.  Lastly, attrition will take care of the issue such that they get scholarships and we will have room to bring in more players if need be (i.e. Smith, Lyons, O'Korn)

Mr. Yost

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Calm down.

Plenty of kids around the country take leftover scholarship for 1 year and then go back to walk-on status.

You think they're not appreciative?

That's the life of a walk-on. You sign up for 4 years of playing your own way and if a coach throws you a bone, awesome. But you don't become obligated at that point.

Happens in every single sport. Hell, in basketball when teams have leftover scholarships they'll put a MANAGER on scholarship for a year if they can.

Get off your high horse.


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We are at 85 now. But it's very possible that 2 more players transfer (if I remember correctly, there's been talk of some OL who might be leaving since Hoke was here, and I don't think this is Bosch), or medical redshirts, or something that opens up not only a spot for Smith, but for Wayne Lyons as well.

Also Brian's projection is under the assumption that the Glasgow's and Kerridge have scholarships, which is probably a good assumption, but if one of them doesn't that opens up space as well.


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You don't need to be at 85 today - just some date in the future (I don't recall what the date is - maybe July or something)

With O'Korn we are at 85.  Assuming Glasgows and Kerridge get their 1 year schollies.

If you want the punter from FCS and the DB from Stanford you need 2 more spots.  If you want R. Smith you need 3 more spots. 

I am assuming we lose 3 after spring who see they dont have a future here.  I can see on our roster 3-4 guys who are upperclassmen who have played almost no meaningful minutes in their careers.  So we'll see how it shakes out.


February 5th, 2015 at 5:17 PM ^

due to medical, then osu seemingly is at 3 or 4 over the limit, honestly I can't tell for sure if they were 6 or 7 over before.  That seems workable and with the usual attrition, it seems that this isn't way out of bounds.  7 over was out of bounds. 

What's curious is the reasons some guys have for leaving, medical or otherwise.  I, for one, will be very interested in seeing the stated reasons for the next round of osu departures.  Meyer didn't oversign at Florida, so there is little precedence for this behavior from him, but he's still....urban meyer....afterall.


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No not really. Usually what happens is the coaching staff will give a kid a medical hardship (deserved or not) and even push them to transfer. Some schools only offer year-to-year scholarships anyway so all they have to do is not renew the scholarship.

But generally the NCAA doesn't care how you do it, as long as you're 85 scholarships or fewer by the specified date.


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National signing day is just the first day kids can sign. Good for him for taking his time after the UCLA thing and not rushing into another decision. Hopefully he chooses Michigan but this is an important decision to get right for the kid.

Blue In NC

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Surprised that he is still considering UCLA after that comes out.  Even if the DC returns, he basically lied to Smith.  Why would you still want to go there?  Just seems odd.